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Hypnosis for Sales – How to be a Selling Superstar!

If you are involved in selling products or services you know that you can go through incredible highs as well as crushing lows. One minute you are the top earner and the next minute it seems as if you can’t catch a break. Selling is not easy and only the very best survive in an ultra-competitive market. So how can you use hypnosis for sales to make sure that you push the odds massively in your favour?

Hypnosis for sales covers a wide range of techniques and strategies that you can use to get the edge over your competitors and shine in your chosen field. Let’s talk about how sales hypnosis can help with everything from motivation to banishing negative thinking. Remember we are all a work in progress. The key to using hypnosis is understanding the areas that you need to work on so that you are continually striving for improvement. The more you work on yourself the better your results will be.

Sales Hypnosis

So what makes me qualified to tell you about sales? Well of all the hypnotherapists out there I am one of the very few who has actually walked in your shoes. For years I worked as a Lead Trader on a commodities trading floor. If ever there was a job that puts someone under pressure and requires them to prove themselves daily it is trading. You live by your daily profit and loss account and have to deal with incredibly volatile markets. I was there on the trading floor by myself one lunchtime when 7/11 happened. I know exactly what it takes to not only survive but to thrive.

To be a great salesperson you need to have a number of skills and here are a few of them.

  • You need to be highly motivated
  • You need to be resilient
  • You need to overcome negative thinking fast
  • You need to be calm under pressure
  • You need to believe in yourself and have confidence
  • You need to have a rapport with your customers
  • You need to actively listen
  • You need knowledge of your products or services
  • You need to be great at public speaking in your sales pitches

Sales hypnosis can’t do everything for you but it can significantly increase your chances of success. Here is how you can become a hugely successful salesperson using our techniques and strategies.

Sales Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis for sales success as you can see does not revolve around one so-called magic technique but a whole plethora of skills. Let’s dive in and discuss what you need to work on to really achieve the success you deserve.

Making Sales When You are Calm Under Pressure

In a sales environment or on the trading floor you must never lose your head and allow stress to stop you from thinking clearly. When you feel too stressed your body kicks into fight or flight survival mode and you are going to make mistakes. Teaching yourself to keep a level head when everyone around you is losing theirs is going to be hugely important.

A simple way to do this is by using self-hypnosis for relaxation and stress reduction. Our guided meditation for relaxation can help to keep you in the zone of relaxation. Use it every evening to reduce any stress from the day. It can also help you to sleep better by allowing you to shut off what has happened during the day. A good nights sleep is essential if you are going to have a fresh mindset the following morning.

self hypnosis relaxation and stress reduction

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Learn to be Resilient

The best salespeople are resilient and have a wonderful capability to bounce back even when things have gone wrong. This is an absolutely essential skill to learn because nobody in sales has everything going their way all the time. There are days when you don’t meet your targets, can’t catch a break and lose a big deal. If you allow yourself to be defeated by these events you will never want to try again. You can read more about resilience training and how it can help you to get ahead in our article about the subject.

Hypnosis for Sales Confidence and Belief in Yourself

Nobody is going to get a sale if they walk into a room and believe that nobody wants to buy from them. In order to get your customers signing on the dotted line, you have to walk in with confidence and self-belief. Not just in the product or service that you are selling but in your ability to get the decision-makers to spend their money.

Confidence and high self-esteem are skills that can be learned. Nobody is born with a lack of confidence it is something that we learn through knock backs or comments from others. Everyone is born with infinite confidence you just need to tap into yours. Self-hypnosis for confidence can teach your subconscious mind to think differently and overcome the negative internal thoughts. In addition, read our article on self-belief to discover ways to boost your ability to succeed.

Self Hypnosis for Confidence & Self-Esteem

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Hypnosis for Sales Motivation

In many jobs, it is possible to arrive at the office on some days and just coast along. With sales, it is an entirely different matter because if you take a back seat someone else will get your sales. Most sales environments are ultra-competitive and there is usually someone wanting your commission breathing down your neck. If you don’t perform and show up firing on all cylinders every day you are going to have a problem.

Hypnotherapy call help to boost your motivation and increase your drive to succeed. A skilled hypnotherapist can also help you to discover any mindset barriers that are causing you problems. When you address your doubts and worries in therapy and get help to overcome them it becomes so much easier to achieve your goals and to show up every day feeling enthusiastic about what you are doing.

Positive Thinking Hypnosis

Visualisation plays a huge part in hypnosis as do repeated positive affirmations. Any good hypnotherapist will tell you that when you visualise something happening it makes it so much easier to achieve that in real life. Sports stars use these techniques all the time. Mohammed Ali wasn’t repeatedly saying he was the greatest for no reason. He was using his own positive affirmations to tell himself what he was going to do. Then he went ahead and made his thoughts reality.

You can do the same by using suggestion hypnosis to change the way you think. Learning to think positively and to visualise success is going to help make things happen. This is not new age law of attraction magical thinking but a proven technique used by Olympians. When you have a positive intention to do something and believe in something you are far more likely to take steps to make it happen. Train yourself to think more positively with our self-hypnosis for positive thinking audio.

Positive Thinking Self Hypnosis

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Sales Hypnosis and Public Speaking

If you are in the selling business then pitching your products is probably something you have to do all the time. That could be to one person or to many in a big meeting. That means you need to build a rapport with your audience and be able to speak in public effectively. Did you know that around 70% of the general public are petrified of speaking in front of others? The fear of embarrassment, being judged or making a mistake is very real.

Effective public speaking skills go a long way to sealing the deal when it comes to selling. Hypnosis for sales can change the way you think by reducing public speaking anxiety and nerves. Our best selling public speaking program helps with confidence, panic as well as helping you to relax and be comfortable in front of others.

Hypnosis for public speaking in particular attacks the root cause of the fear which is anxiety. Anxiety and fear can hold you back from success and stop you from achieving your goals. When you feel calm and composed the fears simply drift away.

self-hypnosis for public speaking anxiety

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Online Hypnosis for Sales

Hypnosis for sales can be effective in teaching you the skills you need for success. Our self-hypnosis products use positive affirmations, visualisation and repeated suggestions to help you on your way to achieving your goals. For personalised help contact us about our sales hypnosis programs to help you remove any barriers to your success. Simply fill out the form below to get more details.

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