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Mental Health Gifts

It can be hard to know what to buy people as presents at the best of times but what do you buy someone who has mental health issues? We have put together a list of mental health gifts to help you think of some suitable presents for friends or family members that will help them on their journey to well-being.

There are some fantastic ideas out there suitable for just about every budget that can assist with issues such as anxiety or depression. You just need to head on down the list and see what might be most suitable for your particular needs.

Remember that mental health gifts don’t necessarily cure the conditions but they do help to ease problems, provide comfort and create a little happiness when times are hard. You should certainly consider the gifts that you are giving depending on the time of year as well. Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts might involve cosy solutions to get people through the dark winter months whilst summer gifts for birthdays might involve presents that allow people to get outdoors in the open.

We have put a selection of the most suitable gifts we could find so that you can pick and choose depending on the season and time of year.

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Wellbeing Gifts – Candle

Candles can make great mental health gifts especially if they are scented with oils which are designed to promote wellbeing and assist with mood. An ordinary candle may smell ok but if you are picking for someone who needs a little extra help you are better off choosing something that uses premium essential oils.

This Wild Beautiful Free Candle is designed to help with stress relief, relaxation and sleep. Using lavender and vanilla its pure essential oils are safe for pets and children. It is also vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly plus 10% of profits are given to Elephant, Lion and Gorilla rescue sanctuaries. This is the perfect candle to give off a wonderful glow and aroma on a cold dark winter evening.

Mental Wellness Gifts – SAD Lamp

If you are looking for winter mental health gifts for a person who is suffering from depression then look no further than a SAD lamp. Seasonal affective disorder is caused by the low levels of light that we get in the winter months and can severely impact peoples moods. When someone is already suffering from depression this can have a detrimental impact on how they feel.

SAD lamps are the perfect solution to counteract this as when you sit in front of one your start to get the light you have been missing in the winter months. Even though SAD lamps are well known to help so many people don’t bother buying one which means they are the perfect gift item.

This Light Therapy Lamp is a great light that is compact and portable. With 10000 lux bright light therapy, it is perfect to use on gloomy or rainy days. Plus you can customize the brightness depending on what you need on that particular day. SAD Lamps are great for helping with seasonal depression and some sleep disorders.

Self-Care Gifts – Hooded Blanket

The AmyHomie sweatshirt blanket is a wellness gift designed specifically for the winter months. This comes in a range of colours to suit everyone’s tastes and is the perfect gift to help people feel warm, cosy and safe.

Mental health gifts don’t have to be complicated they just need to be suitable to make your friend or family member feel comfortable and secure. This blanket is great for when people just need to take some time out and just rest and recuperate.

Mental Health Bracelet

The Engraved Solocute Cuff Bangle Bracelet has an inspirational message which is perfect when you are giving someone a gift. The inspirational message on this particular bracelet reads “You are Braver than you believe Stronger than you seem and Smarter than you think.”

Buying a bracelet that helps to remind a person of their ability to weather a storm and come out the other side is a great idea as well as empowering. Sometimes we need a daily reminder of just what we are capable of.

This bracelet comes in one size only but it should fit most wrists.

Mental Health Gifts for Guys – Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Fitness Tracker is the perfect wellness gift for a guy. It has built-in GPS, activity and sleep tracking, it is water-resistant and can play music via Spotify. If you want to take it a step further you can upgrade to Fitbit premium and get access to at-home workouts, mindfulness exercises and sleep guidance.

It is well known that getting more exercise has a great positive impact on a person’s mental health. Anything, therefore, that encourages more activity should be welcomed. Mental health gifts that keep you physically and mentally healthy are doing two jobs in one which is a great bonus.

Mindful Gifts – Journals

The Law of Attraction Life Planner is an academic planner to increase productivity & happiness. This is an undated planner meaning you can start using it whenever you need to.  We love it because it has been created to help you change your life for the better and has a ton of amazing features not contained in a typical diary. Here are just some of the things that it contains:

  • Law of Attraction Roadmap
  • An Awareness and Self-Discovery Guide
  • Annual Goal Setting Guide
  • Fold-Out Vision Board
  • Strategy and Planning Guide
  • Weekly and Monthly Planning Overview
  • Monthly Reflection
  • Create a New Supportive Story

Mental health gifts that assist in providing focus and direction can be incredibly helpful for some people. As this acts as a diary and planner as well as helping mental health it opens up the owner to possibilities. They don’t have to use all the information in the planner so there is no pressure to do everything if they don’t want to but equally, it has a ton of extras should they desire to use them. This is the perfect practical gift.

Gifts for Anxiety – Books

Head on over to Amazon and you will find a huge number of books all of which could make perfect mental health gifts. You can choose books that are based on pure entertainment to simply interest a person and help them take their mind off any worries or fears. Alternatively, you could try and purchase a book that helps with the particular issue your friend or family may be experiencing.

We love the Wellbeing Journal which has been created with the help of the mental health charity Mind. It is a book full of activities such as quotes, colouring, drawing prompts and space to write down thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Therapeutic Gifts Ideas – Crystals

This Crystals and Healing Stones Set is perfect for a friend who is interested in alternative healing and energy. It has five beautiful crystals including clear quartz, amethyst, tiger eye, rose quartz and black obsidian.

The idea behind these crystals is to raise positive vibrations naturally by re-calibrating your chakras and mind. This helps to rebalance a person physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is said that crystals have healing properties and these particular crystals serve different purposes.

  • Obsidian to clear negative energy
  • Tigers Eye for positivity and optimism
  • Rose Quartz to pull love closer
  • Clear Quartz turns negative energy into positive
  • Amethyst to keep the body balanced

They also look beautiful when arranged on a shelf which may be helpful enough for most people.

Gifts for Anxiety and Depression – Jewellery

Labradorite Pendant Rose Gold Plated is a great crystal to help with anxiety and depression. What’s not to love about jewellery especially if there is an additional purpose to the present.

This is a beautiful necklace that would look great with any outfit with its classic teardrop design. Labradorite is supposedly the stone of transformation and is supposed to banish fear and insecurities and strengthen faith in the self and trust in the universe.

Anxiety Relief Gifts – Affirmation Cards

Finally what about Sunny Present Less Anxiety Affirmation Cards?  These are a great present that don’t break the bank and are designed to help with stress and anxiety.

Just pick a card and take your time to look and reflect on the message. You can also write down your thoughts in a diary or journal to help with mindfulness.

The idea behind the cards is to use them when you simply don’t have the time to do a full mindfulness exercise. These give you some comforting words and help you feel more tranquil.


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