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Love Hypnosis – Does it Work?

So many people are chasing the ideal relationship and looking for true love. Is it any wonder that many start to explore love hypnosis in order to find the partner of their dreams? Yet how does love hypnosis for love work and can it help you to find the “one” or are you likely to be disappointed and wondering if anything can help you to get what you want.

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Hypnosis Love Spell

Firstly let’s banish the idea of a hypnotist casting some magic spell like Harry Potter to help you attract that partner that you so desire. That simply isn’t going to happen. Yes, suggestion hypnosis can help some people to change their thought patterns to let’s say make them more outgoing but it isn’t going to persuade the hottest person in town to love you.

Love hypnosis is actually far more complex than that and it starts not by giving you some amazing superpower but by helping you to love yourself.

Self-Love Hypnosis

Ever wondered how some people can attract potential partners like flies whilst others seem to repel those around them? It is all about confidence and how you interact with the outside world.

Many people who have difficulty finding love are filled with self-doubt, worry about their appearance and are shy when it comes to building new relationships. This means that when they are out in a club or a bar they may have bad posture, keep their eyes to the floor and stand in the background. Their whole demeanour is designed to hide them away from the world and to be seen as little as possible.

Yet there are others in the same club or bar who stand tall and upright. Smile at others and are the first to strike up a conversation with others around them. Their fun nature is appealing and draws people in. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t the most beautiful person in the room because people are attracted to the whole person not just their looks.

The reason why the second group are able to do this is that they love themselves and have self-worth. This is where love hypnosis can help. It can teach you to believe and love yourself which allows you to start attracting people into your social circle.

Does Hypnosis Work for Love?

When I work with clients who are having difficulty with relationships or finding a partner then I spend time getting to understand where the worry, anxieties and fears exist. Do my clients need to feel more confident? Have they settled for partners that were not right for them? Have they attracted the right people into their orbit? Do they have anxieties which are holding them back?

Yes, hypnosis does work for love providing these problems are resolved in therapy but there are important things to consider. Is the person that you want to attract or live with you actually worthy of your love? There is no point in helping my clients to be more attractive and confident for a partner who is indifferent or who treats them badly. Love hypnosis, in this case, teaches the client to feel more confident so that they can walk away from situations like these and find someone they deserve.

Attracting the right partner and feeling confident to understand when something is not working is part of the confidence-boosting love hypnosis work. You don’t want to rush into any old relationship because of a problem such as a fear of being alone. That fear needs to be dealt with in therapy so that you are happy being by yourself until the right person comes along.

So many of my clients have ended up in relationships and clung on to people just because they were worried about what would happen if they lived by themselves. They aren’t really in love with the person they are with but will do anything to keep them because of their anxieties. Working with anxiety-related issues and love plays a big part in some love hypnosis.

Unrequited Love Hypnosis

Unrequited love hypnosis is another area where hypnotherapy can help. Most people who feel these intense feelings for someone who doesn’t seem to notice them or who doesn’t love them back have a deeper issue to resolve.

Firstly as I touched on above some people have a need to be loved by someone. If a person shows them kindness or gives them a compliment this can be easily misinterpreted as something more. Not everyone who is nice to you is a suitable partner but for some being rejected after this initial kindness seems intolerable and makes them want them even more. A therapist can help you understand what makes you think like this and whether you have a pattern of this behaviour.

Secondly, it is possible that you didn’t even love this person in the first place. You were in love with the idea of getting together with someone but in fact, this person could have been replaced with anyone if it got you the end result. Therapy helps you to move on rather than staying stuck replaying the same unhelpful thoughts.

Love Attraction Hypnosis

Love attraction hypnosis is primarily designed to empower you and to build your confidence and self-esteem. When you are feeling great about yourself and act confidently you change the way you live.

Instead of being the person who wants to stay indoors and cry because they haven’t found their soul mate you are out mixing and mingling with others making the magic happen. Nobody got anything by sitting and doing nothing. Love hypnosis encourages you to take the bull by the horns and start creating action.

Old anxieties and worries need to be worked on because often these are the problems that are holding you back. Fear of rejection, worries about loneliness, feelings of not being good enough and so on. If you are feeling any of these then they are not just clouding your love life but the rest of your world as well.

It can be amazing to see clients when they have made significant changes to the way that they feel that are changing their entire life. The world is your oyster when you believe in yourself and love is just one area where you may see these positive changes.

Hypnosis for Love

Are you looking for love hypnosis or would you simply like to learn to love yourself? Hypnosis for love is a great way of building your inner resources and making you into the very best person that you can be. When you understand and work on what is holding you back it can make a big difference in your life.

My love hypnosis therapy program consists of four sessions and is designed to help you to have the right tools and strategies to make your life a success. If you would like more information just fill out the form below to get more information and book your therapy sessions today.

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