Online Therapy for Binge Eating disorder

Online Therapy for Binge Eating. Does it Work?

Once upon a time if you wanted therapy there was only one way to get it by travelling to your therapists home or office. Everyone accepted that this was the way that things were until the internet came along and started to change everything. Now online therapy for binge eating is becoming more and more popular as a method of helping this eating disorder.

Yet there are some people who are suspicious of conducting therapy online. There is a worry or fear that by not seeing a therapist in person you are getting a slightly less effective treatment. The truth is that therapy can be just as effective online as it can be in person providing a client makes time for their appointment and has some familiarity with technology.

Eating Disorder Therapy

Since the current Coronavirus lockdown, 100% of my client sessions are now online and my results are exactly the same as sessions held in person. There are two reasons for this. Firstly I have been conducting online therapy sessions for many years so the medium is not unfamiliar and also because I make my clients aware of the ground rules before the session. This means that:

  • Computer software is tested before the session
  • We have a plan if there is any internet outage
  • You have been told where to position yourself to be seen during the session.
  • You are told to pick a time when you will not be disturbed
  • Your payment has been arranged online before the session
  • I have already had a telephone discussion with you before booking

Simple guidelines make the world of difference. When online sessions are planned and you know what is expected they run smoothly and efficiently. You also control your environment which makes you feel more comfortable. Does anyone really ever enjoy going to a therapy room in an unknown building to pour your heart out to a stranger? Isn’t it so much easier to feel safe and secure in your own home when you are telling your story.

Traditional Therapy Sessions are Going to Change

Coronavirus is going to have a profound impact on the way that not only therapists will work in the future but the whole world. Businesses have started to realise why bother paying out for a huge office building costing a fortune when my staff can work from home on their computer.

Even though I have run online therapy for binge eating for years I can see myself and my clients moving more towards this newer way of working. This is not just because of the current issues with the virus but because my clients are starting to see there is also a huge benefit to them.

  • No more booking in hours of time to travel
  • No stressful journeys to get to appointments on time
  • No driving around trying to find a place to park
  • No parking charges
  • No trying to find the building a therapist is in
  • No sitting in a waiting room where you may bump into someone you know
  • No worrying about accessibility if you have disabilities

Travelling to traditional therapy sessions can be extremely stressful for my clients. In some cases, I have spent the first part of the session calming the down after a nightmare journey. Now all they need to do is switch on the computer and answer my call. This makes the world of difference to a binge eating therapy programs success.

free stop binge eating cheat sheet

Teletherapy for Binge Eating

So what can you expect if you decide to book my online therapy for binge eating? Well usually before I even take a booking I have a short telephone discussion with prospective clients. I always want to make sure that my clients are suitable for therapy.

Once both of us have agreed that therapy should go ahead we look in our diaries to find time to start. As my binge eating therapy takes place as part of a program we may decide to book in all of the sessions so we have an advance timetable of sessions. You are then asked for a deposit for the sessions and a formal contract is sent to you detailing terms.

During the booking, I also ask which medium you would prefer for any online sessions. My clients can choose from everything from Skype to Facetime. You are also told about where best to sit in the session and what devices are more suitable for therapy (tablets and laptops).

All you need to do after the booking is show up at the agreed time and wait for my call. Nothing could be easier.

Help for Binge Eating

Help for binge eating using online therapy now runs in the exact same way as face to face therapy in an office setting. During session one my first steps are to become familiar with the problems you are facing and assessing whether there are other areas of your life which need to be looked at. I am always helping my clients to see the bigger picture. Binge eating is just the symptom of a problem but not the whole story.

As the sessions progress, I teach my clients strategies to help them regain control over the eating. Online therapy for binge eating looks at:

  • Anxiety and Stress Levels
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Depression
  • Significant Life Events
  • Relationships
  • Emotions such as Loneliness or Sadness
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Perfectionism and Fear of Failure
  • Family Relationships
  • Medical Issues
  • Lifestyle

During our sessions, we look at negative thought patterns or areas of your life which are not working well. Binge eating is not just created by food and diet issues but because other parts of the jigsaw are not working well.

Hypnosis for Binge Eating

I know that for many of my clients it isn’t always easy for them to see exactly what is going wrong which is why hypnosis for binge eating can prove to be so useful. It can help us to discover what is going on in the back of your mind even though consciously you may have not connected the dots.

Online binge eating hypnosis is incredibly common alongside online therapy. There is no danger to my clients as all the hypnosis does is focus and relax the mind sufficiently we so can access the underlying thought patterns. You are not asleep or out of control just in a nicely relaxed daydream state that you control.

Binge eating hypnosis is one of the simplest and easy ways I know of getting information from my clients quickly. Some will have spent years in conventional therapy without understanding why they have a problem when a few sessions of hypnosis can give the answers.

When we understand the exact worries and thought processes behind a binge it becomes so much easier to aim therapy at the exact problem instead of guessing.

Self-Hypnosis for Binge Eating

As part of the therapy, all my clients are given a self-hypnosis for binge eating audio to listen to during their therapy. A binge eating hypnosis download can help to relax you which helps with anxiety and stress-related binge eating. It also helps to give subconscious suggestions for change.

If you would like to tray my self-hypnosis for binge eating audio just head over to my online store to get your copy.

Binge Eating Therapist Online

My online therapy for binge eating program consists of five sessions each lasting one hour. If you are interested in booking on to the program then simply contact me via the form below and arrange your short consultation to assess your suitability.

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Online Therapy for Binge Eating. Does it Work?
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Online Therapy for Binge Eating. Does it Work?
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