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Hypnosis for Traders – The Psychology Behind a Successful Trading Mindset

When it comes to hypnosis for traders I can confidently say that I am in an incredibly unique position to be able to help my clients create a great trading mindset. You see not only am I a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist but in my former career, I spent years working as a senior commodities trader at a major oil company.

My guess is that I may be unique or at the very least one of only a handful of therapists worldwide who understands the unique pressures that traders face on the trading floor. My experiences in trading and working in the financial sector mean that I have an incredible insight into the focus, confidence, and abilities needed to be successful in a fast-moving market.

Hell, I was on the trading floor the day the planes hit the world trade center and during the second gulf war so I know something about huge price movements and making money whilst the whole world around you seems to be going crazy. So I think I know the traits and characteristics that can help you to develop the mindset and psychology needed to do the same.

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How Do You Develop a Traders Mindset?

Firstly contrary to all those people selling online trading courses that promise you that you can make millions not everyone is cut out to be a trader. If you are a shy, retiring, passive person who likes to blend into the background then you are highly unlikely to make the cut.

To be successful you need to be assertive, driven, and a person with a laser-focused mind who can make quick decisions under incredible pressure. Companies are pretty good at interviewing people and choosing the right candidates to join their trading floors.

Whilst hypnosis for trading might not be able to change your personality it can help those of you who make the cut to become a trader with a better mindset thereby making you more successful and confident in what you do.

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Why Use Hypnotherapy for Trading?

The reality is that all traders who eventually end up on the trading floor are going to experience a huge range of emotions that can impact their minds when they are looking at the market and doing their decision-making. When things are going your way it can be easy to feel relaxed and calm about your performance and the trades that you are making. The real problems start when the markets start to move against you and you start to watch a financial free fall that makes your heart sink and the panic in your mind start.

Hypnotherapy for trading can of course help your mind to be calmer and more relaxed but where it comes into its own is making you more resilient when things go wrong. Good traders are made not just from knowing how to make more money but by knowing what to do when their performance is tested by things taking a turn in the wrong direction.

Traders can experience a huge number of worries or fears including:

  • Not knowing when to get out of a losing trade.
  • Not setting stop losses.
  • Misjudging the timing of a trade.
  • Not being able to think quickly enough.
  • Overthinking what they are doing.
  • Comparing themselves to others.
  • Listening to the hype from other traders.
  • Failing to be consistent or lacking focus.
  • Not having a plan.
  • Loss of confidence in their personal performance.
  • Failing to take time to learn about their chosen market.

Hypnosis for trading success works with you to discover the negative thoughts in your mind or the situations you are experiencing and then gives you techniques to overcome them so your decision-making can be calm and controlled.

hypnosis for traders

Hypnosis for Day Trading

The techniques I teach my clients to help them be more successful are applicable whether they are taking long-term positions in the market or whether they are day trading. In fact, they are applicable whether you are working in forex, stocks and shares, commodities, or any area where you are buying and selling on the financial markets.

The psychology behind being successful at day trading vs any other form of trading isn’t that different with perhaps the exception of patience. Day traders move in and out of positions relatively quickly to earn their profits so the wait for success is usually relatively short however they still experience doubts and fear as well as confidence issues just the same as any other trader.

Hypnosis for day trading gives you the techniques to listen to gut instincts and helps stop losing sleep over worries over your ability or positions.

Why a Trading Psychology Coach Can Help

A trading psychology coach might be what a customer needs for two main reasons.

Firstly even if you aren’t experiencing any problems at all in your life or on the trading floor then can help you improve your performance so that you are working to the best of your ability.

All of us can use a little help at times to do better than we are currently. As an example, you might be fine working out in the gym but a personal trainer helps to hone your techniques and improve your times or muscle mass. A trading psychology coach can work in a very similar way and give you positive techniques to improve your mindset and make more money.

Secondly, a trading psychology coach can be incredibly helpful you are having problems with your confidence or experiencing doubt or fear in your mind about your trading decisions.

We know that when doubt sets in your subconscious can have a negative impact on your emotions and therefore sabotage your success. Hypnotherapy for trading is unique in that it enables a hypnotherapist to access the unhelpful thoughts and help you alter the negative thinking that could be stopping you from being free to trade successfully.

Trading Mindset Books

It is worth noting that there is already a healthy market for trading psychology books that give you tips and strategies for success. We particularly like Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.

You could also purchase Mastering Trading Psychology by Andrew Aziz and Mike Baehr who discuss the mental skills you need for success.

Trading Mindset Programme

My hypnosis trading mindset program is always unique to my individual clients because no two traders will be experiencing the same emotions or financial success or failure. The hypnosis for traders sessions are created to help you control your mind and improve your trading ability are therefore are bespoke and tailored to your individual circumstances.

Of course, there are some common techniques and tips that I may teach all my clients in particular the need to relax and stay calm whilst under pressure. I also tend to always use confidence-boosting strategies to help strengthen your self-esteem and resilience training to help you bounce back when things don’t go to plan.

The hypnosis for traders mindset program sessions are designed to be positive and to focus on your ability for success no matter what your negative self-critical voice may be telling you.

Self-Hypnosis For Traders

During your sessions, I also teach my clients about self-hypnosis and how powerful a tool it can be to help you set yourself up for success. Self-hypnosis can be used either through listening to audio downloads or by learning the techniques yourself so that you can change your life.

Self-hypnosis is just a way of getting your mind into a zone where it is more suggestible. When you are in that zone you can help to alter negative thinking or create positive suggestions for everything from peak performance to relaxation.

All our clients receive an mp3 self-hypnosis download that they can listen to in their own homes to change unhelpful thought patterns and build a more confident mindset. In particular, you might like to try my self-hypnosis download mp3 for positive thinking or my self-hypnosis download mp3 for relaxation and stress reduction (something every trader needs).

Listen to your chosen hypnosis mp3 download every day at a time of day when you are doing nothing at all. Allow the hypnosis audio to relax and calm you so that it can deliver subconscious suggestions to your mind.

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Hypnosis for Trading Success

Remember that hypnosis for traders is another form of peak performance coaching that can help you to meet your financial goals and remove obstacles that are preventing you from success. A coaching session is always designed to put you in a more positive place than when you started and to prevent emotional problems from undoing all your good work.

If you want more details about how I may be able to help you just contact me via my contact page to get more details of my hypnosis for trading coaching programs.

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