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Positive Affirmations for Sales Success

Can the use of positive affirmations help you to succeed in business? Well from our experience absolutely. In order to be able to sell effectively, you need knowledge of your product, belief in what you are selling and the ability to build rapport and trust with your potential customer. Affirmations for sales success can’t help you directly with product knowledge but they can impact your mindset and positive energy that makes it easier for you to become a successful salesperson.

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Positive Self-Talk for Sales

Working in sales is not necessarily an easy environment and you are often only as good as the last deal you have struck. There is pressure to constantly perform and to do that under pressure even when you may be receiving a rejection from potential leads.

Being able to stay motivated, energetic and to keep on pushing even when the pressure it on can often sort the good sale people out from the mediocre. Positive affirmations for sales success can help you to retain an incredibly positive mindset and self-belief.

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Subliminal Sales Affirmations

Great salespeople just like great sports stars don’t fall apart at the first sign of problems. Just because they have received a rejection from a prospect or experienced a problem one week doesn’t make them fall to pieces. Instead, they retain their focus and keep on pushing because they have the confidence and self-belief in their abilities to meet their targets.

Positive affirmations for sales success can help people to stay in this success mindset rather than allowing a negative incident to burst their bubble.

A sales affirmation can sink into the subconscious mind and create an incredibly strong sense of resilience and self-worth . This means that rejection can be more easily ignored keeping that positive outlook.

Salespeople who don’t work on their mindset are more likely to experience problems because negative situations and negative thoughts enable doubt to creep in. Doubt makes you question your abilities and that shows when you talk to prospects.

If the person who is in charge of concluding the deal hears your hesitation, picks up on your worries or feels that you are nervous then you can easily blow the whole deal or get a dreadful price.

Building a Sales Mindset

If you want to build a sales mindset then sales affirmations are only one of the tools that you can use to create success. Frank Bettger has written one of the definitive books on sales How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling. His book explains the secrets of his huge success which made him one of the highest-paid salespeople in America.

Alternatively, Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort (the Wolf of Wall Street) opens his playbook and show you how he mastered the art of persuasion to be able to create sales success.

You can even use our self-hypnosis download Billionaire Mindset to train your brain to imagine huge success and to take calculated risks to get there.

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Law of Attraction For Business

You can also use the law of attraction for business success. We have created a set of law of attraction printables to help you manifest the sales you need. This set of printables helps you to create plans and goals so that you can increase your effectiveness.

When we make a concerted effort to analyze what is working in our lives and changing what isn’t it can make a big difference in how well we do. Use our law of attraction worksheets to help you focus on creating opportunities that will help you thrive.

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Positive Sales Mantras

Positive affirmations for sales are really simple and easy to do but in order for them to actually work you have to put some time and effort in.

Each of your affirmations for sales success should be said with conviction and in the present tense. You have to visualise yourself being a success as you say those words. In addition, you have to be willing to repeat the affirmations like a mantra over and over again over a period of days and weeks.

Just like suggestions in hypnosis using a positive affirmation once is not enough for it to take effect. It should be used repeatedly until the wording becomes second nature.

We have included a number of possible affirmations you can use. Remember you don’t need to use all of these at once. Pick four or five that seem most useful to you and start to practice those first. If you want to adapt the sales affirmations we have created feel free as personalised self-talk can be incredibly powerful. These affirmations are designed to help you with positive thinking and give you an abundance mindset. Also, feel free to start writing your own if you think they would be useful in your particular line of business.

Sales and Business Affirmations

Here are some of our favourite affirmations for sales success that can help you to close the deal and increase your wealth.

  1. I am confident and full of self-belief.
  2. I am able to find new prospects anywhere.
  3. People want to listen to what I have to say.
  4. Each month I exceed my targets and make more money.
  5. I know what to say and exactly how to say it.
  6. I have a total focus on building my sales successes.
  7. My energy and enthusiasm are limitless.
  8. I am able to build rapport quickly and easily.
  9. As a salesperson, I am resilient and tough.
  10. I never take no for an answer.
  11. I have innovative and inventive ways of boosting my sales.
  12. I am the ability to bounce back from anything.
  13. Nobody is able to sell better than me.
  14. I know how to attract my ideal client.
  15. I am like a magnet for sales even when cold calling.
  16. I always exceed my goals and make more money.
  17. People love doing business with me.
  18. I believe and always achieve.
  19. I don’t worry about challenges they only make me work harder.
  20. Every month my sales figures rise and rise.
  21. I know exactly what my prospects want and how to give it to them.
  22. I attract new business every single day.
  23. I have the ability to close any sale.
  24. My powers of persuasion are renowned in the industry.
  25. Every setback is a learning experience.
  26. I am the techniques and strategies to create huge success.
  27. I can sell anything to anyone at any time.
  28. My customers always come back looking for more.
  29. I have created a sales strategy of success and abundance.
  30. My money-making ability has no limits as I am an entrepreneur.

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