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Mindful Gifts To Help Wellbeing

When it comes to gifts relating to well-being we love to help our clients choose products that can make a difference. Mindful gifts are a great way of doing this as they can help to change the way people feel. Mindfulness is already well known for improving anxiety or depression but it can also be used to help with everything from food to exercise.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite mindful gifts which we believe can increase happiness and also change old thought patterns and behaviours which no longer serve a purpose. Altering outdated thinking can be key to creating feelings of positivity and good mental health.

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Mindful Presents – Books

Mindfulness books are a great starter present and an introduction into the practice. Getting a grounding in how mindfulness works and what you need to do in practice is usually helpful before you start moving on to more complex techniques.

Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sockolov is a fantastic book on the subject and has 75 different exercises that people can use to help create feelings of calm and relaxation. Some of these exercises are short and last for five minutes whilst others last for twenty-five minutes.

The book contains information on what mindfulness is and how it can help. Advice on how to handle your thoughts as well as methods to ground yourself.


Mindfulness Cards

If a book is too much for your mindfulness cards are a great simple present. This set is simple and easy to carry around plus the design looks amazing.

This particular set has 50 different mindfulness practices that can be used. They are also color-coded into different categories depending on what people are looking for. This could be rest and balance, insight and awareness, curiosity and joy as well as kindness. The pack also has eight blank cards that can be personalised to your tastes.

Don’t forget that mindfulness is a great tool to use with children as well. This Mindful Kids card set contains 50 mindfulness games for them to play. This can help children to feel calm, grounded and to improve their focus. Plus hopefully, they will have some fun at the same time.

Mindfulness Gifts

So what products can you give your friends and family this year that can help to make a difference? Here are our top picks that we believe can help to change your mood, alter unhelpful behaviours and make you more mindful in the future.

Indoor Kinetic Sculptures can make great mindful gifts and there are styles to suit just about everyone’s tastes and budgets. Mindfulness involves the art of stopping the mind worrying about the future or thinking about the past and instead asks you to focus your mind on the present. Kinetic sculptures are a great way of helping you to do this by concentrating on the moment. We love the Atellani Square Wave Horizon in stainless steel that is perfect to place on your desktop.

If you want something slightly bigger and suitable for outdoors then The Standwood Kinetic Copper Wind Spinner takes things to a different level. This is a gorgeous sculpture that would look amazing in any garden. Practising mindfulness outside can also enhance the mental health benefits as you are out in nature.

Mindful Painting Activities

Mindful painting is a great activity to help concentrate the mind into doing something positive in the present. Art is a therapy in itself and when it helps you to express your feelings but occupy your mind it can be a perfect mindful gift. To get yourself started why not read Paint Yourself Positive by Jean Haines. This book is designed for beginners as well as artists and helps you to reduce stress and increase positivity.

Of course, in order to practice the mindful painting, you need the tools to help. This U. S art supply 60 piece Acrylic painting set would make a great present for someone just starting out. It has an aluminium easel, paints, pads, canvas panels, brushes and palette knives.

U.S Art Supply 60-Piece Deluxe Acrylic Painting Set with Aluminum Tabletop Easel, 24 Acrylic Colors, Acrylic Painting Pad, Stretched & Canvas Panels, Brushes & Palette Knives.

If you feel that painting something from the very beginning is too complex for you then how about mindful coloring? Adult colouring books are all the rage and are used to help reduce stress and anxiety. Even Ozzy Osbourne uses them! This Adult Coloring book is a bestseller and includes designs including animals, mandalas, flowers and paisley patterns.

Zen Garden

This Zen garden is not just a great mindful gift but a gorgeous item that wouldn’t look out of place even in the most stylish home.

Zen gardens are perfect for mindfulness and this one helps to awaken a number of senses. In fact it is another form of art therapy. You can hear the sand as you rake it and create patterns that stimulate your sight. There is also an Agarwood incense kit included in the pack so you can also start to smell the aromas.

Place the item on your desk or in a place in your home where you can use it every day to switch off and relax.

Meditation Cushion

Some mindfulness techniques can be done whilst you are active and doing something whilst others require you to sit and reflect. If you are looking for a present to help someone do the latter then this Unique Wellness BuckWheat Meditation Cushion is perfect.

The great thing about this product is that it doesn’t just have to be used for mindfulness or meditation it is also a great little cushion to chill out on and relax. Plus it is portable and comes with its own bag to allow you to carry it around.

You can even adjust the height and firmness of the cushion so you can personalise it to your tastest. Oh, and it smells of lavender and it is machine washable so this makes it super practical.

Mindful Journal

Journaling is a great way to help your mental health. It allows you to reflect on your life and your thoughts and helps you to consider doing things differently.

This Mindfulness Journal has 365 writing prompts which are split into 52 weekly mindfulness topics. The writers believe these are fun and engaging and can help you appreciate the world around you. You are also given space to write your own reflections to increase awareness. Journals are a great mindful gifts to give especially when you are on a budget.

Mindful Walking

When you are buying mindful gifts consider the interests of the person concerned. If they are an outdoors person and love to walk and be out in nature this is a great guide to help with mindful walking.

The practise of mindful walking creates greater physical as well as spiritual awareness plus it can improve your general mental health. This Mindful Thoughts for Walkers book has 25 different meditations on walking including how to take time out to breathe or find your rhythm as well as walking with others. It can be used either in the city or the country so it is perfect for just about everyone. The author Adam Ford has a series of other books in the series including one for runners and gardeners so you can tailor your gift to the person you are buying for.

The Now Watch

Mindful gifts are all about being present in the moment rather than allowing your mind to be caught up worrying about the future or the past. This Now Watch serves as a great reminder to stay in the moment rather than being caught up elsewhere. Use it to remind yourself to take time out and appreciate what you have when you look at it.

This is a relatively simple idea but really clever. Plus the actual device is also a watch that can be used on a daily basis to tell the time.

Mindful Jewellery

You probably never thought about mindful gifts including jewellery but in fact, there are some great pieces on the market that can help with anxiety and stress relief.

The LOVETUner 528 hz meditation tuning necklace is an example of an innovative design that is perfect for mindfulness practice. By using the tuning necklace your device can help to increase feelings of calm and increase your lung volume. It is also a great device to help you to breathe correctly which can have a relaxing effect as well as improving wellbeing. This is a beautiful portable sound healing system that you can wear wherever you go. Plus it comes in a large array of designs to suit your taste.

Calming the Mind With Scent

Our final mindful gift is the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser which is a beautiful looking aromatherapy diffuser that works in even the most stylish of homes. It comes in four different colours and is made of porcelain. All you need to do it put 10-20 drops of essential oil into the device and you will get 3 hours of continuous use or 7 hours if you choose an intermittent setting. This is the perfect device to turn on and practise mindfulness exercises with relating to either smell or to help you focus when meditating. Oh, and of course you can just use it to make your home smell wonderful.

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