Intention Setting worksheets pdf

Intention Setting Worksheet PDF

Do you know what intention setting means and how it can be useful to your life? Setting intentions can be a great way of manifesting what you want by making you focus on what you want and how you are going to get it. This is why we have created a simple intention setting worksheet PDF that you can use to help you set your path and get things done.

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What is an Example of Setting an Intention?

When you set an intention you are declaring exactly what you want from your life such as the direction that you want to go in and how you are going to feel on your journey. The intention setting worksheet usually includes some more detailed specifics about the actions that may be necessary to make that happen.

Intentions are different to goals. To illustrate this as an example someone may have a goal to get a new job. This goal doesn’t tell them anything other than it is an item on a wish list that they would like to have. There are no specifics, details or instructions on how to reach this goal which means it would be difficult to reach.

Intentions on the other hand are more specific, personal and give them the direction they are going to go in to make that happen. Therefore an example of intention setting in this instance might be writing a new CV over the next week and contacting five companies every day for the next week to see what job opportunities they have that might work for you.

intention setting worksheets

What is The Purpose of Setting An Intention?

The intention setting process is powerful because without taking the time to write more specific information on how you are going to help yourself get what you want it is possible that nothing will ever get done.

It can be easy to waste days, weeks and even years dreaming about something and never making it a reality. Procrastination and lack of action are never going to help to make you free or give you something that you love, want or need.

Setting an intention however is a great form of self-help as it makes you take the time to think about your goals, dreams and feelings and find a way to manifest them by taking action.

Remember your goals do not have to be for material things like cars or houses or money they can also be for health, peace and happiness.

Intention Setting Exercise

You can use our intention setting worksheet PDF in order to complete this 7 step intention setting exercise. This should help you to manifest what you want using a clear goal setting process. Just follow the steps to close in on what you want to happen in your life.

  1. Find a quiet spot and bring a  pen and our intention setting worksheet PDF to help you start to plan a life you’ll love.
  2. Pick the desire or intention that you would like to happen in your life.
  3. Once you have this intention really start to clarify it to make it real. As an example instead of saying you want a new car, you could say I want a convertible red sports car with leather seats priced at $50,000.
  4. Now you need to set the steps you are going to take to make that happen. Perhaps you are going to get a promotion, work another job, earn more passive income or change your career to get the money you need.
  5. Next, describe how you want to feel when you are on your journey and when you are finished to set a positive mindset.
  6. Write down any barriers that may stand in the way of your intention and how you are going to overcome them.
  7. Finally, place some time limits on when you want to achieve this so that you don’t let the timeline slide.

Goal Setting and Manifestation 

There is a strong link between goal setting, intentions and manifestation. If you try and manifest something without having a good goal and action plan in place then the odds are going to be stacked against you.

It makes perfect sense to spend time on planning because this is when you will start to see great results. Our version of an intentions setting worksheet is designed to act as a guide to help you create a better life and future for yourself. It is something that you can use year after year. All you need to do is save the document on your computer and then print it out whenever you need help manifesting something new.

Remember you are always more likely to have success when you take the time to think carefully about what you want and how you are going to get it.

Intentions and Guided Meditation

In addition to using our intentions worksheets to help you to success it is important to make sure that you have the right mindset when you are looking to reach a goal.

Your mind is a powerful tool that can help you to get great results but it can also sometimes have barriers or limiting beliefs that could stop you from getting the life that you want. These old thought loops are often stuck in the subconscious mind and prevent you from reaching your goals. It is important to make sure that your actions and mindset are in synch for you to get the results you want from any manifestation.

Self-hypnosis or guided meditation downloads are a great way to help to train your mind to think differently. We have a number of products in our online store that can help. Why not try our positive thinking guided meditation to help you focus on reaching your goals.

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Goals and Intentions Worksheet

To download a copy of our intention setting worksheet PDF follow the link below to our online store. Our download is a product that you can print time and time again meaning that it can be used for different intentions.

Remember to use the worksheet to focus and take action to achieve your dreams and desires. This isn’t a static document instead it is an important action plan for you to follow to get what you want. It is a powerful printable that can help you manifest and can be used alongside other tools such as vision boards, manifestation journals and affirmations.

intention setting worksheets pdf

Get The PDF

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