Hypnosis for sleep the ultimate guide

Hypnosis for Sleep – The Ultimate Guide

Sleep such a natural part of our day to day lives. When we sleep well everything seems better. You eat less junk food, are less irritable, feel less anxious and generally have tons more energy. Yet get a bad nights sleep and everything starts to go downhill. Have a few more terrible nights and our moods start to deteriorate. Hypnosis for sleep is specifically designed to help with insomnia and other sleep-related conditions. Here is my ultimate guide to how it can make a difference.

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Hypnosis for Insomnia

Hypnosis for insomnia is the main form of sleep therapy that you may know about. This aims to help those of you who have a problem either switching off the brain at night to get a good night’s sleep or who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t drop off back to sleep.

Now we all have a bad nights sleep from time to time, that is perfectly normal. Problems start when a pattern of poor or interrupted sleep starts and you just can’t seem to do anything to resolve the problem. A few bad nights it never going to hurt you but many of my clients have been suffering from sleep problems for months and sometimes years.

When you are regularly getting poor sleep it starts to impact your physical and mental health. Here are just some of the problems that are caused by long term sleep issues:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Strokes
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Your Appearance is Worse

I can guarantee that most people with a sleep problem start by seeing their doctor. As the days of handing out sleeping tablets are long gone you may be given very short term medication but for many people, this won’t tackle the underlying cause of your problem.

Then you might consider herbal sleep solutions before finally recognising that you need to see a specialist. Hypnosis for sleep is a great psychological intervention as it involves deep relaxation and also can help you to discover what is really going on in the part of your subconscious that is keeping you awake.

Over the years I have now seen thousands of clients for sleep problems and in the majority of cases, a very short sleep therapy program works wonders.

Sleep Hypnotherapy

When I use sleep hypnotherapy I need to do two tasks. Firstly I need to understand what your lifestyle may be like and secondly work I need to understand if you have any emotional problems.

In the first session, a simple assessment starts to give me an overall picture of your daily routine and any problems that you are consciously aware of. The lifestyle elements are tackled first as they are really quick wins for a sleep therapist.

  • Are you working late?
  • Do you use social media late at night?
  • Do you have erratic bedtimes?
  • Are you under any stress?
  • Do you watch television in bed?
  • Do you go to sleep too early?

Hypnosis for sleep needs to look at these basic problems because if they are ignored you will still persist in having issues. Clearly working until midnight night after night answering work emails is not conducive to a good nights sleep. Nor is going to bed at 8 pm like a small child. Education is part of the battle and usually, I give out some simple sleep rules that have to be followed for at least a week to try and reset your sleep patterns.

The second weapon in my arsenal is hypnosis for relaxation. For many of you trying to get to sleep is problematic because you just can’t get your brain to stop thinking. Deep sleep hypnotic relaxation techniques can help to quieten that part of the mind sufficiently so that you drop off into a natural sleep.

As part of my sleep program, you are given a guided mediation for sleep download to listen to every night. This is used in conjunction with my strict sleep rules that are adapted for your particular circumstances. A week later I see you for your next appointment to see how you are now doing.

In the majority of cases I will be seeing significantly improved sleep. Further sessions can be booked to improve on this if necessary but what happens if there is no change?

Sleep Psychology

Hypnosis for sleep that I have talked about so far is relatively straightforward but not everything is that simple. The next step is to use sleep psychology and analytical hypnotherapy to discover what might be troubling you subconsciously.

We all have thought patterns that have been created many years ago that can still be causing problems today. This means it isn’t always easy to find out where a sleep problem may be coming from as it is difficult to pinpoint what started it. Yet hypnosis, when used by a skilled therapist, can hone in on that problem that you would never have thought of if you had used traditional counselling or CBT.

The origins of my clients sleep problems are totally varied and always fascinating to hear once I can help them to remember in hypnosis.

One of my clients experienced problems because as a very small child he had been allowed to stay up to watch a TV program about aliens invading the earth. It scared him so much he went to bed that night and refused to go to sleep in case the aliens came to take him away. Years later he has forgotten about this incident and certainly no longer believes in aliens but a part of him would always be trying to stay awake fearing danger.

Another client ran his own business and was experiencing a period of insomnia and anxiety. The more he tried to get a good nights sleep the more impossible it seemed. In his case he had grown up with a deep need to please his father and show him that he was a success. Then one night he had a bad nights sleep. His anxiety of failing reared its head and then ran out of control preventing his sleep. Therapy to resolve this issue of a fear of failure linked with sleep resolved the problem completely.

Sleep therapy and hypnosis are amazing tools to get right to the heart of the matter quickly and simply. Without hypnosis it would have been incredibly difficult to resolve these problems. Yet hypnosis for sleep can do so much more as well.

Sleep Hypnosis for Anxiety

Sleep problems and anxiety go hand in hand. One of the most common problems that I work on is resolving anxiety issues with my clients so that they are able to sleep. This is so important because a bad night’s sleep actually makes their anxiety levels go higher. They worry about not performing the next day or panic that they will have a problem with sleep forever.

If you have anxiety and also have a sleep problem then it always makes sense to use your therapy sessions to resolve both problems rather than just focusing on the immediate problem. Anxiety comes in many forms but here are some of the ways it can manifest itself where sleep is concerned:

  • Fear of failure so trying not to switch off so you are thinking all the time.
  • Fear of death or illness keeping you from going to sleep.
  • A worry about not sleeping which keeps you awake.
  • Being hyper-vigilant listening for danger.

As a sleep therapist if I resolve the underlying anxiety related issue then you go back to sleeping normally again.

free anxiety help

Sleep Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Sleep and hypnosis are two completely different states but when you are relaxed you are more likely to drift into the sleep state. I like to give my clients weight loss hypnosis downloads to listen to whilst they are in bed to help change their subconscious thoughts around food.

Why do I get them to listen to them in bed? Simply because my weight loss clients don’t have the time to take time our in the day to spend half and hour listening to subconscious suggestions. If I get them to use the audios as they are getting ready for sleep then they are more likely to use them and experience success.

My Ultimate Weight Loss self-hypnosis download program can be purchased in my online store. It has tracks to help with everything from emotional eating to portion control and is perfect to use at night. Plus as an added bonus it may help improve your sleep as well.

Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is of course the most common sleep disorder but what if you have an issue with:

  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • Snoring
  • Nightmares
  • Restless Leg Syndrome

Hypnotherapy for Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis can happen when we are just falling asleep or are waking up in the morning. When we dream we enter a state called REM. When you are in REM sleep you are paralysed for that period of time. If you happen to wake and the REM state is still partially present you get sleep paralysis.

Although sleep paralysis lasts for a few minutes at most it can seem incredibly frightening. Hypnotherapy for sleep paralysis teaches you techniques to reduce anxiety and feel calm whilst you wait to emerge from the dream state.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a serious condition where you stop breathing stops and starts during your sleep. This can be a dangerous condition that needs medical help. Now whilst hypnosis for sleep apnoea can’t immediately stop the condition it can help in other ways.

If you do have sleep apnoea you may have been asked to use a mask to help you breathe properly at night. It can be hard to get used to and some people give up on wearing them. As discarding the mask can harm your health and energy levels learning to tolerate it can make a big difference.

Recently a friend of mine who had just been diagnosed with the problem came to stay at my house and told me how difficult it was for her to get a good nights sleep with the mask. I gave her my relaxation hypnosis download to listen to in bed and she fell fast asleep mask and all! Now it is a regular part of her nighttime routine and the mask no longer bothers her at all.

Also, sleep apnoea is linked to weight problems which is where weight loss hypnosis can be helpful. It is possible to reverse the condition by losing weight and hypnotherapy can help you to achieve that.

Hypnotherapy for Nightmares

If you have been plagued by nightmares then hypnosis for sleep can also be helpful. Some nightmares are triggered by anxiety and stress. If this is the case then hypnosis for stress management can make a world of difference and help you sleep normally again.

Also, it is possible to learn to control anxiety-related threats in your dreams through subconscious reprogramming. So if you think a person is coming to hurt you it is possible to reimagine that person as a cartoon or non-threatening character. When the fear goes out of the nightmare you can rest more easily.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Sleep hypnosis can play a part in helping restless leg syndrome. This is the overwhelming need to keep on moving the legs that tend to happen in the evening. Although this can be caused by medical issues anxiety and stress may also play a part.

I recommend that all my clients with the condition see their GP first to be medically assessed. If there is nothing more a doctor can do for you then using hypnosis to help relaxation and take your mind off the need to move your legs can help to promote a better night’s sleep.

Hypnotherapy for Snoring

There are two people that may have a problem with snoring. The person doing the snoring and any partner sharing a bed. Hypnosis for snoring can help in a number of ways to reduce the problem.

For the snorer weight loss hypnosis may be useful if they are overweight and that is causing part of the problem. Alternatively, subconscious suggestions can be used to help train you to sleep on your side which is less likely to involve snoring. Also, smokers tend to snore more than non-smokers so stop smoking hypnosis could be used to help. The British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association has more information about the problem on their website.

If you are the partner of a snorer then my guess your problem is having to listen to the person snoring next o you every evening. For many, this can raise anxiety and stress levels making it harder to fall asleep. Sleep hypnosis helps in these cases to relax your mind so that you can switch your attention elsewhere and fall fast asleep.

Hypnosis to Sleep Deeply

If are able to arrange an appointment for hypnosis for sleep it can transform your life but what can you do if that is not in your budget? Hypnosis to sleep deeply can be learned with a professionally recorded hypnosis download.

As part of my work with my clients, I have spent years perfecting the best hypnosis sleep download to solve the problem. This audio download has been carefully crafted to utilise relaxation and calming techniques to switch off the thinking part of your brain.

Self-Hypnosis for Sleep

Self-hypnosis for sleep is something that you can practice at home to quieten your mind. When used when you are in bed it can make a world of difference to your ability to fall asleep. Most of my clients find that after one a handful of listens they are fast asleep within a few minutes.

Self-hypnosis guided meditations for sleep as downloads are also incredibly accessible and a cheap way of finding out whether you can help your problem without seeing a professional.

Beware not all sleep downloads are equal. My sleep deeply hypnosis download is based on years of research and practical work with clients. Many of the free audios that you find online are made by people with little experience in the field of hypnosis or sleep.

If you would like to try my self-hypnosis for sleep download you can purchase you copy in my online store for immediate download.

Hypnosis Therapy for Sleep

Hypnosis for sleep as you can see can help you get a great night’s sleep in more than one way. It can help with insomnia but also aid weight loss, anxiety and sleep disorders. If you would like to arrange a therapy program for sleep problems then just fill out the form below so we either book your sessions or arrange a discovery call. Generally my programs run for a minimum of three sessions.

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