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51 Manifesting Journal Prompts To Harness the Law of Attraction

Are you looking to create your dream life but don’t know where to start? Manifesting journal prompts when used every day are a great way of helping you build a better life and harnessing the law of attraction.

Whilst many websites seem to suggest that the law of attraction is a simple matter of just thinking something and your heart’s desires will happen sadly that is far from the truth. The reality is that if you want to manifest your heart’s desires you need to take action in your life to make that happen.

Using a manifestation journal is one of the first methods you can use to understand more about your limiting beliefs and to plan your goals so that you get to where you want to be.

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Manifestation Journaling

If you have never heard of manifestation journals and how they should be used then you might be missing a piece of the law of attraction puzzle. They are a brilliant tool to help you shape your future and create plans and visualize the life your want.

A manifestation journal differs from a diary as you are not describing what is happening in your life now. Instead, you are writing down your dreams and plans for how you are going to achieve them. That might mean goal-setting, road maps, affirmations, habit tracking, creating new routines, and even time management.

Manifestation journaling is the ultimate tool to help you positively set intentions for the future. Manifestation Journal Prompts are designed to help you to write down what you want and need in your life. When you are able to understand what it is you want to manifest it makes it so much easier to start moving in the right direction to make that happen.manifesting journal prompts

Manifestation Journal Template

If you want a manifestation journal template to use to help you alter your life for the better then we have created a set of law of attraction planner sheets for you to use. These worksheets can help you to write down exactly what you want out of life and help you take opportunities to get there.

There are 24 printables and worksheets for you to use including:

  • A Worksheet With Manifestation Zones
  • A Weekly Planner Sheet
  • A Weekly Diary Page to Help Daily Manifestation
  • A Goals Worksheet
  • Affirmations to Help you Manifest
  • A Worksheet to Assist With Visualization
  • SMART Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Act As If Printable
  • A Worksheet to Help you Take Proactive Steps
  • A Gratitude List
  • An Opportunites Printable So You Can Take Advantage of Anything That Comes Your Way.

Our planner sheets have been created to help you use manifestation time and time again as you continue your journey to success. You can use our manifesting journal prompts as a tool to help you fill out your answers.


law of attraction planner pdf and Manifesting journal prompts

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How to Manifest With Journaling

So how on earth do you start to build your dream life by using a manifestation journal and the law of attraction?

Well, the journal is there to help you create clarity, understand negative feelings, reflect on your life and what you are doing and help you to create future growth. Basically, it is a tool to help you to succeed by creating action plans whether they are big or small.

Many manifestation journals aren’t just notebooks with lines on them for your to write and fill in. Instead some of the more sophisticated are filled with journal prompts, exercises, lists, and so on to help you create growth every day.

A good law of attraction journal helps you to focus, be positive, set your intentions, and take action to build your future. Manifestating journal prompts are simply questions that you need to take the time to answer to help you on your journey to success.

How to Start a Manifestation Journal

To start a manifestation journal purchase one of the amazing law of attraction planners that are on the market. Our favorite is Freedom Mastery Undated 12 Month Planner because it is cram-packed with tools to help you change your mindset and create success.

Manifesting Journal Prompts and Manifestation Journal

As it is not dated you can choose the time to start that works best for you. We suggest you pick a time in your life when you are free to devote your energy and resources to make things happen for you. The manifesting journal prompts are questions you can use to help you fill out the planner.

Consistency is the key to creating momentum and making positive changes. Therefore pick a time when you can fill it in or use the manifestation journal prompts to help you create new habits.

Freedom Mastery in particular has tools that you can use to get started and our attraction journal prompts are a great add-on to their planner.

Just remember that once a week or so go back over what you have written and take time for self-reflection. This will allow you to adjust your focus, remove negative habits and focus your energy on the elements that are working.

Scripting Your Life

When you are journaling for manifestation you are scripting your life. In other words writing details about the life you want, visualizing it, setting intentions, and then making that written lifestyle real.

Whilst some people may think the law of attraction and manifestation journaling sounds wacky it really isn’t and you only have to look at top sporting legends to see that they use similar techniques.

A top runner for example may set an intention that one day they would like to be good enough to be in the Olympics. They start to visualize what that would look like and what they would need to do to make it happen.

All potential Olympic Athletes use law of attraction techniques to propel them to success. For example, they will put in place a multitude of strategies to make a difference in their speed. This might involve help with their mindset, nutrition, equipment, or motivation to practice. By continually reflecting and improving on each element their times should get faster. This hopefully leads them to qualify for the games themselves.

They won’t just qualify for the games by thinking and hoping the universe would hand them a place. Instead, they made their inner desires happen through shifts in their thinking and hard work.

Journal prompts can help you achieve in the same way by helping you to plan the life that you want. Yes, you will have to take action to make things happen but that is what it takes to manifest a dream into reality.

Law of Attraction Journal Prompts

Manifesting journal prompts are just one piece in the puzzle when you want to reach your goals and dreams. By using the journaling prompts below you are being asked to carefully consider elements in your life from your reactions to money to any relationships you may have. By taking time to answer each of these questions you start to reveal what you want in your life and what you don’t thereby enabling you to alter your course.

Manifestation journal prompts are deliberately thought-provoking and challenging as they are designed to question your core beliefs and current reality. Left to our own devices many of us would stick to our comfort zones. Comfort zones are fine for a while but if you stay in them for too long they can also feel like a prison. Success often comes when you take some calculated risks to switch up your life.

A manifesting journal is designed to help you move from being too comfortable into areas where the action happens. You don’t earn more money by always playing it safe. You don’t get to lead a dream life by staying in the same job and not challenging yourself. Your thoughts put on paper in answer to the manifesting journal prompts are the catalyst for new ideas, dreams, relationships and careers.

Journal Prompts for Manifestation

Use our manifesting journal prompts to help you think about your life and what you want from it. Remember you can revisit any of these questions at a later date to help you as you grow and create more success.

What do you want to manifest?

What is your ideal job?

Where would you like to be located?

What is your ideal salary?

What habits are stopping me from getting to where I want to be?

What habits can I start to help me get nearer to what I want to manifest?

What things are holding you back from getting where you want to be?

What are you grateful for every day?

What do you have an abundance of?

What do you need more of?

What should you focus on right now to make the biggest difference?

How much money do you need to invest in yourself to get nearer to your goals?

What course could you take right now that would help you manifest a successful outcome?

What opportunities could you grab take right now that would make a difference?

Who do you know that can help you towards your goals?

What relationships do you need to let go of if you are to be successful?

What is your biggest limiting belief?

What inner feelings are stopping you from being free?

What coping mechanisms do you have for when things don’t go to plan?

What can you achieve in the next six months or year?

What would help you believe in yourself more?

What short-term goal could you set right now?

What stretch goal could you set for the next year?

How much money is enough?

What do you think is at the limit of your capabilities?

What could you do right now to manifest your goal if you were free to do anything you wanted.

What do you love doing more than anything else?

Are you happy with where you are in your life right now?

What affirmations could you use to create a positive mindset?

When do you have the most fun?

Give 3 examples of things you could achieve this year?

What is your ideal relationship?

What is your biggest desire?

Describe your ideal day.

Who do you love being with?

What does your dream life look like?

Do you have beliefs about money that are limiting your success?

What positive steps could you take to boost your health and energy?

What are you most grateful for?

What is free for you to use in your quest for a better life?

What is your biggest source of stress or anxiety right now?

Write down 10 things about yourself that make you a person who can achieve.

What is your Achilles heel?

What is your comfort zone and how can you move beyond it?

Who is your biggest inspiration and how can you use their traits to help you reach your dream?

What is your biggest motivation?

If money wasn’t important what would you be doing?

What are your best skills?

What are you most afraid to do?

How do you feel about change?

If you achieved your dream right now what would you do next?

More Manifestation Tools to Help Change Your Life

Manifesting journal prompts and law of attraction journals are just some of the tools that can help you to create a better life for yourself but there are other products that can also help.

The Magic of Manifesting is a great book on the topic that gives you more advanced tools to help you change your life. The idea behind the book is to remove your scarcity mindset and start to thrive.

manifesting journal prompts and manifestation books

Use a vision board kit to help you see your new life right in front of your eyes. This vision board kit is a fun way of seeing your ideas than just having them on paper.

Self-hypnosis for manifestation is something that we use all the time with our clients. We know that it is often old subconscious limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals. Self-hypnosis downloads such as our Billionaire Mindset mp3 can help to change subconscious thinking to something more positive and helpful.

Billionaire Mindset Wealth Meditation

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Weekly Planner Stickers can also help. Add them to your planner or manifestation journal and let the motivational quotes inspire you to take action. Surely everyone loves a sticker?

manifesting journal prompts and stickers

Finally Mindful Messages Positive Affirmation Cards are a great way of helping you to think differently about your situation. Pick a card each day and focus on the message it gives you to help you manifest your dreams. We use positive affirmations with our clients all the time to help them counteract old ways of thinking. They are also a great tool to help you relax and focus your mind which is what you need to do in order to be successful.

manifesting journal prompts and affirmations

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