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Hypnosis to Stop Overthinking – Solutions to Quieten The Mind

Hypnosis for overthinking is a useful tool for people who need help to stop ruminating over moments, people or incidents long after they should have moved on. If you are someone who finds themselves spending hours thinking about what someone said to you or how you handled a particular situation then you may need help to relax your mind.

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When you have problems with overthinking it can rapidly take over your life. Instead of being able to live in the moment and feeling happy overthinking can impact your mental health and create anxiety. This is because you are too preoccupied either worrying about things you have said or done in the past or alternatively are constantly worrying about what you should do or say in the future. These negative thoughts can have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental health.

Hypnosis to stop overthinking is great therapy to explore if you want to understand why you may be doing it and also to help you calm the mind and relax. To learn more about the benefits of anxiety hypnosis get our free pdf below.

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Can Hypnotherapy Help With Overthinking?

Yes, hypnotherapy for overthinking can help. Firstly hypnotherapy is a great tool for stress management. When we are experiencing too much stress it can be difficult to think straight and our worries are amplified. Hypnosis for overthinking can help to relax you so that you no longer feel so overwhelmed. Secondly, hypnotherapy can help you to see if there are any root causes for your overthinking which are held in the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is one of only a few therapies that can help you understand why you have anxious feelings and how to rationalize them so that you can lower your anxiety levels.

Is It Ok To Overthink?

Overthinking can be ok in certain situations. For example, if you have an important presentation to deliver and you spend considerable time thinking about how you are going to do it. Overthinking is not ok however when it starts to take over your life and you find that you are worrying all the time about things you have done or said. This is the point where it is sensible to get some help.

What Are The Side Effects of Overthinking?

If you spend too much time overthinking then you may suffer negative side effects such as:

Hypnotherapy for overthinking is one useful form of therapy that can help to alleviate many of these problems.

hypnosis for overthinking

Anxiety and Overthinking

There is a strong correlation between anxiety and overthinking. In fact, most people who have problems with overthinking are likely to be suffering from an anxiety disorder. There may of course be other mental health issues at play but anxiety tends to be the prevalent problem. It is useful to know that hypnosis is a great tool for helping anxiety-related issues.

Anxiety is a form of defense mechanism that helps to keep us safe from danger. The only problem is that it can sometimes trigger in situations where we are not in any real danger.

The anxious part of the mind is very like a General in an army. It wants to plot and plan all the possible scenarios to keep us safe. So if you have an important interview your mind can spend hours thinking about what you might say or do wrong as a way of making sure that the worst doesn’t happen.

This overthinking can be a huge waste of time and energy. This is why hypnosis for overthinking can be a useful tool because it potentially has the power to stop your mind from overanalyzing things that are highly unlikely to happen. It can help you to look at the positive side of things rather than dwelling on the negative.

Why Do We Overthink?

So what exactly is the part of our mind that overthinks doing and why does it do it? Studies have certainly shown that there is a correlation between rumination and stressful life events.

We know from our work with our client’s problems often go back to life events such as childhood stresses or traumas. At some point in your early childhood, something happened to you that made you upset, fearful, or embarrassed. Whatever this moment in your life was it was taught your subconscious mind a simple lesson that you never wanted to experience the same thing again.

Now your subconscious mind is on high alert and has anxiety about the same thing happening again. In order to stop overthinking you have to help that part of the mind to stop the panic about problems you experienced in childhood and think in a more positive way.

Here are some of the reasons you may be finding it hard to stop overthinking as an adult:

Hypnosis to stop overthinking can help you to stop reduce the feelings of panic and worry and help you to be more positive and feel in control. It is a form of therapy that enables understanding and helps you to move on with your life.

Don’t Overthink It By Anne Bogel also has some useful tips and strategies that you can use if you are looking for self-help methods.

Hypnosis to Stop Ruminating

Hypnosis to stop overthinking works on a number of levels. The first step that we always take with our clients in hypnosis sessions is to teach them stress reduction techniques. These are a great way of helping to calm down the feelings of anxiety and panic.

Whilst stress reduction techniques during hypnosis may not stop the rumination completely they can certainly lower it. There may also be knock-on benefits such as better sleep because the mind isn’t overthinking at night.

In addition to stress reduction, our next step in hypnosis is to help our clients build their self-esteem. Low self-esteem can often be behind overthinking particularly when there is a worry about failing or not being good enough. When we are happier and more confident in our own skin there tends to be significantly less fear about what we are saying or doing. We have a self-hypnosis for self-esteem and confidence-building audio that can be also useful to repeat the positive messages which can be listened to at night as you are about to go to sleep.

In order to help our clients to stop overthinking we may also use deeper analytical hypnotherapy techniques in hypnosis sessions. Using regression therapy hypnosis for example can help us to understand where low self-esteem or problems with rumination began. When we have the exact reasons for the problem it becomes much easier to aim therapy at the specific problem to stop overthinking.

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Hypnosis to Stop Thinking About Someone

When we are talking about hypnosis for overthinking it is also worth mentioning that worry about relationships is a particular problem that we regularly come across in our clinics. This tends to be a particular problem when one of our clients has a bad break-up and they find that their minds are filled with negative thoughts and they are unable to move on with their life. Hypnosis to get over someone can help to uncover what the real problems are.

It is not unusual to uncover during hypnosis that our clients are anxious not necessarily because of the loss of the relationship which can sometimes be poor but because of other factors such as:

  • A Fear of Being Alone
  • A Worry About Not Being Good Enough
  • A Fear That Nobody Else Would Love Them
  • A Worry About Rejection Rooted in the Past

Once hypnosis has found the root cause therapy is aimed at the real reasons for the person’s inability to stop thinking about someone. This can usually make a bigger difference plus it can help the same problem for recurring in the future.

Self-Hypnosis for Overthinking and Anxiety

As well as one-to-one hypnotherapy it is possible to help reduce overthinking with self-hypnosis for overthinking. If you listen to self-hypnosis downloads they can be a tool to create deep levels of calm. This is great if you are an overthinker as it reduces the anxiety response.

Self-hypnosis or deep meditation downloads work to keep you relaxed and help your mind to slow down the unhelpful stream of thoughts. The more relaxed you become as you listen the less the overthinking should bother you. This is because when you are in meditation or deep hypnosis your mind is significantly calmer.

We have a self-hypnosis download program specifically for anxiety which includes a download for worrying and negative thinking as well as audios to help with sleep, panic, anxiety, and relaxation. You can purchase the download in our online store by following the link below.

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Quiet Mind Solutions

Learning how to quieten your mind with hypnosis for overthinking can be a great way to help transform your anxiety levels and help to brighten your mood. Clearing any mind clutter so that you can think clearly not only helps your mental health but can also help you to perform better and achieve things that previously you may have held back from trying.

For more information about our hypnotherapy sessions simply fill out our contact form for more details about how we help our clients create positive change.

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