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Hypnosis to Stop Drinking – Can It Help?

Have you tried to moderate or quit drinking by yourself and found it difficult to stick to your plans? You are not alone. Yes of course some people are able to use self-help methods to drink less but for others, it can seem like a daily battle where the alcohol is winning. This is where Hypnosis to Stop Drinking can help as it can help to increase motivation and willpower as well as changing any subconscious thinking around alcohol.

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Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Hypnotherapy is unlike most other therapies as it is able to tap into your subconscious mind to create changes in thinking. What do I mean by subconscious?

A great illustration is tying your shoelaces. Once upon a time when you were a kid you would have learned to tie laces. When you were first learning it would have taken lots of effort and concentration to get it right and no doubt you would have made a number of mistakes. Yet over time you would have got better and better at the task and now you don’t have to even think about doing it anymore. The information is held in the back of your mind and you no longer actively think about it instead you just do it. This is your subconscious in action.

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So what has the subconscious got to do with your drinking? Well once upon a time you would have had a problem such as shyness, anxiety, guilt or stress. The issue would have upset, scared or embarrassed you and given you negative feelings. At some point in your development, you would have taken a drink and it felt like it would have helped with these feelings.

Your subconscious mind learned a simple lesson. Drink makes me feel confident, alcohol makes me less stressed, wine helps me sleep and so it decides to use the same method to help the next time you experience the same problem. Now like the shoelace illustration it is running a program in the back of your mind using the same coping mechanism and you have forgotten why it all started.

Drink Less Therapy

Hypnosis to stop drinking or moderate your alcohol intake is a therapy that takes time to help you address these subconscious patterns that consciously you may be unaware of. All of our clients come to sessions wanting to consciously drink less but most don’t realise how another part of their brain is sabotaging their efforts.

Drink less therapy is aimed at helping our clients to understand the underlying problems which are causing problems and aiming therapy at these.

So if you started drinking to overcome shyness our drink less therapy program may look at how we can increase your confidence and self-esteem. If your mind is using alcohol to deal with stress then we look at ways to increase feelings of relaxation, calm and well-being.

In addition, hypnosis to stop drinking involves deep states of relaxation. This has a knock-on benefit of helping you to feel calmer in your day to day life. Any reduction in stressful feelings makes it easier for you to think more rationally and be more motivated to drink less.

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Drinking After Work

As well as dealing with the psychological reasons why people drink we also look at ingrained habits based around drinking. We do not work with clients who are alcoholics but we do work with people who drink to unwind night after night. It is not unusual for us to see clients who drink one or more bottles of wine in the evening or 7 or 8 bottles/cans of beer.

Drinking after work has become an epidemic in recent times. This is because of the cheapness and availability of alcohol as well as great marketing. Once upon a time drinking was reserved for one or two nights out a week. It would have been frowned upon to drink at home apart from when guests were around.

Now entertainment has moved from the pubs and bars to people’s homes. Alcohol is bulk bought at the supermarket at the weekend and then consumed nightly in front of the latest streaming service. We look at helping our clients change their bad habits and create healthier ones instead.

Alcohol and Relationships

During our sessions, we also take a look at how our clients are communicating with their partners and those around them. Alcohol can have a huge knock-on impact on relationships. Many of my clients use alcohol as a way of avoiding problems with their partner. Instead of speaking and working on any issues, it seems easier to drink a bottle of wine and forget what is happening. We help our clients to start talking and taking action because if that does not happen the drinking continues.

Hypnosis for drinking can also look at past patterns in relationships to help you identify if certain triggers are creating problems. Worries about being left alone, feeling out of control or being rejected can all fuel negative feelings which can create drinking issues.

Stop Binge Drinking

Binge drinking where large amounts of alcohol are consumed in one sitting can also be helped with hypnotherapy for drinking. Binge drinking has the same root causes as other types of drinking but the episodes where the drinking takes place are less about habit and more about trying to get away from unhelpful feelings.

You can read more about how to help yourself in our 7 ways to Stop Binge Drinking alcohol post.

Hypnosis Store – Self Hypnosis for Drinking

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking is a great way of addressing underlying problems but sometimes all that is needed is some simple anxiety and stress reduction. This is why we created our Self-hypnosis for Drinking audio download that you can use at home to help you change subconscious thought patterns whilst helping you to relax. All clients on our drink less alcohol programs will get a copy but you can also purchase a copy to try at home in our online store.

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Booking Hypnosis To Stop Drinking

If you would like to arrange hypnosis to stop drinking or would like to talk to us about moderating your drinking then please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. We love to help our clients to make positive changes and a little extra help can make a difference.

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