positive effects of social media

Positive Effects of Social Media

We know that we have talked about the negative impact of social media but it is important to discuss how it has also benefited us since it started. There are multiple positive effects of social media particularly with regards to mental health that we believe should be highlighted.

The key with social media is trying to strike a balance so that you use the good parts as much as you can and disregard or stop doing the things that are not working for you. Plenty of people have built up long-lasting friendships and alliances with people that originally they had never met simply through the use of social media platforms. We need to celebrate what is working and clamp down on those who use the platforms to spread hate or misinformation.

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Positives of Social Media – Connection

One of the main positive effects of social media is the way that it brings people together and creates a connection between us all. That could be a connection with family members living in different parts of the country and world or connection between strangers who have common interests and ideals.

Not that long ago if you wanted to speak with a friend or family member who lived abroad you would have to pay for a costly phone call. The expense usually limited your contact and the lines were not always that great. Now you can speak to someone for free via Skype, Facebook Video Messenger, Zoom, What’s App and lots of other platforms for no cost at all. You can see them as clearly as if they were in the same room as you. This means no matter where you live you can still speak to friends or family and get the love and support you need.

There is also a huge connection between strangers as online communities are built by people who have similar interests. People run Facebook groups, have Twitter lists, Instagram followers to share information, ideas and content. Some of those people go on to meet in real life creating connections that would have been impossible before. These online friends and followers can also be completely supportive when things are difficult having a significant positive impact on mental health.

Why Social Media is Good – Financial

Yes, social media has certainly made the creators of the platforms very rich but what about the people who are using them? In fact, many entrepreneurs and creative are utilising the platforms to earn considerable amounts of money.

When you use social media it is possible to spread the message about your goods and services worldwide. Yes having a website could do the job but search engine optimisation takes time and money and can be incredibly competitive especially when we are talking about big brands being in your space. Social media gives people who traditionally would never be found on Google the opportunity to showcase their work.

Instagram, for example, allows people to show off their home decor skills, their products, artwork and more. Followers look at their work and love it so much they want to use what they are using or buy what they are creating. Mrs Hinch as an example was just a young girl from Essex but became a social media sensation with her videos about cleaning. Now huge brands want her to endorse their products on her feed.

All around the internet, the positive effects of social media on people’s bank balances can be seen. Social media can be a great way of creating a brand and earning money for great products and amazing service.

positive effects on social media

Positive Social Media – Mental Health

Since social media has been created there has been a huge shift in the way that people perceive mental health issues. In particular, some of the stigma surrounding mental health issues has been removed. In the UK, for example, the Royal Family now regularly appear in social media interviews discussing their experiences with mental health issues as well as supporting various initiatives to improve how people with the condition are treated.

The positive effects of social media on mental health include helping end isolation for many people who otherwise would feel alone and unsupported. Social media allows connections so that social support can be found with others experiencing the same as you. There are now a huge number of forums, Facebook groups and online communities working with everything from depression to anxiety.

Social media can also help inspire different lifestyle choices that can make a big difference in mental health. Our blogs and social media articles continually give tips and strategies to readers to help them understand and manage their lifestyles to change the way they think. Other creatives do the same with advice for everything from healthy eating to doing the right exercise and most of it is for free.

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Good Effects of Social Media – Creative Outlets

Creatives or people who have artistic tendencies have benefitted hugely from social media. We love to follow people who inspire us and create beautiful clothes, homes, artwork, pottery and jewellery.

We should celebrate the fact that some of us have the ability to think differently and produce products that most of us could never have even imagined. It is always inspiring to us to scroll through our feeds and watch someone do a dance that makes us gasp or see someone renovate a house by themselves.

The ingenuity of the human race appears boundless when you look at social media creativity. You don’t have to do everything that those people do but you can take snippets and incorporate it into your day to day living to make you happy.

Benefits of Social Media – Global Awareness

The positive effects of social media also include amazing global awareness which previously would have been significantly harder to manage.

Twitter, for example, gives the public the change to tweet live about what might be happening in their area. In many cases, the public reactions and comments beat the big news agencies or highlight issues that might not be covered in traditional news platforms.

Brands now find it easier to create a global reach by posting about their products on platforms. The public decide what is a success and what isn’t due to online reviews and comments.

In fact, the world has got smaller because initiatives, products and services and go viral and takeover incredibly quickly because of lots of people broadcasting what they have seen, heard or tried.

Positive Things About Social Media – Community

Smaller communities also benefit from local social media platforms to highlight local issues. The town where our blog is based has two very large social media groups that discuss local problems and concerns as well as advertising businesses in the area.

There is also a smaller group to discuss things happening in our local village. This morning social media helped to locate a dog that had escaped from a local garden. It also pulled together in the recent coronavirus crisis to make sure that shielded or elderly villagers got food deliveries and support where needed.

This sense of local community has strengthened bonds between locals, made people laugh, fundraised and protected the vulnerable. Without social media, people would have only had awareness of their friends or immediate neighbours.

the positive effects of social media

Positive Influence of Social Media – Fun

Finally, can we mention the benefits of social media without talking about fun? The amount of laughter created by funny memes, viral videos, dancing challenges and online content is vast.

Content producers dedicate themselves to coming up with huge amounts of watchable videos that entertain us every single day. YouTube is one of the biggest social media and broadcasting platforms in the world. In fact, much of the younger generation is spending considerably more time watching their favourite influencers than they do watching TV. Social media has allowed everyone to broadcast without the need for a tv studio or film equipment. Now many come up with just as amazing funny programs through simply using their mobile phones.

They say laughter is the best medicine and when it comes to lowering anxiety levels, reducing stress or helping moods you can’t ask for anything better.

Striking the Right Balance

The benefits of social media can far outweigh the negatives providing you choose to use it in the right way. Follow people who make you happier or who inspire you and delete those that make you feel jealous, inadequate or upset. Don’t get in online internet rows as they use up your time, energy and impact your mental health. Avoid anything controversial or that spreads misinformation. When you get the balance right social media can make you healthier, happier and enhance your mental health.

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