Hypnosis for Motivation and Energy

Hypnosis for Motivation and Energy – Does it Work?

Are you feeling a lack of motivation? Do you have a problem starting on projects or getting the energy to feel enthusiastic about something? All of us at some point in our lives have moments of laziness or procrastination but when these become regular or prevent us from moving forwards then we might need a little help. Hypnosis for motivation and energy is designed to help reprogram the subconscious mind so that can overcome any barriers that are preventing you from success or reaching your potential.

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Can Hypnosis Help with Motivation?

We all have two parts of our mind the conscious and the subconscious. Hypnosis primarily changes the way that the subconscious thinks. This is the part of your mind which governs habits and runs automatically in the background. This part of our mind sometimes has an agenda that is different from our conscious mind.

As an example consciously we might have a desire to get a new job but can’t seem to muster up the energy to write a CV or talk to a recruitment consultant. Subconsciously a part of our mind worries that we might not be good enough so why bother. That part doesn’t want you to get hurt or humiliated in your job search so it keeps you doing the same old thing. Hypnosis for motivation and energy helps to work with the subconscious part of the mind that is stuck in an old way of thinking.

Motivation Hypnosis

So how does motivation hypnosis work? Well, hypnosis can be used either in a simple or complex way. Simplistically a hypnotherapist can place you in a hypnotic trance and direct positive and motivational suggestions to the part of your mind that is putting up barriers. Repeated suggestions are shown to help create positive changes when they are listened to regularly. This is why we give our clients who want motivation hypnotherapy a self-hypnosis for motivation download to listen to daily to change the way they think.

Self-Hypnosis for Motivation

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If the hypnotic suggestions are not enough to overcome the negative thoughts then a senior qualified hypnotherapist might start to use analytical hypnosis. This is a more complex form of hypnotherapy which attempts to find out what the unhelpful way of thinking is and why it is there. Once that is found then therapy can be aimed at creating positive change. To illustrate how this works in practice let’s look at some scenarios of hypnosis for motivation and energy used in relation to laziness, procrastination, exercise and weight loss. These are some of the most common areas where our clients need support.

Hypnosis for Laziness

Many people are accused of being lazy. They lack the motivation to have any get up and go at all. Perhaps they coasted along at school, or couldn’t be bothered to fill in forms to help them get into university. When they finally got a job they struggled to get in on time in the morning and put in as little effort as they could. Even in their home life, they found it difficult to motivate themselves and do the gardening, washing up or even cleaning unless forced. So is this the way that they were born or is something else behind the problem?

Analytical hypnotherapists are like detectives but specifically to help with issues relating to the mind. We know that usually there is more to the story than just a label of laziness. Using hypnosis this is usually uncovered through questioning whilst in a trance when your mind is more relaxed. What if the person who is accused of being idle is actually depressed? What if they have low self-esteem and worry about failing? It becomes easier for them not to try at all rather than be humiliated by getting it wrong. Hypnosis can find the root cause of the problem where other therapies sometimes fail.

Hypnosis for motivation and energy hopes to ask the right questions to get the answers as to why things are not working in the way they should. If there is a psychological cause for the problem it can be helped but in order to do that, you first have to know why. Motivation hypnosis is a great way of uncovering what might be hidden in the background.

Hypnosis for Procrastination

Procrastination can be differentiated from laziness in that a person may want to complete a task but has difficulty getting started and spends more time thinking about it than actually doing it. When we see people with procrastination issues the question is always what is causing them a problem? You are not born procrastinating so something must have happened to the person for this need to put things off to occur.

Hypnosis for motivation and energy can usually get to the bottom of the problem. Generally, a hypnotherapist will want to tackle the most obvious issue first. Is the person actually interested in whatever it is that needs to be done? If we have no interest or don’t care about a task then no wonder we will put it off. If you hate your job then making an effort is going to be hard. If you dislike ironing it is unlikely that you will ever be enthused about it. The key in these cases is to recognise the problem area to either create change or to delegate the tasks we dislike to someone else.

There are of course other reasons why procrastination takes place. Anxiety or fear of failure, for example, should be investigated in case they are causing a problem. Alternatively looking at belief systems can take place in hypnosis. If we believe that we work better under pressure we will always leave things to the last minute.

We should also talk about perfectionism. Many people who procrastinate or take ages to finish a project have a problem with getting things exactly right. They will continually think about the best way to do a task and won’t be satisfied until it is the right way. They will update their work over and over again and never hand it in because it isn’t quite right. A therapists job, in this case, is to help them let go of this need for extreme control.

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Motivation to Exercise

A lack of motivation to exercise is always a common problem that hypnotherapists get asked about. How can hypnosis for motivation and energy help you to make positive changes to the way that you take care of yourself?

Hypnosis can help remove barriers to success by helping you to change your priorities. The subconscious is basically a part of our mind that is a survival mechanism that ticks away in the background. If it does not believe that there is a necessity to doing something it won’t push us to change. When it believes this change is required for our health and to keep it alive it starts to take action.

As hypnosis can talk to your subconscious directly, suggestions are given to help this part of the mind to help it see that without moving your body you are storing up health problems for the future. The suggestions usually concentrate on repeating how essential exercise is for our health and what the consequences are for not following through and taking action.

These suggestions will also concentrate on simple lifestyle changes are planning and priorities. Most people prioritise their work and family and everything else comes way down the line. What if your subconscious was told that health was the most important of all and that taking time to do your exercise was essential?

Finally, hypnosis can help with visualisation. Exercise can seem difficult and you don’t always see the results until a few months later. Under hypnosis, however, a therapist can help you see that success right now and get you to imagine it vividly in your mind. When we can see these immediate results it becomes easier to take steps to make them happen as we are thinking more positively.

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Motivation for Weight Loss

If you want motivation for weight loss then the exercise will, of course, help but that isn’t the entire story you also have to change the way you eat. Hypnosis for weight loss is a great way of doing this because it can help to change your mindset around food.

In order to lose weight, you need to be firstly in the right frame of mind which is why we give clients our Weight Loss Mindset self-hypnosis audio to listen to before starting on any healthy eating program. It gives suggestions to help them get ready to make the necessary changes to start to control their eating patterns. When you are in the healthy eating zone you don’t want to eat rubbish or treat your body badly.

We also help to motivate people to lose weight by tricking their minds into thinking differently. For example our portion control hypnosis audio helps to make you more mindful of what you are putting in your mouth. Practised regularly you should start to find that you feel full more quickly and eat less because you are paying attention to what you are eating. When you notice the weight starting to drop off because of the change in eating that motivates you to continue following the program.

You can find these audios in our Ultimate Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss Program.

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Productivity Hypnosis

These are just some examples of what hypnosis for motivation and energy can help with but there are so many more. What about Confidence Hypnosis to help create positive changes? Or perhaps Drink Less Hypnosis to motivate you to change bad drinking habits. Most hypnotherapy requires motivational suggestions and therapy because that is how we help our clients to do things differently. Without instilling them with a belief that things can be different they would stay in exactly the same place.

If you would like to try some self-improvement hypnosis and get help to build your motivation just contact us for more details of our online therapy programs.

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