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New Year Fresh Start 2023

New Year Fresh Start is certainly what 2021 is going to be all about. If ever there was a year that we want to see the back of it is 2020. Coronavirus has certainly rocked everyone’s world over the past 9 months but as ever the human race is resilient and is ready to enter the New Year ever hopeful that the coming months will be different.

How to Start the New Year Off Right

Yet no matter how bad or good a year you have had any New Year is always a time for reflection. New Year Fresh Start is the saying that goes through so many peoples minds on January 1st as people think about what they want to change in their lives.

New Years Resolutions obviously are a huge deal for many as they are a wish list of what we would like to happen over the coming year. Yet most people pluck their ideas out of thin air and don’t really put much thought into how they are going to work. This is why most people barely last the month of January following their new intentions.

Things to Start in the New Year

We thought we would discuss what we believe is essential if you want to make your New Year Fresh Start a success rather than a resounding flop.

We also want you to consider focusing on your life as a whole rather than narrowing down all your efforts into just one or two things. This is because the issues that we experience are usually interlinked. As an example, we may eat more food if we are stressed or tired. Work on the stress and tiredness and you may eat less (diets never look at this part instead they just make you calorie count).

So what can you do this New Year to feel happier, healthier and wealthier? Well here are our top tips to make this coming year one of your best ever.

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Fresh Starts by Cleaning and Organising

The idea of a New Year Fresh Start probably stems from the tradition of cleaning out your house before the next year begins. Traditionally it was thought of as bad luck to have old unhelpful items hanging around as they might “infect” the new one.

Now whilst we are not a great believer in old wives tales we certainly can get on board with cleaning and organising as a great place to start your New Year. Nobody can focus their effort on making themselves better whilst they are trying to contend with a mound of cleaning or disorganised cupboards, shelves and rooms.

Organise a day or two at the end of the year to start cleaning your life up and organising your belongings so you know where everything is. Watch The Home Edit on Netflix or buy their best selling organisation book to show you what you need to do. Buy containers such as these Mdesign Plastic Storage Containers to clean up your clutter. There is nothing more satisfying than starting the New Year without distractions.

How to Start a New Year – Let it Go

Next have a think about the bad habits, bad relationships and problems that you want to let go of when you have your New Year Fresh Start.

We have helped thousands of people to let go of bad habits. Our clients want to stop gambling, quit smoking and drink less. You can do the same. You can use self-help methods to see if you can do it on your own or alternatively you can see someone like ourselves to guide you to better habits.

Our best seller for 2020 was our drink less printables and drink less self-hypnosis download.

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As well as getting rid of bad habits it is also the perfect time for you to take stock of relationships, friendships, work and much more over the coming months. If something isn’t working for you resolve to change it. There is never any need to prolong things that aren’t working for you. UnFu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop gives you some tough love in his book to empower you to create change and alter your life for the better.

Every Day is a Fresh Start – Start to Plan

So you’ve cleared out your clutter, reevaluated what is working and what isn’t so what do you do next? Well, you need to start making plans. Having vague ideas about what you want to do or where you want to go isn’t going to help. Now is the time to get into the detail of what you need to do and how precisely you are going to make that happen.

This is why we created our Law of Attraction Planner Printable sheets to help. Contrary to popular belief the Law of Attraction doesn’t mean sitting down and wishing things would happen without taking action. You actually have to work at getting to where you want to be.

Our printable PDF planner sheets help you manifest your dream life but making you think about creating opportunities. Our sheets have daily diary worksheets to fill out, a SMART goals printable, a proactive steps worksheet and much more. Just make sure that you start to use the planner daily to make the coming year work for you.

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Starting Afresh – Prioritise Sleep

Do you believe that sleep is for the weak? Have you been running on empty for the past year because you have been getting away with too little sleep?

Too many people think of sleep as almost an afterthought. They know they need it but try and get away with having as little as possible in favour of trying to cram too many other things into their day. There are currently millions of people right now walking around sleep-deprived.

Now if this was helpful in any way we wouldn’t have a problem but a lack of sleep has big consequences. It makes you eat and drink more, it makes it harder for you to concentrate, it impacts your immune system, it makes you more irritable and it pushes your anxiety and stress levels higher.

If there is one thing that you need to do this year it is to get a good night’s rest. Learn to become a sleepyhead with our top products to help. Or listen to our sleep hypnosis download to switch off your busy brain. Remember that your performance levels actually rise when you get a good nights sleep so think what you could really achieve in the coming year if you changed this one bad habit.

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How to Start a New Year – Get Healthy

There is no point in setting goals about where you want to be and what you want to do if you don’t start thinking about your health as well. A New Year Fresh Start means making sure you do everything you can to be as healthy as possible over the coming year.

The problem is that too many people try and attempt a huge overhaul rather than changing their bad habits one at a time. Saying to yourself I am going to run five miles a day and stop eating sugar is likely to be unrealistic. You are better thinking about doing things in a slightly different way.

Atomic Habits by James Clear looks at how small changes can actually end up having a much bigger impact on your life than unsustainable efforts. He also helps you to create systems that set you up for success rather than failure. This is the perfect book to read when you want to create new healthier habits for his New Year.

Think about how you can start making changes to your old habits around exercise and eating to increase your physical health. If you are going to start a new exercise program choose something that is sustainable and something that you actually like. There is no point in promising yourself you are going to go running every day if you hate the idea of it.

New Year Reboot – Look After Your Mental Health

Your physical health is of course hugely important but so is your mental health. We know that suffering from anxiety or depression can be just as debilitating as a physical illness so creating good mental health also needs to be a priority for the coming year.

We have already talked about how sleep is important to both your physical and mental health but what else can you do? We believe that our clients should:

If you want something really simple and easy to do to help create good mental health then start listening to a guided meditation every day to lower your stress levels. Our relaxation and stress reduction audio has helped thousands of people to feel calmer. Resolve to use this three or four times a week to make a difference in how you feel.

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How to Start Fresh – Learn New Skills

A New Year New Start often means learning new skills to take you where you want to be. What do you need to learn in order to reach your goals over the coming year?

It is never too late to start to learn something new. The internet is bursting with online courses to help you with everything from sewing to starting your own business. Never look for ones that are the cheapest. Instead, seek out the ones that give you the best skills and have proven results.

You can also head on over to Amazon and pick up some books to make a difference. We like How to Set up Your Own Business for under £1000. Remember investing in yourself is one of the best investments you can make and is never wasted money.

New Year New Habits – Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are such an easy thing to do and can make a big difference for relatively little effort. All you need to do is find some affirmations that speak to you and then you need to start using them a few times a day to visualise what you want and where you want to be.

Positive affirmations are used by elite athletes all the time and they certainly wouldn’t be using them if they didn’t believe they were worthwhile. You can use the exact same affirmations to reach your goals, change your habits and feel more positive.

Have a look at our affirmations for confidence and success or our affirmations for money and abundance to get you started.

How to Start the New Year Right – Do What Makes You Happy

Finally last but not least thing about making this coming year one that focuses on your happiness. A New Year Fresh Start is fantastic but not if it makes you feel stressed, upset or anxious. Being happy is a wonderful thing to focus on and when you do that you can’t go too far wrong.

Also, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get everything right in January. It is ok to have stops and starts on your road to success. Remember every day is a new day so leave the ones that didn’t quite work behind and focus on what you can do the following day to make things better.

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