love words that start with t

Love Words That Start With T

Words have amazing power. When we use the right romantic words to show our feelings it can have a great positive impact. Use the wrong words however when speaking to a person and their feelings can be hurt. So I thought I would write an article about love words that start with T.

This is going to be built into a series of articles where I am going to go through each letter of the alphabet to find words of love that you can use with your partner or in your writing.

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Loving Words That Start With T 

I know that for many people writing down their feelings and emotions can feel particularly difficult especially when they don’t know the best way to express themselves. It is easy to tie yourself up in knots writing a birthday or valentines card which only requires a few words of romance. Think about writing a love letter and the whole process feels even more difficult.

If however, you can look up a list of words that helps to elicit feelings of love and excitement then the whole process becomes so much easier.

As you go through my lists of positive words you can hopefully use them to show the person you care for your true feelings more easily.

Want some templates to write down how much you care? Use these Letters to My Love notes to express your feelings and post them to the person you care about.

Romantic Words Starting With T

Let’s dive into my list of love words that start with T. Each word on the list is going either help with either conjuring up feelings of romance or alternatively help you to be a little naughtier depending on the feelings that you want to express.

Use these T words for love for letter writing, cards, poetry or whatever else you can think of to help your partner understand how much you love and care for them.


Use this word with someone who loves to reach out and touch you. When someone is tactile they are likely to express their romantic side by touching parts of your body (not necessarily in a sexual way) to show that they care.


If someone tantalizes you they suggest something exciting that is just out of your reach. A perfect word to use in a love letter to someone you don’t currently have a romantic relationship with.


When someone tempts you it suggests that their charms are drawing you in. Use this with your existing partner to tell them they are still exciting or with someone new when the relationship is just beginning.


When someone is tender they are kind and gentle. This is a great love word to show affection.


This word is short and to the point. It is a less romantic word but a hugely positive word to tell people how great they are.


When someone is thoughtful they go out of their way to make sure that their partner is cared for and happy. Being thoughtful is something that you want your partner to know you cherish.


A partner that thrills you gives you excitement and pleasure. You can also be thrilled to see them.

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Tickled pink is a positive word to say how pleased you are to see them. It can also be related to tickling which can be linked to foreplay.


A tingle is a feeling in your body that you normally get when something exciting is about to happen. Telling someone like your partner that you feel this tingle suggests that they make you feel different from other people.


Usually this relates to a small and tasty piece of food but it can be used about people as well to convey how delicious you think they are.


If you titillate someone then you make them aroused. If someone titillates you then you are the one who feels desire.


If you get in a tizz it suggests nervous excitement. It can show how someone you care for is making you feel happiness almost beyond your control.


When you experience togetherness it suggests that both of you adore each other and can’t be apart.


Touching has two meanings. Physically touching someone which can be done with passion and desire. Alternatively finding something touching can mean you feel gratitude for what your partner may have done for you.


When someone is transcendent they are beyond everyday people and the norm. A great word of love that starts with a T.


To suggest someone you adore has helped change you in a positive way is a great way of expressing your feelings positively.


When we treasure someone it means that we don’t want to let them go. When you treasure your partner it means they are worth a lot to you.

Alternatively, show them you care by buying them real jewelry. This Love Letter necklace is something that they can cherish forever.


You get huge enjoyment and joy being with someone who is great. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way but for the purposes of this article think of using it in a loving way.

True Love

Your true love is the only person that you want to be with. It suggests that all the other people who have gone before were not in the same league as the one you love.


Trust is hugely important for a relationship. When you trust someone it means that you don’t believe they will hurt or harm you and don’t have to constantly check that they have your best interests at heart.


Yes a twinkle can be the blinking of a star but it can also mean a twinkle in the eye. In other words, the person you are thinking about brings you some sparkle and happiness.

T Words for Love

Hopefully, you have found this list of love words that start with T helpful and something that you could think of using when expressing your feelings verbally or in writing to people you love and care for. Be sure to reach some of my other articles containing different letters of the alphabet to expand your vocabulary.

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