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Hypnosis for Self-Esteem – How to Boost Your Self-Worth

Do you have low self-esteem? Have you ever had feelings that you aren’t good enough or that what you have to offer is not really valuable? If yes then hypnosis for self-esteem can completely transform your outlook and your self-worth.

Helping clients to make positive changes to their thought patterns is something that we do day in and day out in our sessions. So many of our clients have allowed themselves to be held back by unhelpful or negative thinking. This can have a huge impact on what you achieve in your life, your wealth and also your general mood. It shouldn’t be that shocking to find that people with low self-esteem are more likely to experience mental health issues.

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Is Self-Esteem Important?

Having good self-esteem is incredibly important as without it you are immediately handicapped in everything you do. People who believe they are not good enough or who don’t deserve things in life make their thoughts a reality.

Imagine if you believe as a child that you are not as intelligent as your friends. This thought can either push you in two directions. Either you give up trying and make this a reality or you overcompensate by working ten times harder but feel anxious that you still don’t match up.

Years later as an adult those feelings have never gone away and may have been reinforced by incidents as you grew older. If you were the child who didn’t try hard at school because of your belief systems you may now be in a low paying job with little prospects. The adult that tried harder may have a much better job and prospects but has imposter syndrome. In other words, they feel that they are not good enough for the role and someone will find that out and expose them.

Each scenario is problematic and leads to negative thoughts. These negative thought have a significant impact on your mental health.

Hypnosis for Self-Esteem Does it Work?

Over the years I have worked with thousands of clients and know from experience that helping my clients to think differently has made a huge difference to their lives. When I have boosted my client’s self-esteem with hypnosis they have been:

  • Been Promoted
  • Earned More Money
  • Applied for New Jobs
  • Left Bad Relationships
  • Moved Countries
  • Embraced Public Speaking
  • Taken More Calculated Risks
  • Improved their Sports Performance
  • Felt Significantly Happier

This did not happen by magic but because hypnotherapy for self-esteem allowed them to change the way their mind worked. Without therapy, their lives would have continued down the same old path. With a short course of therapy everything changed but how did I make this happen?

Self Esteem – How to Build

As in any form of therapy, the first place to start is to find out exactly what is creating a problem for my clients. Are they worried that their husband will leave them because they are not beautiful enough? Do they hold themselves back at work because they fear being rejected if they apply for a promotion? I need to understand exactly what their fears are and how much of an impact that is having on their lives.

This initial therapy investigation starts to give clues as to where the problems may lie. During this process, I also ask about other issues that may be present such as anxiety or depression. It is not unusual to find that they may also be linked to the problem. When I have gathered all the information the process of self-esteem building begins.

Therapy for Self-Esteem

Hypnosis for self-esteem building works in a number of different ways.

  • Positive Suggestions and Visualisations
  • Mental Rehearsals
  • Altering negative thought patterns
  • Understanding the reasons for the underlying problem
  • Helps you to feel calmer and more in control
  • Allows you to boost motivation and willpower

Suggestion Hypnosis and Visualisation

Imagine if every day someone was to bombard you with positive words and messages. These might tell you that you can do it or that you are good enough to do anything you want. Inevitably some of those positive words and phrases will stick! This is how hypnosis and self-hypnosis work. If the positive suggestions are repeated they start to create change.

In addition, hypnosis can help you visualise things being different. When you think about how you want things to be and see it in your mind it becomes easier to do.

Mental Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect and it doesn’t matter whether you practice that mentally or in reality. If I have a client who believes they won’t do well in an interview I can them to start using the power of their mind to think differently.

I get them to practice visualising in their mind walking into that interview with their head held high and smiling at the interviewers. Then they are answering their questions feeling confident and in control. I get them to think of tricky things they might get asked and again answering with ease. When the time comes for them to finally go into the interview setting they are able to ace it as they know what to do.

Changing Negative Thought Patterns With Hypnosis

Most of us have learned our negative thought patterns many years ago usually in childhood. Something will have happened that would have made you doubt your abilities or made you feel stupid or not good enough. As you were a child when that incident occurred you didn’t have the ability to question the incident or the person who made you feel that way. So years later a part of that mind still believes this negative thought to be true.

Now imagine that hypnosis for self-esteem boosting helps you to remember the incident and sheds new light on the old thoughts. You now can start to reassess what you have been thinking about yourself. Add therapy into the mix to help you look at the bigger picture with new eyes and suddenly everything changes. This is how hypnotherapy can completely change your self-worth.

Regression Hypnosis

Regression hypnosis is, without doubt, one of the fastest ways I can help my clients to remember what caused a problem. Usually, within two to four sessions my clients are able to piece the jigsaw together. They get to see the exact reasons why they have their feelings and they can begin to question whether it is still necessary to have them.

Having this information can be life-changing. When you remember what the problem was that started a problem and assess it with adult eyes it changes your thought patterns for good. Most of my clients have the information right there in their minds but they just haven’t associated that incident with why they are feeling the way they do. Linking the memory with the current feeling creates a light bulb/eureka moment.

Hypnosis for Calm and Relaxation

Hypnosis for self-esteem also involves deep calm and relaxation. When this is practised regularly it makes a world of difference to how you think. People with low self-esteem often feel anxiety or depressed because of their thoughts. Yet when you are more relaxed the severity of these starts to lessen.

Motivation Hypnotherapy

Finally, once we have established why you have low self-esteem and worked on changing your thought patterns with hypnosis it is possible to move to the next stage. Putting theory into practice is what has to happen next. So that means helping our clients to boost their motivation and willpower to push their boundaries. As they try new things or stretch their limits their confidence and self-esteem can begin to soar.

Self-Esteem and Body Image

Hypnotherapy for self-esteem can look at all aspects of the problem. Many of our clients may have a problem relating to their body image. Those clients may look in the mirror and immediately magnify their flaws making them feel anxious and miserable.

As a self-esteem therapist, I work with those clients to help them change their views into something far more positive. Yes, of course, my clients are going to feel bad if they focus on a wonky nose, or wide calves or those extra few pounds. The key to self-esteem work is helping my clients reduce their anxiety about these minor issues so they feel content and happy in their own skin.

Being happy with who you are can be transformative especially where confidence and self-worth are concerned. Now instead of feeling second best, you can attract into your life what you deserve instead of feeling not good enough.

Self-Esteem and Social Media

Increasingly I am also helping clients whose image of themselves is impacted by social media. Anyone looking at Instagram influencers, Tik Tok stars or Facebook gurus is seeing only a skewed reality of those people. They aren’t seeing the filters, the staging and touch-ups that are done to those photos yet they still expect to live up to the photo-shopped vision.

Hypnosis for self-esteem can help you to see reality and stop you being so harsh on yourself. Nobody can live up to the online fake pictures. Teaching my clients to love and believe in themselves is essential for them to achieve their goals without being hampered by self-doubt.

Self-Esteem Vs Self-Confidence

So what is the difference between self-esteem vs self-confidence? Self-esteem is about your perceived worth and how you view yourself. Self-Confidence is more about your ability to do something. Both can be learned.

It is possible to have high self-esteem but low confidence. For example, I generally feel really good about myself but I might have low confidence in my ability to train for a marathon as I’m not particularly fit.

Equally, I can have high confidence but low self-esteem. As an example, I may be absolutely confident that I can cook a complicated menu but still believe that I am not good enough for anyone to love me.

Hypnosis for self-esteem works with both problems because they are intertwined. If my clients think they are not good enough or believe that they are not worth caring about, they stop trying. Their confidence can rapidly be reduced and that stops them from achieving so many things. I want my clients to feel good about themselves and feel that they can be confident trying new things. They don’t have to excel in everything as that isn’t possible but they shouldn’t stop trying because of their thoughts.

Self-Hypnosis for Self-Esteem

Self-esteem hypnosis is one great way of creating change but it is also possible to use self-help methods as well. Self-help for self-esteem can involve using positive affirmations or self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis for self-esteem is designed to alter subconscious thought patterns that are unhelpful.

By using a self-hypnosis download for self-esteem it is possible to give repeated positive suggestions for change. When these positive suggestions are listened to daily they have the power to alter negative thought patterns.

In my online store, I have a number of hypnosis audios that can be used to change the way you think. Why not try my self-hypnosis for confidence and self-esteem download or my positive thinking audio.

Hypnotherapy for Self-Esteem

Do you experience low self-worth or feel that you are not good enough? If so then my online therapy sessions for self-esteem can help you to change the way you think. My confidence and self-esteem program consists of four initial sessions to address unhelpful thoughts. To get more details about my hypnosis for self-esteem program simply fill out the form below to either arrange your sessions or to discuss your particular circumstances.

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