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Morning Manifestation Routines and Rituals To Improve Your Life

Are you a person with a plan or do you tend to just go with the flow and see what happens? If you are the latter then you might want to think again because people with a plan are more likely to get what they want and manifest their dreams into reality. Our morning manifestation routines and rituals can help you stop being someone who is stumbling around in the dark and become a person who can manifest success just by changing your mindset and habits.

The truth is that when you have a morning routine, a plan of action or a way of creating focus and structure to your life you are going to transform what you do and what you can achieve. A life management plan doesn’t just help you with manifesting your dreams it also helps your health, well-being, relationships, career and so much more. What’s not to love about that?

So what do you need to do?

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How to Manifest a Morning Routine

In order to create a morning manifestation routine, you need to start creating order out of chaos. That means no more lying in bed festering and then running into the shower well after you should have been up and ready. Instead, you need to think about your life and what you want from it and start planning some things that you could do in the morning to make your life better.

It is super easy to plod on making the same mistakes or following the same bad habits day after day but they aren’t going to help you make more money or feel healthier. That means you need to set intentions that are going to help you to create the life and lifestyle that you want.

So step one in this process is to buy yourself a law of attraction planner and start to write down your hopes and dreams and think about what steps are going to help you get to where you want to be. You can use our tips and strategies to help you create success that we have outlined further on in this post.

Is it Better to Manifest In the Morning Or At Night?

The reality is that there is no perfect time for you to manifest as it depends on you and your schedule. If you only have free time to do things in the evening or through the day then that is fine, use that time to plan what you want.

We are primarily talking about morning manifestation routines because there are so many ways you can make the start of your day more productive. We know that many of our clients complain that they aren’t where they want to be with their lives however if they started to follow some basic strategies for success they would be further forward.

How Can I Practice Manifestation Every Day?

In order to practice manifestation every day, there are three simple things that you can do to make things easier for yourself.

  1. Plan
  2. Create a New Habit
  3. Manage Your Time

Planning helps you with your morning manifestation routine because it creates a structure for you to follow. When you know what you are going to be doing and when it creates focus and helps to start your day the right way.

Make your manifestation a new habit. Write it in your diary so that you have fixed when it will take place. Set your alarm and jump straight out of bed when it goes off. Eliminate procrastination and start taking action to make the law of attraction work for you.

Finally, manage your time. Get up a little earlier so that you have time to journal, meditate or practice your affirmations. They will never happen if you are rushing so allocate the space in your life for you to follow through every morning.

morning manifestation

Manifest Your Day

So what can you do in a morning manifestation routine to help you get more out of your life and help you to create a growth mindset?

We are going to outline some simple steps you can take to raise your vibration and create a winning attitude to help you feel happier and healthier. Oh and believe it or not it all starts with what you do the night before.

The reality is if you want to start manifesting today you need to have planned for it yesterday. As an example, if you go to bed really late and party hard there is no way you are going to want to do anything the next morning. What you do the night before has consequences.

Start your road to manifestation success by going to bed at a reasonable time and before you go to bed make sure you have done the preparation you need. That means getting your clothes ready, having good nutritious food in the house for breakfast, and generally being organized so that you don’t spend the following morning running around trying to do things at the last minute.

Then set your alarm for the next morning to wake you up preferably well before you need to be out at work or college. If possible think about getting a sunrise alarm clock to wake you up more gently and naturally than a typical alarm. We love the Philips Smart Sleep Sunrise and Sunset Simulation Alarm which also has nature sounds, an FM radio, and a reading lamp.

Never underestimate the power of sleep. A good night’s sleep means that you focus and concentrate better, your immune system has a boost and your feel calmer and happier. Sleep has a restorative impact that helps you to take care of your emotional well-being and therefore your mental health.

Daily Manifestation

If you follow a good night routine and prioritize your sleep you should wake up naturally and full of energy when your sunrise alarm clock starts to brighten. When you wake up open up your curtains and start to allow sunlight into the room as that will help to kick your body into action and help you think about starting your day. Now you can think about starting your morning manifestation routine.

When you are feeling ready start the day by practicing some gratitude. Start to run through some things that you are grateful for to help you have a positive mindset as soon as you wake.

You can take a look at our affirmations for gratitude as they can set you up for a positive day. The energy we start the day with has an impact on what happens for the rest of the day so expressing gratitude and thinking about the amazing things that you have in your life is a great way of manifesting more positivity later on.

Raise Your Morning Vibration

To continue those wonderful feel-good feelings think about hydrating after the previous night’s sleep. Remember you have hours without water so now is a perfect time to rehydrate your body. Drinking water first thing is also supposed to aid digestion so it makes sense to take the time to do this before any breakfast.

If you want feel free to add lemon to the water which is supposed to help flush out any toxins.

Now you should be ready to either do some gentle stretching or yoga to help you move your body. This doesn’t have to be a full session but rather a ten to a fifteen-minute routine where you start to help your body to reset after a good night’s sleep.

Yoga is supposed to help with everything from flexibility to strength so it is a great exercise to help keep your body healthy without putting too much stress on your joints. It is also known to help with stress and anxiety so that is great at helping you to feel calm and relaxed.

It is also worth mentioning that yoga helps to give you energy and get you ready to focus on what you want to achieve during that day. As exercise goes it is one of the best to use as part of your morning manifestation routine.

A good yoga set isn’t expensive to buy and it is an exercise that is something that most people can do young or old. This Clever Yoga Set is a great entry-level product for you to buy.

Daily Law of Attraction

Now that you have woken up and hydrated the next part of your morning routine can begin. Next, have a shower which can help you to feel more alive and raring to go. A cold shower in particular can have major health benefits as they are supposed to increase circulation and help produce endorphins.

If a cold shower sounds like too much for you wake yourself by using an invigorating aromatherapy shower gel. Jo Malone Lime, Basil and Mandarin hand and body wash has a great wake-up scent to fill you with energy to start your day.

Once you have finished showering get ready to start one of the most important steps in the morning routine and that is practising affirmations for success and motivation, meditating, or journaling to help you reach your goals.

Morning Affirmations

Whilst yoga, hydrating, and showering are great at helping you to wake up and look after your body they are not going to help you with manifesting your dream life. In order to do that you need to start to think differently and take positive action to make things happen. That is why the next elements are so important for you to do as part of your morning manifestation routine.

Of course, time is going to dictate what you do next but try at least to be consistent and choose one of the following activities to help you create abundance and reach your goals.

The first is using positive affirmations to help you to help alter the way that your subconscious mind thinks. Affirmations are positive statements said with energy that can help you create new beliefs and remove negative thinking patterns that are a hangover from your past.

We have a wide range of Affirmations that you use throughout our blog but some of our favorites are:

Affirmations for Happiness and Success

Positive Affirmations for Work

Affirmations for Money and Abundance

Choose a few affirmations to concentrate on and then use them throughout the day to help shift your mindset and change your life. If you want to multi-task you can start repeating the affirmations as you having breakfast. If you prefer to use positive affirmation cards then there are some great ones on Amazon.

These Magic Morning Affirmations Cards have 50 motivational messages for you to use.

Law of Attraction Morning Meditation

If you have time then there is another great tool to help you which is practicing the law of attraction morning meditations. Meditation is a brilliant tool to help you not only manage your mental health but to assist you with focus so that you can hone in on what you want.

When you meditate you are going to find that you are actively practicing getting your stress levels lower which helps you to make calmer decisions in your life going forward.

Morning meditation can also be used to help you think about where you are now and what you want out of life. Positive visualization can also be used as that helps you to tap into your imagination to come up with creative solutions to help you move forward and build your dream life.

How much time you have will obviously dictate the length of your meditation. Many people are happy just to spend ten minutes conducting a manifestation at the start of the day. If you have longer you can use our self-hypnosis meditation audios to help you train your subconscious brain to do things differently.

Positive Thinking Self Hypnosis

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Morning Journaling and Planning

Finally, another great morning routine element is journaling. If you have already bought a law of attraction planner then this is a great way to start using it to the max. Journaling. We also have created a set of Law of Attraction Printables to help you reach your goals. This set can be printed out and used, again and again, to help you start manifesting your desires.

law of attraction planner pdf

Get The PDF

Our law of attraction planner or journaling printables have worksheets to help you with:

  • Weekly Plans and Goals
  • Diary Sheets with Intentions for the Day
  • Manifestation Sheets to Help You Take Positive Action
  • Smart Goals Sheets
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Act as if Worksheet
  • Proactive Steps Exercise
  • Opportunities Worksheet

You don’t have to use the whole set of sheets every day as part of your morning routine but you can start to one or two planner sheets to help you journal what you want to achieve and write down how you are going to get there.

Your goals are just the first step in making things happen but remember the key to success is actually implementing what you have written. Actions speak louder than words so if you want to achieve great things you need to start writing down what they are and what you are going to do to make them happen.

Benefits of a Morning Routine

Our morning manifestation suggestions aren’t there just as a ritual without any purpose they are there to help you to achieve success and change your life. Instead of living a life where you don’t have any pattern or structure, you can now start to build one which helps you to be more productive and makes you focus on manifesting what you want.

There are huge benefits to creating a morning routine and using one can be transformative and life-changing.

When you use a morning routine you are helping yourself by:

Increasing Productivity – When you put in place a laser focus approach to your life it will pay dividends over time.

Better Habits – Routines help you to build new positive habits which can make you happier and healthier.

Positive Start – When you follow this routine each day begins with a positive new start. That alters your mindset to one that is happier and more able to create abundance.

Boost Energy Levels – There are great health benefits from following a routine especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. That extra energy will help you to do so much more throughout the day.

Lower Stress – Your stress levels will also be lower because you will have given yourself time to do what you need to do rather than racing around in a panic every morning.

Why not try our morning manifestation routines for yourself and see what results you get. You are probably going to be amazed at how much more you get done and what you can achieve when you set yourself up for success.

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