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Positive Affirmations for Driving Anxiety – Building Feelings of Confidence & Calm

Anxiety about driving is incredibly common but not particularly helpful if you want to use your car to get you from A to B. Left unchecked it can make you reliant on friends and family for lifts or force you to take public transport which isn’t ideal. So in order to help our clients and readers stop feeling anxious, we have some positive affirmations for driving anxiety that you can use to remain calm and reduce those negative thoughts.

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Do Affirmations Help Anxiety?

We have talked a lot about positive affirmations in our blog as they are a really easy and simple self-help tool that you can use to build confidence, reduce anxiety and change your mindset.

Are they the only solution you should use when you want to stop feeling anxious? Well no as anxiety can have many different reasons for being there but they are one weapon to use in your anti-anxiety toolkit that can help you to overcome negative self-talk and boost your confidence behind the wheel.

Anxiety as well as fears and phobias don’t start for no reason. They are a way of your mind trying to keep you away from perceived threats or danger. The only problem is that your mind can sometimes over-exaggerate the risks with certain activities leaving you feeling nervous or worried about relatively safe activities.

Our affirmations for driving anxiety can help to remind your mind about how great your driving skills actually are and how you are a safe driver who is capable of getting behind the wheel.

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Why Do I Get So Anxious About Driving?

Negative thoughts that cause driving anxiety are not caused by one root cause. In fact, each client that we see may have a different reason for their driving anxiety. Here are some of the common problems that might be causing you to fear driving.

  • Lack of Experience
  • Fear of Embarrassment
  • Worries about being a failure or making mistakes
  • Accidents or a near miss whilst driving.
  • Stress
  • Fear of Bridges
  • Fear of the Unfamiliar
  • Worries about The Destination
  • Secondary Gains
  • Fear of Driving Tests
  • Fear of Speed and Feeling Out of Control

The more you can tailor your positive affirmations for driving anxiety to the actual reasons for your problem the better.  In order to overcome driving anxiety, it makes sense to address the real problems that are making you feel anxious rather than just trying to guess.

Always remember to look beyond the presenting problem and think about what other issues you have that could give you clues about your problem. Of course, obvious issues should also be tackled as well. If you haven’t had much experience driving then it would be natural to feel some nerves.

Remember problem may not be the driving itself but something else such as a fear of heights relating to going over bridges. Or it could be a secondary gain. That means there is a subconscious advantage to you not being able to drive. A typical example of this is a person who dislikes their job in another town. If they develop a driving fear it stops them from going to work and therefore they can leave their job.

How Can I Relax When Driving?

To overcome driving anxiety and learn to relax then you have to learn tips and strategies to help you lower your anxiety and stress whilst in a car.

Positive driving affirmations are just one way to help you become a safe and confident driver but there are plenty of other solutions that you can use as well.

Finding the root cause of your problem is a great solution as it means you can tackle the underlying cause but there are plenty of other ways you can make a difference.

Stress and Driving Anxiety Syndrome

Managing your stress levels is important if you suffer from any form of anxiety. When you feel stressed your ability to feel calm in almost all circumstances starts to suffer even if the reasons for your stress has nothing to do with anxiety.

Use our Stress Management Worksheets to help you identify and lower your stress levels so that you feel calmer.

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Self-Hypnosis for Driving Anxiety

Self-hypnosis for driving anxiety is a way of helping you use subconscious suggestions to change negative thoughts. Self-hypnosis for driving fears can help you to stay relaxed behind the wheel and assist you with thinking more positively.

We have a self-hypnosis download for driving anxiety that you can use daily to help alter your mindset. This audio is however never to be used whilst in the car.

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Positive Visualization To Stop Anxious Thoughts

Use the same tools that professional athletes use to make themselves feel more confident and capable by practising positive visualization.

Put simply it means imagining you in the scenarios that you usually worry about but instead thinking about things in a more positive way. So that could mean seeing yourself on your entire drive feeling relaxed and happy in the care. Imagining yourself staying calm around other drivers or taking your driving test and passing it with ease.

The more you practice positive visualization the better your abilities to think about things differently become.

Aromatherapy To Calm Your Nerves

Aromatherapy oils are specially designed to help use smell to change your mood. If you suffer from any form of anxiety disorder then start using oils to help with stress reduction, relaxation and calming. Aromatherapy for driving anxiety can be an easy way to help calm down your nervous system.

Calm Essential Roll-on Blend is great for stress relief and is small enough for you to carry around with you to use when you need it. Just use some on your wrists or behind your ears to help you stay relaxed whilst you are in a car.

Self-Help Books For Helpful Anxiety Reduction Tools

Self-help books for driving anxiety are another great tool to add to your arsenal. They are a great way of helping you to recognize anxiety and its reasons for being there. They also give you life-affirming tools to help you transform anxiety into something more positive.

How to Overcome Fear of Driving is a book by Joanne Mallon that can help you to build your confidence and teach you techniques to lower anxiety. Remember any solutions orientated self-help tools can be useful at lowering your worries and fears.

Bach Rescue Remedy To Make You Feel Calmer

Bach Rescue Remedy is one of those products that can be used in just about any situation to help you feel calmer and more in control. This product is a natural homeopathic remedy that many people swear by to help with stress relief.

All you need to do is place four drops on your tongue and let it work its magic. It has thousands of positive reviews so clearly many people find it useful for lowering stress and anxiety.

Deep Breathing For Anxiety Reduction

Finally don’t forget to breathe as a way of reducing anxiety. Our driving affirmations work on your mind but you also need to work on your physical feelings. A great way of doing this is learning to slow down your breathing.

Exhale anxiety by taking deep breaths and prolonging each breath a little longer than normal. Then imagine a slow inhale of calm and relaxation to help you stay in control behind the wheel.

Driving Anxiety Tips

Finally, as well as our driving anxiety affirmations don’t forget to use some of these tips as well as the stress reduction methods to help you whilst you are in a car.

Learn to Stop Avoidance

Many people will try and stop their anxiety by avoiding the things they don’t like doing. The only problem is that the more you avoid the problem the bigger your anxiety gets. You need to face your fears but in a sensible controlled way to overcome anxiety problems successfully.

Exposure Therapy For Driving Fears

Exposure therapy is the gold standard for reducing fears and phobias. Put simply it means slowly exposing yourself to the things that make you feel fearful or scared.

An example of this might be getting into your car and driving to the end of your road and back. Do this multiple times and when you are used to doing that lengthen the distance. Or perhaps you may go down one interchange on the highway before coming off to get used to the faster driving. Bit by bit the more you expose yourself to your fears the lower they become.

See a Therapist

Don’t forget that there is always help there if you need it. A therapist can always help you to address your problem if you are finding it too difficult to tackle on your own.

Positive Affirmations for Driving Fears

Here are some great positive affirmations for driving anxiety that you can use to help you stay relaxed whilst you are in the car.

I am a careful and conscientious driver.

I feel calm and relaxed behind the wheel.

I have a great concentration level when I am driving.

I enjoy driving and find it relaxing.

I can drive safely no matter where I am.

I pay attention to other road uses whilst I am driving my car.

I am a focused driver when I am on the road.

I am a careful driver and am considerate to those around me.

I am a good confident driver in my car.

I have all the driving abilities I need to be safe on the road.

I am a fully qualified driver who knows what they are doing.

I am able to drive my vehicle efficiently and effectively.

I am a good driver.

I am able to keep any anxious thoughts at the back of my mind.

I am a confident driver who knows what they are doing in a car.

I have the relevant driving skills to be a safe driver.

When I take my driving test I will be calm and composed.

I am a safe driver and cam capable of passing my driving test.

Every day my driving gets better and better.

Any discomfort I feel is temporary and will pass if I relax.

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