money mindset journal prompts

Money Mindset Journal Prompts

Do you have a money mindset or are you a person who has always had a problematic relationship with knowing your worth or earning what you deserve? Our financial beliefs are often set up in our formative years and if you never question the way you think unhelpful thought patterns can linger and cause problems to your future personal finance goals. Our money mindset journal prompts have been created to help you examine and shift your beliefs to something more helpful so that you learn to remove limiting beliefs and create financial success.

The reality is that some people have an abundance mindset which helps them believe that they deserve to earn good money and live a great lifestyle. Their belief system means that they go out and do what it takes to make sure they are financially secure and are able to spend what they need to make themselves comfortable. Their relationship with money doesn’t make them feel guilty and helps to create a strong financial situation.

Yet others have a scarcity mindset and doubts about whether they are worthy or even capable of earning more. These negative thoughts and limiting beliefs stop them from pursuing opportunities that could help them create a life where money is more freely available.

Our money mindset journal prompts have been created to help you explore your beliefs and shift your thinking to a more positive way of thinking so that you can reach your financial goals.

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money mindset journal prompts

Mindset Journaling

Mindset journaling is a way of taking the thoughts that might be swirling around in your mind and placing them down on paper so that they can be examined, questioned and addressed where necessary. In many cases, you may not even be aware that you have certain thoughts and beliefs because they are so ingrained. Seeing them written down makes them more obvious and allows you to work on changing the ones you don’t like.

Mindset journaling can be used for everything from helping self-esteem and confidence to dealing with anxiety. These money mindset journal prompts however have been created to help you write down thoughts related to your finances, business and money.

Journaling prompts related to money can help you to look at your saving and spending habits, and your investments as well as help you with budgeting. When you start to track how you are spending you can review your finances and create a more healthy relationship with money.

You can purchase a journal to help you track your money habits relatively easily. There are some great ones available to help with everything from budgeting to goal setting. The Clever Fox Budget Planner Pro is the ultimate journal, diary and finance tracker on the market. It has pages for goal setting, expenses, bills, monthly budgeting and even sections for Christmas finances. This can help you to take control of your bank account and understand your financial situation.


Writing Prompts About Money

Our journal prompts about money can help you understand and examine your beliefs about money, business, and wealth.

Writing answers to the prompts can enable you to see whether you have an abundance attitude or one that is far more cautious. When you look at your values, fear, emotions and dreams you can begin to understand more about your life. Do you have money stress because of the limitations that you put on yourself? Are those limitations stopping money flowing into your life?

Just because you are taught a certain mindset regarding money doesn’t however mean that you can’t change those thoughts and your life. Remember that what you write in response to the journaling prompts helps you to see what areas you need to work on to make things easier for yourself where money is concerned. They are there to help you build awareness of your financial life so that you can take back control.

When you start to change old money blocks you can start to create financial abundance in your life.

You can also use our Billionaire Affirmations to help you as well. Download our totally free PDF file below and start using them daily.

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What Do You Write in a Money Mindset Journal?

A money mindset journal is a tool to help you take a closer look at your life in relation to your money and mindset. The journal can be used to monitor what you are doing, your innermost thoughts and beliefs as well as spending and saving habits. Using one regularly can help you on your journey to financial freedom.

A financial journal is a way of getting to know yourself better to see if you have healthy money habits or whether your life is being hampered by your thoughts about your monetary situation. Having an abundant mindset certainly can help when you need to acquire more money.

One of the things you could ask yourself in the journal is do you have any fears about money? Do you get money and immediately spend it? Do you believe that you are not worthy of earning more? Are you becoming more financially secure or are you frittering away your hard earned cash on things that you don’t need?

When you start to examine your spending and saving habits as well as your earning potential it makes you realize that there are alternative ways of doing things. The journal can then be used to experiment with alternative thought processes and habits to make a difference.

The key is changing your money story so that you change your financial situation for the better. When you understand that you can start to increase your bank account by taking control it can be a real eye-opener.

For more in-depth information on the subject read Creating Money: Attracting Abundance to see what else you can do to bring prosperity into your life.

Self-Hypnosis for a Money Mindset

Just as writing prompts can be used to help change your mindset around money so can self-hypnosis. This is a way of retraining your subconscious mind to think differently and focus on acting differently to attract the life that you want. Money mindset hypnosis uses positive affirmations and suggestions to help you alter unhelpful thinking patterns about money so you can increase financial abundance.

We have a Billionaire Mindset self-hypnosis download that we give to our clients to get them to think in the same way as the uber-rich. Most ultra-wealthy people act differently from the average person and that is what makes them successful. They are more likely to take risks, focus on a job that is their life and be resilient when things go wrong. When you start to apply the same strategies you can change bad money habits and attract abundance.

You can purchase the download from our online store and start using it daily to learn to think differently.

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How to Use Money Mindset Journal Prompts

So how can you use money mindset journal prompts to help change your life? Well, think of journal prompts as a starting point to inspire you to write about certain topics. Without these prompts, it can be harder to think about what you should put in your journal in order to create change.

Think of the prompts as tips or ideas that allow you to dig deep into your thoughts and beliefs to allow you to search for answers to issues or sticking points.

In the case of financial journal prompts, they are designed to specifically prompt you to think about your attitude and beliefs regarding money and wealth. By answering the prompts in a journal it can help you to practice manifestation through awareness and eventually action for change.

Journaling About Money

Journaling about money can seem strange to some people especially if they believe that talking about wealth is a taboo subject that is off-limits. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor there are social stigmas about focusing on money as it is seen as crass or the height of bad taste.

We want the users of our money mindset journal prompts to get over these emotions because without money your life is going to be significantly harder.

Making shifts in your thinking is important because it is important that you are paid what you are worth. It is essential that you can afford to live a life without worrying about every penny. It is good to have the resources you need to be able to afford to live your life in a way you want to and journaling to create abundant thinking can help you to get to this place.

Law of Attraction – Abundance Exercise

Think of our money mindset journal prompts as an abundance exercise. They are questions that are designed to challenge you and question what you currently believe around money. There are no right or wrong answers instead when you write the answers you should begin to see a clearer picture of where you are financially and where you might be going without altering your behaviour.

The prompts help you avoid taking the ostrich with its head in the sand approach which is to do nothing. You are never going to manifest your dream life by ignoring what you do with your money. Earning and attracting more money requires some effort as well as a strategy to make that happen.

Hopefully on money manifestation prompts can help you to search for better ways of managing your money which should lead an abundant life that most people crave.

Remember you don’t need to answer all our money attraction prompts at once. Instead, every day get your journal out and really concentrate on answering a few at a time. That way you are more likely to give in-depth and considered answers. Rome wasn’t built in a day so there is no need to rush through them just create a plan to be consistent so that you get the information you need.

Remember that you can use our law of attraction planner worksheets in conjunction with the writing prompts to focus on creating the life that you want.

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Abundance Journal Prompts

How much money do you need each month in order to cover your basic outgoings?

What would be a good income each month to make you comfortable?

What amount of money each month would make you feel rich?

What was your parent’s attitude to money?

What is your biggest money worry?

How much do you save each month (if anything)?

How many people do you know who are rich?

What side hustle could you start to earn extra money?

What positive money habits could you put in place to increase your wealth?

Can you picture yourself as a super-rich person? What does that feel like?

Describe your dream life and how much money it would take to get you to that point?

Do you believe you are worthy of more money?

What is the biggest block in your life preventing you from earning more?

What action could you take right now to get more money this week?

What advice would you give your younger self about money?

What is your biggest fear about your financial future?

Is your current career likely to give you financial freedom?

Have you ever thought about setting up your own business?

Do you have an emergency fund you can use if something unexpected happens?

What are your dreams and do you have enough money to follow them?

How would your life change if you earned double what you do?

Does your job pay you enough?

Do you have a pensions savings plan?

What investments do you have?

Have you ever bought stocks or shares?

Do you own a property?

What limiting beliefs do you have about money?

Do you budget to stay on track with your cash?

Write down some financial goals you can work towards.

What lessons from the past have you learned about money?

Have you ever used affirmations for finances?

Describe your biggest monetary success.

What would make you more confident with money and financial planning?

What tips would you love to learn about wealth creation?

Are you a spender or a saver?

Do you spend time discussing your finances with your partner, family or friends?

What is your dream salary?

Do you feel it is your job to earn more money?

Where do you see yourself financially in five years time?

At what age would you like to retire?

Do you see yourself working with your family to create abundance or is it a solo activity?

How do you feel when you see your contemporaries living in abundance?

What does abundance mean to you?

How could you manifest money today?

What exactly is enough money?

Do you practice what you preach when it comes to money and saving?

What financial advice would you give to your younger self?

What would be a good abundance habit to use every day?

Think of five creative ways you could make more money this year.

Who could support you on your way to financial freedom?

Are you deserving of a better lifestyle?

Who could lead you to better money habits?

Are there any problems you can think of from living a life of abundance?

When was the last time you felt that money was in abundance?

Have you ever helped others to make money?

Would others around you would be happy if your life was abundant?

What would make you more motivated to create an abundant lifestyle?

What does being prosperous mean to you?

Do you believe that some people have too much money?

Does money make you happy?

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