positive affirmations for men

Positive Affirmations for Men

I know that many people associate affirmations and their use with women but in fact, they can be used by anybody to help them to success. We wanted to look at the use of positive affirmations for men and how even the most alpha male can use them to help them focus on what they want in life and make it happen.

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What are Affirmations? 

If you haven’t seen any of our other posts on affirmations they are simple phrases or statements that are phrased positively in the present tense. These statements should help to motivate and inspire you or help you to focus on a goal that you want to achieve.

The idea behind affirmations is that you repeat them to yourself daily in order to remind your mind to focus on a goal or to create a positive belief system. Part of this process will be conscious as you say the sentences to yourself repeatedly and part will be subconscious. In other words, part of your mind with repeated listening and belief will assimilate the information automatically and make it happen.

Affirmations can be tailored to your particular needs such as affirmations for anxiety or self-esteem. In this particular post, we want to concentrate on positive affirmations for men.

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Why are Affirmations so Powerful?

Affirmations are a really powerful tool to create positive change providing they are used regularly. You can’t use them one day and then forget about them for a couple of weeks. They need to be repeated regularly throughout your day to take effect.

The words can be used out loud, said in your head or even written out and placed on a post-it note around your home to remind you to repeat them.

When they are used regularly they are a great motivational tool. They make you take time out to be present and mindful and to focus on your actual goals. If you don’t take this time out to remind yourself of where you want to be it is more likely that you will drift on getting nothing done.

As they are repeated regularly they start to permeate into the subconscious meaning that you will start to follow what you need to do without consciously becoming involved. In other words, the positive affirmations for men start to create natural behaviour without prompting anymore.

Plus affirmations help you to stay positive and help to increase your energy and appetite for change or better things. This positivity helps to create opportunities that might not have otherwise come your way.

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Many people question whether affirmations work and we always say to our clients look at some of the elite sports stars that have made positive affirmations work for them. Mohammed Ali as an example used positive statements all the time to create belief in himself and psyche out his opponents. Who can forget “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.

Using positive statements and building belief in yourself is now an essential part of most high-level sports. Coaches help to alter the mindset of their clients by making them boost their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. Andy Murray used a mind coach to win Wimbledon. Some people such as  Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan never needed a coach and used their own positive self-talk to create a winning attitude. They have all proven that a positive mindset can make a world of difference when it comes to creating success.

Positive Affirmations for men

How do You Make Affirmations More Effective?

To help make the positive affirmations for men more effective there are certain things you can do to help you to success.

Commitment and Perseverance

As we have touched on already you need to be committed to changing your mindset. These affirmations are not for a one time use they are to be used daily for months in some cases. Repetition goes a long way in making things happen.

Take action

You have to be ready to take action towards making your affirmations for men a reality. Even if you are taking baby steps at least you are moving towards your goal.


Don’t try and tackle too many goals in one go. Think of one or two things you would like to change and work on those before starting on any others.


Ask yourself how you are going to measure your success. You need to understand when your affirmations have helped and when they haven’t been so successful.

Achievable and Realistic

Make sure that the affirmations that you use are actually something that is even possible. There is no point in telling yourself you are going to be a rock star if you have a terrible singing voice and can’t play an instrument.


Use visualisation as you say your affirmations. Picturing yourself doing what you aim to do helps to lessen anxiety and helps you to look at things from different angles. We use the same techniques with our clients in hypnosis sessions.


Self-hypnosis helps positive suggestions to enter into the subconscious faster. You can use our self-hypnosis for positive thinking audio to help you to success and change old thought patterns.

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Daily Affirmations for Men

We have created a set of positive affirmations for men that can be used daily to help promote positivity, energy, confidence and success. We believe that these are suitable positive affirmations for alpha males as well as the average man in the street.

Pick one or two to start off with and remember to use the affirmations at least twice a day if not more to change old unhelpful thought processes. Feel free to adapt what is written to make it more useful or suitable for your particular circumstances. You can even come up with your own if you believe that would be more helpful.

  • I am strong, in control and in charge.
  • I have a positive outlook which helps me get to where I want to be.
  • I take care of myself physically and mentally
  • I am at home in any situation
  • I am assertive and happy to say what is on my mind.
  • I am self-assured and relaxed.
  • I am a leader
  • Confidence comes naturally to me.
  • I am trustworthy and capable.
  • My focus and determination get things done.
  • I am in control of my self-esteem.
  • I use my power to help others.
  • I make my dreams become a reality.
  • I am unique and powerful.
  • I am always seeking new opportunities.
  • I am attractive and happy with my looks.
  • I believe in my abilities.
  • Showing emotion is now a sign of weakness.
  • I live a life without fear.
  • Challenges are not a problem but an opportunity to shine.
  • I am always happy to take action to get results.
  • I have the strength and determination to be a success.
  • I have limitless potential.
  • I was born to do amazing things with my life.
  • I celebrate my accomplishments and acknowledge my success.
  • Every day my strength of character shines brighter.
  • I take calculated risks that pay off.
  • I am always happy outside of my comfort zone.
  • I am a person who is capable of great things.
  • I am dedicated and successful.

Masculine Affirmations

Our positive affirmations for men can be an incredibly helpful self-help method to get you where you want to be. If you need any additional help them simply contact us for more information about our coaching and therapy programs that can help you if you need a little extra assistance.

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