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Hypnosis for Studying and Exams – How to Accelerate Learning

Are you in the middle of an education program right now and wondering if something like hypnosis for studying and exams could give you the edge? Hypnotherapy for exams or learning is actually becoming increasingly popular as people are realising that getting great results isn’t only about your intelligence but includes other factors such as:

  • Your ability to have a focused mind
  • Having a calm and relaxed mindset
  • Your memory recall
  • Your study habits
  • Your motivation
  • Your confidence
  • Your propensity to procrastinate
  • How you manage under exam conditions

Whilst you might have a huge amount of intelligence you are not necessarily going to succeed without being able to conquer these other issues as well. Great results come from the ability of the person studying being able to master their exam nerves, memory retention and study habits. When these are mastered then they will have the edge over others.

Can Hypnosis Help with Studying?

Hypnosis is a great tool to help with studying because a good hypnotherapist is like a coach and mentor as well as a therapist. Their job is to help you tackle any problem areas that are dragging your marks or results down. By helping you address underlying stumbling blocks or barriers to your success you become free to use all your available skills that can transform your results.

General study pressure can have a huge impact on your ability to absorb information and create negative feelings such as exam nerves. This clearly will be detrimental to your exam performance preventing you from getting top marks. Hypnosis can help to alter your subconscious mind so that you approach exams in a more positive way.

When you are in a hypnosis session a hypnotherapist can help you to understand why your subconscious mind may be causing some of the common problems relating to study and exams. During a hypnotherapy session, you can be taught to alter the unhelpful internal dialogue so that you have a more relaxed mindset allowing you to stay focused so you can recall important information.

Hypnosis for studying and learning can help you to boost your confidence, calm your nerves and help you knuckle down and do what has to be done for success. It can help you to retain new information and change your study habits to improve your exam performance.

hypnosis for studying and exams

Can Hypnosis Help with Focus?

Hypnosis for focus and concentration is one area where many of our clients want help. They find that their minds are finding it difficult to spend time looking at or learning a topic. Perhaps their minds are wandering and not taking in the information or they are procrastinating and actually, they may barely study at all because of their inability to concentrate. Hypnosis for studying can help to change the way your mind works and approach exams with a different mindset.

One of the first things we look at is why might our clients have a problem maintaining their focus. This can range from problems with planning, anxiety levels, fear of failure or distractions. A hypnotherapist works with you not only to help allay fears but to coach you on how to do things differently to get more success.

Hypnosis is also a form of concentrated relaxation. When your mind is in hypnosis it enters into a zone where your focus is narrowed down. By teaching clients how to enter this zone of concentration it can be easier to tune out outside factors that compete for your attention and help your mind naturally organize information. Clinical hypnotherapy is a great tool to use for an upcoming exam because it can teach you to have complete power over the way you think so that your study time isn’t wasted.

Self-Hypnosis for Memory Recall

Another area where hypnosis for studying can be particularly useful is when it comes to memory recall. Just about everyone has experienced a time where they have learned something but then can’t remember it only a short while later. Or alternatively, you have the information deep within your mind but when it comes to an exam style situation panic takes over and your mind goes completely blank.

Clearly, either situation is far from ideal and this can be incredibly problematic especially in situations where you need to recall that knowledge in order to get the pass mark you need. Essay deadlines in an exam place you under pressure which can then create anxiety. Hypnosis helps as it teaches you how to relax so that you can think more clearly.

Hypnotherapists can help you to tackle one of the main reasons for the problem which is anxiety or fear. When you are under pressure in an exam-style situation you are placed on the spot to give your answers as quickly as possible. This pressure and worry cause the mind to switch to fight or flight mode and make it temporarily freeze.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help you to understand and tackle the reasons for this however you can also use self-hypnosis to help keep you calm and relaxed so that the fight or flight mechanism doesn’t trigger. Just use our self-hypnosis for relaxation and stress reduction audio in the lead up to your exam to help make you feel calmer and more in control.

self hypnosis relaxation and stress reduction

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Hypnosis for Study

Hypnosis for Studying is also a great way of practising doing things differently whilst being in a calm relaxed zone. When you are working with a hypnotherapist they can help you to tap into positive visualisation techniques to imagine yourself working or doing things in a different way.

The tactics of visualisation and mental rehearsal are well used in areas such as elite sports coaching. They get the competitors to focus on their goals, help them tune out distractions and visualise themselves successfully competing at a higher level. A hypnosis session with a therapist can help you to learn the exact same techniques to help your exam performance.

Hypnosis for study follows a similar vein where you are taught to see yourself learning faster, being more motivated and getting better results by being calm and relaxed.

Hypnotherapy for Learning

Hypnosis for learning isn’t however all about making you work ten times harder. Every client is different but we often see clients where the problem is too much pressure being placed on them either by themselves or by their family.

When you are placed under pressure and expected to achieve really good results it can cause problems especially when it comes to stress and anxiety. A small amount of stress is usually ok and to be expected when it comes to important exam however if that stress is sustained and relentless it can cause extreme anxiety and negatively impact your results.

Would you believe that in order to get better results for some of our clients we actually get them to relax more and do less to improve how they feel and how they learn? This isn’t as strange as it seems. Hypnosis for studying not only uses relaxation and stress reduction but also involves therapy to take some of that pressure of. When some clients are less pressurised they perform more effectively.

Can Hypnotherapy Make You More Intelligent?

So if hypnosis for studying is so effective can it also impact your intelligence? Well yes to a degree it can make the difference but it won’t turn you into Einstein.

IQ or intelligence quotient is the typical measure that is used when it comes to measuring how clever you actually are. This IQ can be boosted depending on factors such as:

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Reading and Studying
  • Who you hang out with
  • Learning a language
  • Stress management

There may be a ceiling on how high you can make your intelligence go but you can certainly boost it a number of points by doing the right things and that can be enough shift to make a big difference to your results.

Hypnosis for intelligence can be a useful tool, especially where clients are experiencing a problem with stress or sleep issues. Hypnosis is well known for its stress reduction capabilities leaving you feeling calmer and more relaxed. This will of course have a knock-on impact on your sleep.

Hypnotherapy can also help to motivate you to change old habits and try new things. Working in a different way could make a difference to your intelligence levels.

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Hypnotherapy for Studying

Hypnosis for studying is a great tool to help you to improve your results and to increase your capacity for learning. It can help reduce anxiety and stress and increase your focus and concentration. Most people use it when they are experiencing a problem but in reality, as it could give you an extra edge it makes sense to use it even when things appear to be going well. That additional boost could make all the difference in your pass grades taking you from a good level to something great.

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