positive things to say to yourself in the morning

Positive Things To Say to Yourself In the Morning

The way you think when you get up in the morning has an impact on your mood and your productivity for the rest of the day. Wake up grumpy and tired and you can bet you are going to have a bad day. Wake up with a positive mindset however and that all changes. Our positive things to say to yourself in the morning are designed to help you change your morning attitude so that you set yourself up for success during the rest of the day.

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What is the Power of Positive Self-Talk?

Positive self-talk is a great way of helping you to change your mindset, build confidence, lower anxiety and create resilience. When it is used regularly it can help you to have a positive attitude that helps you to achieve things in life that might otherwise seem too difficult or challenging.

Positivity put simply helps you to change your attitude to life creating a glass half full mentality rather than thinking about it being half empty. When you tap into the power of positive thinking you are more likely to take more risks, bounce back from failure and generally feel that life is easier.

Our list of positive things to say to yourself in the morning act as affirmations or mantras to help you to start your day off in the right way.

positive things to say to yourself in the morning

How to Become More Positive and Motivated?

Positive things to say to yourself in the morning are one way of helping you to change your mindset but these can be combined with other strategies to help you be more productive and successful. Some of our favourite ways of helping our clients make changes include:

Self-Hypnosis for Positivity

Self-hypnosis is designed to work with your subconscious mind rather than with your conscious thoughts. Your subconscious governs your habits so directing it to think in a different way can help you to make positive changes. The simplest way of doing this is by listening to a self-hypnosis download if you want to make a fresh start.

We have self-hypnosis downloads for motivation, positive thinking as well as many other issues. Just choose a title relating to a problem that you want to work on and start listening to the hypnosis download daily.

Positive Thinking Self Hypnosis

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Keeping a Gratitude Journal

One great way of creating positive thoughts is by using a gratitude journal. Taking time out in the present day to note the good things you have in your life can be an eye-opener.

Many of us overlook many of the things that may be going well in our lives and instead focus on negative thoughts. Filling out a gratitude journal makes you look at your world differently and take notice of what is actually going well for you. That can have a considerable impact on your general mood and happiness.

Using Positive Affirmation Cards

Positive affirmations used daily help to constantly remind you to think about the good things in life rather than worrying about the negatives. We have plenty of affirmations that you can use on our website to help you do this or you can buy positive affirmation cards to use.

Affirmators cards are one of our favorites and can help you to create positive changes to your mindset providing you use them regularly.

Motivational Calendar

Simple tactics combined with our positive things to say to yourself in the morning can also help. A motivational calendar for example can help you to start the day on a good note and help you to set your intentions for the day.

This positive inspirational calendar is perpetual meaning that you can use it year after year. Just flip the calendar over each day to read a message that can help with your morning happiness.

Inspirational Wall Art

Positive or inspirational wall art hung strategically hung around your home or office can also be a great help at reminding your mind to have a successful day. After a while, the impact of the art is subliminal which means that even if you are not consciously taking in the messages your subconscious is. Subliminal messages can help to change your life by altering your thought patterns.

This Lin Manuel Miranda Quote artwork is a great example of an inspiring and motivational message that can’t fail to help you start the day successfully.

Self-Help Books For Positive Thinking

Self-help books work for many people as they give tips and strategies to help you do things differently. If you are looking at turning over a new leaf or changing something that isn’t working in your life they can help you to think about ways to do things differently.

There are hundreds of thousands of self-help books that you can choose to help you change your thinking. Good Vibes, Good Life is a bestseller and very apt for people who want to think more positively to help their mental health.

Pomodoro Timer

Finally, if you are looking for motivation and productivity in the morning we highly recommend another simple device which is a Pomodoro timer device. These aren’t complicated just a way of getting you to focus on a task that you need to do in your life.

Simply set the alarm to sound after the amount of time that you want to work for and begin your task. When the timer finishes you can stop. This allows you to do bursts of activity without distraction and can help you to increase your productivity.

This Secura 60 Minute Clock is a great example of a simple device that can help you with time management and motivation.

Positive Thing To Say to Yourself Daily

In order to make changes and automatically start experiencing positive thoughts, you need to practice doing things differently consistently.

Nobody achieved very much by trying things once and then giving up. The reality is that in order to be the best version of yourself and see results you need to practice and then practice some more. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get instant results the point is to keep on trying and you will eventually see a difference.

Think about this becoming a new positive habit that you do automatically. You have a shower every morning and brush your teeth so practising positive things to say to yourself in the morning should be no different. Make it part of your general morning routine and you will soon find that your positive statements start to make a difference to your mindset.

Things to Tell Yourself In the Mirror

So let’s start by getting you to start to use positive statements to yourself in the mirror. Looking in the mirror whilst saying your positive affirmations or mantras enables you to take a different perspective. Instead of saying statements or using negative self-critical thoughts in your mind a mirror can help you to bring that part of yourself into the open. Use these positive statements to create a different more positive narrative for yourself.

I am confident and capable.

Today I exhale doubt and inhale happiness.

I am always striving to be the best version of myself I can be.

Today I choose to focus on my happiness.

This is going to be a very good day.

I love myself.

Flaws make me more beautiful as I am unique.

I am a person who makes things happen.

I am in charge of my own life.

Only I can make a difference to my life.

Things to Say to Yourself to Build Confidence

If you want to be a more self-assured human being then you need to start working on your confidence. A lack of confidence is just another form of anxiety. A part of your mind stops you from doing things that you are capable of because it has a worry or fear about failure or embarrassment. Building your confidence and stepping out of your confidence zone is important to prevent you from achieving less than is possible.

Use our positive things to say to yourself in the morning to work on your confidence and boost your self-esteem. Remember nobody else can give you these only yoursefl.

I am feeling confident and my self-esteem is high.

It is a great morning for stepping out of my comfort zone.

I can overcome failure and be resilient and strong.

My confidence is growing every single day.

When bad things happen I can still thrive.

Fear is merely a restriction that can be overcome when I push my boundaries.

This is a good morning to try something new.

I am great at building better relationships with people.

I can do anything when I put my mind to it.

I have belief in myself and my abilities.

Positive Statements About Yourself

At times we need to remind ourselves about what a great person we actually are. Negative self-talk can sometimes stop you from recognising that you have so many amazing positive attributes. Using positive statements about yourself is a powerful process to negate the negativity and help you focus on how amazing you are.

I have so many skills I haven’t even started to use yet.

I don’t have all the answers but I am capable of working things out.

I am capable of making all my dreams come true.

This is a good morning to follow my goals.

Today I will start practising gratitude so I can appreciate how good things are.

Every day I am becoming a better human being.

My life is improving because so am I.

I have the power to change my world.

Today is a new day for me to make a difference.

My life is great when I choose to take control of where it goes.

Positive Affirmations To Use In The Morning

Finally, we love a positive phrase or affirmation that sets you up for the day. Use these to start your day in the right way and remind yourself that the world can be a great place when you have a positive attitude.

Today is a great day for a fresh start.

A new life is waiting for me whenever I want it.

My life is improving every single day.

I am looking forward to a bright sunny day.

My daily life is interesting and exciting.

I am making my thoughts a reality.

I am great at overcoming any challenges in my life.

I can do it.

Today I am choosing to start my morning with a big smile on my face.

I will never settle for less than I am worth in life.

We hope you like our positive things to say to yourself in the morning and our other suggestions for making you feel like a happier person. If you want more help to change your mindset have a look at some of our other blogs that can also make a difference to your well-being and create positive mental health.

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