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Manifestation Hypnosis – Using the Law of Attraction To Reach Your Goals

If you are a familiar reader with our blog then you will know that we specialise in using hypnosis in our therapy sessions to help our clients achieve their goals and change their mindset. In a way, all the work we do could be considered manifestation hypnosis because our clients want to create positive change and our hypnotherapy helps them to achieve this.

Hypnosis for those of you who don’t know is a deeply focused state of relaxation. You are never asleep in hypnosis, nor does the hypnotherapist ever control you whilst you are in trance but being in their comfortable mind zone does allow us access to a part of the mind called the subconscious.

The subconscious is a part of your mind that is normally hidden. It holds our memories and things we have learned from previous experiences. It works automatically in the background without you being consciously aware. It is an amazing part of your mind that works brilliantly in most cases however sometimes this part of your mind has learned something that isn’t quite right and this can cause anxieties or confidence issues.

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The Key to Manifestation is The Subconscious Mind

Manifestation hypnosis is simply a way of bypassing the conscious mind to access the subconscious mind to help it do something more helpful or productive for you in the future.

If you were not aware much of your subconscious mind, that is your automated thoughts and actions, is formed in early childhood. Once this part of your mind is working on autopilot it tends to continue doing the same thing again and again without you thinking about it. This is incredibly helpful if for example a part of your mind automatically wants to read something and enables you to do this easily. Yet it isn’t so helpful if that part of your mind learned as a child that cake comforts you and now keeps on making you eat as a coping mechanism.

The problem is that most of the time we are unaware that the subconscious is working away in the background. Therefore we get angry with ourselves when our conscious mind tells us to change bad habits or negative thoughts or actions because we don’t understand that the subconscious is working to another agenda.

Hypnosis can help you to find out what the subconscious mind is doing so that you can remove the limiting beliefs or retrain it to do something else. It also helps you to rationalize with your conscious mind to create a better understanding of why you are doing something. This enables you to make better conscious decisions.

Even self-hypnosis without a hypnotherapist can make a difference to your subconscious mind as it can help train your mind with suggestions to think in a different way.

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Self-Hypnosis and The Law of Attraction

One of the simplest ways that you can help change old unhelpful actions is to use self-hypnosis. You can either learn to do this yourself or even simpler purchase an audio download to use. Self-hypnosis usually involves positive suggestions and visualisations which are repeated regularly to help communicate alternative actions to the subconscious. If the self-hypnosis repetition is sufficient then it can help you to form new habits or behaviours that are more useful for you.

We sell plenty of self-hypnosis downloads in our online store to help our clients lose weight, sleep better, feel less anxious, or drink less. These all use the power of suggestion to give different messages to the subconscious mind for change. Hypnosis can help old outdated patterns of thinking by offering better alternative ways of thinking.

Manifestation hypnosis is occurring because you are setting an intention about what you want to do and practicing thinking differently every day with your self-hypnosis audio. Over time you start to notice that the old unhelpful behaviour or thoughts are now replaced with something more helpful. This is because you have retrained your subconscious mind to alter the old programs it was running.

Law of Attraction Hypnosis

Now of course whilst law of attraction self-hypnosis might be great for some people it won’t help everyone. This is because the automated subconscious reaction is too ingrained or that part of the mind is worried about what would happen if it were to let go of certain behaviour. This is where hypnotherapy can help you manifest.

Hypnosis can help you manifest and take things up a notch as when you are working directly with a trained hypnotherapist you can get help find out the root cause of your problem and overcome it. It can be difficult to find the root cause sometimes without accessing the subconscious mind.

If we look at typical manifestation hypnosis a client may arrive at our clinics and have a problem with a lack of confidence and anxiety. This problem is not only impacting their mental health but is also stopping them from achieving their potential. Their confidence issues could be stopping them from applying for better jobs, getting promotions, earning more money, or even setting up their own business.

Hypnotherapy can help you manifest as it helps you to understand why these issues or mental blocks were there and assist you in overcoming them. When the mental barriers come down and the anxiety is reduced this can be life-changing. We have had clients earning more, changing careers, moving countries, and doing things that previously seemed unobtainable for them.

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Money Manifestation Hypnosis

The common misconception with a manifestation hypnosis session is that a hypnotherapist places you in a trance, tells you that you will earn lots of money and a few days later it will fall into your lap. Sadly this isn’t the case.

Instead, a manifestation hypnosis session works by boosting your motivation, helping you stop procrastinating, increasing your focus, removing barriers to success, and making you more open to doing things to help yourself to become richer.

Most manifestation really requires you to take some action in order to gain something unless you happen to get lucky and someone leaves you money in a will or hands you money in the street. You need to put in some work to get something out. If however, you choose to do nothing the likelihood is that you can be dreaming about money forever without actually having any.

This is why we give our clients our Billionaire Mindset guided meditation to help them with money manifestation hypnosis. It focuses on reminding them how the super-rich are not wealthy because they do nothing but because they tend to take calculated risks and are resilient when things don’t go to plan. If you follow their traits then you are more likely to get some success as well.

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Manifestation Sleep Hypnosis

When it comes to sleep hypnosis and manifestation things work slightly differently. Clearly, people who suffer from insomnia have a desire to manifest sleep whenever they want. The problem is that hypnosis alone whilst helpful may not be enough alone to change your poor sleep hygiene habits.

We know that our guided meditation sleep hypnosis download does a great job of helping our client’s busy minds to drift off into first hypnosis and then usually into sleep if you are listening to it in bed. For many people with insomnia, this may be enough to do the trick and reset old sleep patterns. Use it for at least 30 days at night just as you are getting ready for sleep.

The problem is that if our clients use the self-hypnosis download and refuse to look at other lifestyle changes they may still have a problem. To illustrate this if you decide to work until 11 pm every night of the week and then try and fall asleep at 11.30 pm the chances are that your mind will be still so switched on that it won’t be able to drift easily into sleep.

Finish all your work by 7 pm and start winding down throughout the evening until bedtime and then use the audio and you will have a completely different result. Therefore manifestation hypnosis often involves simple lifestyle changes combined with the actual hypnosis itself.

To complicate matters sometimes the subconscious may not want to sleep because it has another agenda. One of our clients we discovered was trying to stay awake so that she was prepared to help anyone if there was danger. Twenty years previously she had been involved in a trauma where a car had ploughed through the front of her house. Being awake had enabled her to run and rescue her children from upstairs. Now a part of her mind was worried in case another disaster happened whilst she was asleep. It took direct one-to-one hypnosis to help her resolve that particular problem.

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Positive Manifestation Hypnosis

The whole point of the law of attraction is that you are doing something positive for yourself and your life. Positive manifestation hypnosis is nothing unusual it is just the by-product of typical hypnotherapy sessions.

By taking steps to do something about a problem you are actually moving on the path to something better. Positive results usually come through making life changes or controlling your thoughts instead of letting them control you. Manifestation hypnosis can help because it is a way of making those changes, particularly in the subconscious mind.

You can also use our Law of Attraction planner printables to help you consciously work on your goals. We always believe that combining different methods can help you to get results faster. Our printable worksheets are designed to help you place more attention to the goals that you want to manifest and grasp opportunities as they arise.

Our worksheets cover everything from diary sheets to manifestation affirmations and proactive steps you can take to make your dreams a reality. Get a copy to combine with your chosen audio and start using the law of attraction proactively to make a difference and create a life of abundance.

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