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Using The Pillow Manifestation Method to Create Your Dream Life

If you are interested in the law of attraction and manifestation techniques to help you get what you desire then this technique is a favorite because of how easy it is to use. The pillow manifestation method is one of the simplest ways of helping you to start manifesting and getting you laser-focused on what you want in your life.

Using a pillow manifestation or in fact, any other form of manifestation helps you to visualize exactly what it is you want in your life and set intentions to help you take action to get what you want.

Sorry, we don’t believe that the universe automatically just hands you things for free just because you write them down. This suggests that things happen by magic when they don’t. We do however believe that having a goal that is at the forefront of your mind that you then go out of your way to make a reality can help you get what you want.

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Preparing to Manifest What You Want

When we work with our clients to help them reach their goals or follow their dreams the first thing we do with them is to discuss exactly what it is they want and need in their life.

Too many people when they think about using a manifestation technique have some vague dream about what they desire but it isn’t necessarily fully formed. Yes, it would be lovely to be manifest money and be a billionaire or own a yacht or manifest love instantly but the intention is vague and there is no detail on how you are going to achieve this. There is also an element of whether the desires that you have actually match the reality of what you can get or is even believable in the first place.

The best way to manifest is to start smaller and think about the detail of how you are going to achieve your dream life. When you shift realities and start to become more precise manifestation is more likely to work.

So an example when it comes to money your pillow manifestation method desire might be “I want to earn 30% more in a job in marketing. My intention is to build new skills to make this happen within six months. My new job will be in my preferred location and come with a company car”.

Think of your manifestation technique as a series of stepping stones that you are going to take in your life to create the life you want.

Why Action Is Necessary When Using Manifestation Techniques

Our example of the pillow manifestation method is hopefully useful because it has more detail and is potentially a very achievable goal for anyone wanting to have a better life. You can however get even more precise in the detail if you want.

In our example of manifestation methods, there is always the possibility that a recruitment consultant might ring you up and headhunt you for a job the most likely way of you getting what you want is going out there to get it.

Make your desires a reality and write down that you are going to rewrite your CV, contact every recruitment consultant in your preferred location and update your skills to make you more likely to get that job.

When you make this your project for the next six months and put positive energy into making it happen then you are highly likely to get results. Using manifestation with action means turning the odds in your favour making it more likely that you are going to see success.

How to Do the Pillow Manifestation Method

So once you have your precise intention it is time to put the pillow manifestation technique into practice.

Write down your intention on a piece of paper and the detail of how you believe you can make that dream happen.

Take that piece of paper into your bedroom and just before you are about to fall asleep read the words you have written and visualize what you have written coming to fruition. Then place that piece of paper under your pillow.

As you are falling asleep have that positive thought fresh in your mind. Think to yourself that your subconscious mind will work on any challenges related to this manifestation whilst you are sleeping and that your dreams will show you how to make this happen.

Whilst you may not dream every night whilst using the pillow method you should find that solutions present themselves to you over time making the path to your manifestation easier.

Make sure you repeat the pillow manifestation method every night until you get what you want.

Learning to Manifest By Changing Your Subconscious Thoughts

The pillow method of manifestation is not only extremely simple to use but it also works on training both your conscious mind as well as your subconscious to have a clear and common goal.

Your subconscious mind works at a different level from your conscious thinking. Whilst consciously we might want to do something our subconscious minds have another agenda that is based on a belief system that you probably learned as you were growing up.

Therefore whilst you might want a new job you might have a hard time making it happen because subconsciously you have a lack of confidence or self-worth. In order to start manifesting and making those dreams into reality, you need to help your subconscious mind to let go of those old thought processes.

Sleep manifestation by using the pillow method can help as it makes you repeatedly visualize a different more positive outcome that seeps into the subconscious. The more you repeat the process the more likely the law of attraction will work.

Whilst manifesting when you sleep is a key component of the pillow technique there are other things you can also do to help the process along and manifest more quickly.

Affirmations To Help Manifestation

Positive affirmations can help with manifesting as they are a way of repeating something you want or you need in your life to make that a reality.

When you use a positive affirmation you are helping yourself focus on the things that you want to attract and are helping your subconscious start to believe whatever it is you are saying.

Now whilst framed in the law of attraction we know that many people might scoff or think that using a positive affirmation is a load of nonsense.

If however, I remind them about the great boxer Muhammed Ali and his repeated affirmations that he was the greatest then the words seem less new-age hokum and more relatable. Many elite sports stars are manifesting the success that they want by telling themselves what they want to happen to make that a reality. In fact at top-level sports whilst many of the players may have similar abilities it is their ability to keep a strong mindset that often makes them a winner.

Use positive affirmations to set your intentions as well as using the pillow method to get better results. Think of yourself as one of those elite people who can change the outcome of a situation by changing the way that they think and you will make it happen.

Use these Money and The Law of Attraction Cards to help if you are looking for prosperity or take a look at some of our free affirmations in our blogs to help you with your manifestation.

Self-Hypnosis to Create a Positive Mindset

As great lovers of hypnotherapy, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about hypnosis for manifestation. Just as affirmations help to alter unhelpful subconscious thoughts so does hypnosis. Repeated suggestions used whilst in a relaxed trance help to change patterns of behaviours from everything from overeating to smoking.

We suggest to our clients that they think about using self-hypnosis whilst they are at home to use repeated suggestions to help them focus on manifesting what they want. Self-hypnosis through the use of a download is a simple method of relaxing your mind to allow new suggestions to take hold.

We have a wide range of downloads that you can purchase in our shop. As we are talking about manifestation our billionaire mindset wealth meditation would be the perfect audio to use.

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Using Manifestation Oil

Many people who love to manifest swear by manifestation oil as a way of helping create success. Earth solutions manifestation oil doesn’t just smell great but is a clever way of associating a smell with your positive affirmations.

The key is to read your affirmation or pillow manifestation and breathe in the scent at the same time. This helps your brain to link the positive intention with the smell. After you have done this a number of times all you will need to do is smell the aroma and your brain will automatically think of the thing you are trying to manifest.

Whilst this seems like one of the more unusual manifestation methods it does make sense. Your brain is capable of creating shortcuts linking smell with thoughts. This means that instead of saying the whole affirmation using the smell will still have the power to conjure up those positive feelings.

If you place some of the manifestation oil on your pillow at night it can help to create that link even at night.

Manifestation Journals Can Help To Define Your Thoughts and Goals

A manifestation journal isn’t a diary but a way of writing down what you want and setting down ways you are going to make that happen. This can be helpful for the pillow method in two ways.

Firstly before you write your manifestation statement a journal can help you to think about what you really want. Great manifestation journals have all sorts of tools in them to assist you with the practice.

Freedom Mastery’s law of attraction planner is, without doubt, the best law of attraction planner on the market. It has everything from vision and mission statements to strategy and planning as well as goals, mind mapping and planning. If ever there was a tool to help with your manifestation practice this is the one to buy.

Once you have defined your manifestation statement and placed it on paper this planner can also help you with the second part of the practice and that is reflection.

We are always realistic and the path to your goals doesn’t always go according to plan. The key to manifesting and holding on to your vision is reflecting on what is working and what isn’t. When you know what needs to be changed you can then alter the way you do things until you find a solution that works.

This manifestation planner also has tools to help you with the process making it an ideal way of helping you reach the end goal.

Using Visions Boards To Visualize Success

Finally whilst the pillow method helps you to manifest as you are going to sleep think about using something that subliminally can also help you during the day.

Vision boards are another great tool and a relatively easy manifestation technique to use. All you need is a pinboard and some pins and you can start to place on it pictures, words or photos that align with what you are trying to achieve. If you want to be a little more professional then a vision board kit like this one is great to use as everything you need should already be in it.

So in the example, we have used throughout this piece you could put pictures of successful job candidates. You could also put a mocked-up salary cheque with the amount you want on it. Pictures of the type of car that you expect to get out of the job. Perhaps pictures of your office space and colleagues and so on. Then place that vision board somewhere that you can see it every day. This helps to keep your mind reminded about what it wants to achieve.

Vision board parties are a fun way of involving your friends in attracting what they want. Host one to help you with your manifestation whilst making them happy at the same time.

The pillow manifestation method is a great way of helping just about everyone focus on their goals. Use it and see what you get when you really take the time to set goals and follow them through.

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