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Online Therapy for Anxiety – Why it works

The world of anxiety therapy (and therapy in general) has been rapidly changing over the last five years or so. Once upon a time therapy used to take place in an office or clinic space and you would need to book in a time slot to see your therapist. This involved the hassle of travel time, parking and heading to a see someone at a sterile looking location. Often the journey itself would be stressful and actually increase the clients anxiety. That was until online therapy for anxiety began to grow in popularity.

Then the internet started to change the old way of working. With the advent of Skype and Facetime it was now possible to see a client without them ever leaving their home. Gradually therapy organisations and professional bodies created protocols for working online safely and effectively and bit by bit the world of online therapy has grown.

The whole world of online anxiety therapy has been slowly expanding over the last few years and bit by bit the traditional ways of working are slowly being eroded. Along came Zoom, Facebook Video Messenger, House Party, What’s App and a huge range of other online apps. Now therapists are making it their business to educate potential clients about the benefits of this new way of working.

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Anxiety Counselling and Anxiety Hypnosis Online

Online therapy for anxiety does not just cover traditional psychotherapy but counselling and hypnosis as well. So why do all these talking therapies work so well online?

Well in order for good therapy to take place a therapist and client need to have a good rapport. When a client is stressed from travelling miles to a strangers clinic therapy doesn’t start in the best possible way. Take away all the difficulties surrounding traditional therapy and allow your client to sit in the comfort and security of their own home and immediately things improve.

Making my clients comfortable during their anxiety therapy program is incredibly important to my sessions. When my client is feeling happier and more secure it is easier to get information from them as they feel more at ease. This makes sessions simpler, faster and more effective.

Advantages of Online Therapy Services

As well as my clients feeling more at ease there are a large number of other benefits that my clients get from online anxiety therapy.

Travel Time

On average a client who visits one of my bricks and mortar clinics has spent at least a half an hour traveling. When you add the time for their return journey this means that at least an hour of their day has been wasted in a car, bus or train. If the traffic is bad or there are delays this time can rise significantly and cause my clients stress. This does not even take into account some people who live in very remote areas. Online therapy saves a considerable amount of dead time that could be spent doing something else.


Yes, some clinics may have free parking but many don’t especially in city centres. This means as well as your travel time you need to find a place to park and spend money on parking charges. This adds to the cost of your therapy and once again adds to client stress as they frantically try and find a location to park their car.

Limited Mobility

Not all of my clients find it easy to travel to my physical clinic locations. Some may not be able to drive. Others have physical impairments to travel. Plus not all of my clinics are suitable for every client. I work in one where a client would need to climb stairs which rules out wheelchair accessibility and older clients with limited mobility. Yet every single one of those clients can be serviced with online therapy.

Increased Time Slots

When I work in traditional physical clinics I am usually renting my room by the day or half-day. This means that I may only be able to see clients in that area on say a Wednesday afternoon which might not be suitable for them. With online therapy, I have increased flexibility as I am not forced to pick a time from a constrained time slot that benefits my clients.

Worldwide Online Therapy

Traditional therapists would typically see clients from say a 30-mile radius from their office space. Now with online anxiety therapy, it is possible to choose a therapist from anywhere in the world. I have worked with clients in Singapore, Dubai, France, Australia and many other countries across the globe. Clients are now able to pick from the very best anxiety therapists instead of being forced to choose someone local.


When a client attends a physical location anonymity is no longer possible. At my physical clinic, some of my clients may see their friends or acquaintances sitting in the same waiting room. When sessions are conducted online nobody will know that they are seeing a therapist unless they tell them.

Consistency of Therapy

Therapy clients need to have the motivation to attend their appointments on a regular basis. If the appointment requires them to travel miles or attend in terrible weather the temptation to miss the session is higher. When sessions are online it is so much easier just to login and begins meaning that attendance for sessions tends to be higher.

Frequency of Therapy

Some people prefer the idea of having more frequent intense therapy but are hampered due to the time this would take out of their schedule. Who wants to physically spend 3 to four hours a week attending sessions at a clinic or office plus therapy time? When therapy sessions can be held online at a convenient time it is easier to increase this frequency. Plus as clients are able to attend more often they can often feel better faster.

So How Does Online Teletherapy Work?

Contact With Therapist

For therapy to take place a client simply needs to make contact with us to discuss their particular problems. Usually, we receive either a phone call or an email from a potential client. We respond to this initial contact and check that our anxiety therapy program is suitable for their particular needs. If both parties agree to proceed we move on to booking sessions.

Booking Your Sessions

Both parties now need to check their diaries to find some suitable time slots for sessions to take place. Our anxiety program consists initially of four online sessions each lasting an hour. This means we need to find four diary spaces that suit your needs. Typically we schedule these appointments around one week apart.

Then we agree on the best medium to hold the sessions. We are able to use a number of online applications so we arrange the most suitable for you. At this point, we also discuss our terms and conditions, cancellation policy and costs.

Before the session is finalised we arrange to take a deposit for your sessions. The remaining payment for our online anxiety program is taken at your first session.

Contract and Online Questionnaire

Once we have taken payment we send you a contract detailing the terms we have agreed and outlining the costs once again. We also send you a short questionnaire that needs to be returned before your session.

Conducting the Session

At the agreed time we will call you via the application that you chose to start your session. We always recommend that our clients hold their sessions somewhere that they will not be disturbed. As our sessions usually involve deep relaxation at some points we suggest our clients run the session from either an armchair or their bedroom. We also recommend that online sessions are conducted via an Ipad or laptop as these are easier to position so that we can see your head and torso.

At the end of the session, you may be given homework to do before the next session or be sent an audio to listen to between sessions. This is usually emailed to you immediately after the session.

Having run thousands of online therapy for anxiety sessions we know that they are highly effective and create the same positive changes in our clients that traditional therapy does.

Online Therapy Program for Anxiety

Are you interested in getting help for anxiety? My online therapy program for anxiety has been running for nearly ten years and works really well for all forms of anxiety. In my sessions, I help my clients to:

  • Understand their anxiety
  • Discover why their anxiety started
  • Use practical tools and strategies to manage or in many cases eradicate the problem.

My initial program consists of four online sessions and guides you through practical steps to reducing the problem. As part of the program, you will also be given at least one audio download to listen.

This anxiety program is suitable for generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, fears and phobias, social anxiety disorder and OCD.

To book your online therapy for anxiety program simply fill out the form below and I will be happy to contact you to book your sessions.

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