Positive affirmations for eating disorder recovery

Positive Affirmations for Eating Disorder Recovery

Positive affirmations are uplifting, healing and can help to change your mindset and old patterns of thinking. When used regularly they become a helpful tool in your arsenal to create change and help you become stronger. This is why we thought we would collate a set of positive affirmations for eating disorder recovery to help anyone who needed a support tool to help them on their journey.

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Positive Recovery Affirmations

Recovery affirmations especially ones that help with eating disorders are there to help you to become stronger and healthier. They are a support tool that can help you to alter negative behaviours and remind you that your life will get better as you make changes to free yourself from unhealthy eating patterns.

Positive affirmations for eating disorder recovery are a great self-help tool when they are used every day. No of course they are not the only thing that will help you with your recovery but they can be an important piece of the puzzle when they are used regularly.

Most people are unaware that negative thoughts and unhelpful subconscious beliefs play a large part in any eating disorder. These negative thoughts can make you hate yourself and your body which fuels your problematic relationship with food.

Recovery affirmations are there to remind you that you are good enough and your body is perfect just the way it is.  Changing these destructive thoughts over time, therefore, can have a positive impact on your life.

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Eating Disorder Affirmations

Remember that your relationship with food can be changed and that as you learn to love and accept yourself your journey will become easier. Healing yourself by taking a holistic approach to your life is a great way to help.

Nurture yourself and focus on your self-care and health. When you start to change your awareness and start to look at the bigger picture it will be easier to become stronger.

Food and weight do not define you but you need to remind yourself that this is the case. Eating disorder affirmations are one way to do this but so are other tools such as our self-hypnosis for binge eating download or our mindful eating worksheets. All can be helpful tools that can change your eating patterns and assist with your recovery.

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Eating Disorder Recovery Affirmations

Use the following eating disorder recovery affirmations daily to help you become stronger, healthier and happier. Pick one or two to use every day and repeat them to yourself whenever you need strength, courage or to remind yourself that your life is going to be better.

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I am worthy of love and respect.

Food does not control me.

I am good enough.

I believe that change is possible and happening right now.

I am choosing to ignore any destructive thoughts.

I am changing unhelpful behaviours every day.

I have the courage to make the changes I need to feel happy and healthy.

I have the support I need to help me on my recovery journey.

I choose to focus on my health.

From now on I choose to eat to nourish myself.

Every day my happiness is increasing.

I love and respect myself.

My body is perfect just the way that it is.

Every day I become stronger and healthier.

I am worthy of love.

Eating is something I do when my body tells me it is hungry.

I deserve to be free of unhelpful thoughts or behaviours.

I am changing old patterns and creating new positive ones.

I feel positive and loved.

Today is going to be a good day.

I no longer define my food choices because of a diet.

My world is filled with possibilities and happiness.

Every day my anxiety levels are getting lower.

I no longer choose to focus on my weight.

I appreciated my body exactly how it is.

I believe that I am getting healthier.

I choose to respect my body.

I am becoming more mindful of eating in a healthier way.

I deserve to eat good quality and nutritious food.

I am becoming free from unhealthy eating patterns.

I believe that I am changing.

I have the courage to keep on making positive steps to recovery.

I am worthy.

I don’t have to listen to my inner critic.

My thoughts are now focusing on keeping me healthy.

Every day I am taking steps towards my eating disorder recovery.

I no longer need to keep tight control of my food intake as I listen to my body.

I am learning to accept myself and my body.

I am more than just my weight.

I am letting go of my anxiety around food.

Today is a day when I am focusing on my health and happiness.

By changing my mindset I am creating a new life for myself.

I am choosing to love myself in any shape or size.

I am working on my dealing with my emotions without using food to help.

I am refusing to listen to old thoughts from the past that are no longer helpful.

Whenever I need support I can talk to a friend.

My life does not have to be perfect to be a success.

Today is a great day for my personal self-care.

I treat my body with respect.

I am looking for new ways to help and support myself.

I am eating for energy and to fuel my healthy body.

Every day I become stronger and fitter.

I deserve food and don’t need to eat feeling guilt or shame.

My life is improving and getting better.

Food gives me the energy I need to lead a full life.

I love myself and that is what makes me strong.

My old destructive habits are being discarded for new positive ones.

I appreciate how far I have come on this journey.

I empower myself to take the next steps to recovery.

I choose to focus my life on being healthy.

I can create a better way of doing things.

Recovery is a process and that is fine.

I am ready to take the next steps to create a healthy life.

I am in love with my new life.

I have the courage to do what it takes to feel better.

Setbacks are not important as they are just part of my journey.

I am mindful when I eat and listen to what my body wants.

I can create a better life for myself.

I am choosing to follow my dreams.

I am altering old unhelpful habits.

I choose to live my life free from doubt and fear.

I don’t need to pressure myself to be perfect.

My past does not define my future.

I choose to invest in my health.

Today I am taking another step forward towards a better future.

I am letting go of any anxiety about my body.

My new behaviours are changing my eating patterns.

positive affirmations for eating disorder recovery

I am strong and capable.

I am opening myself up to a world of happiness.

I can thrive on my recovery journey.

I will free myself from the need to compare myself to others.

I have support available to me when I need it.

My eating disorder is not going to stop me from following my dreams.

My body deserves to be loved and cared for.

Today I am choosing to focus on my health.

I am becoming a happier person.

I accept that my old behaviours were not helpful.

I appreciate myself just the way I am.

My eating habits are changing for the better.

I deserve good health.

Eating disorder support is there whenever I need it.

I respect and love myself.

I choose to let go of my past eating behaviours.

I feel a deep inner peace as I start to love myself.

I am beautiful just the way I am.

I trust myself to create a new healthy path for myself.

I am healing my body and my mind.

I am feeling more relaxed as I follow my healthier way of life.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I am happy, healthy and in control.

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