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Positive Thinking Hypnosis – Change Your Mindset & Change Your Life

Do you have a positive outlook on life or are you a glass half empty person who always thinks the worst about yourself and situations? If you are then you could probably benefit from positive thinking hypnosis to help you develop more useful responses and improve your general well-being.

Whilst all of us will experience some negative self-talk and thoughts at times most people will find that these thoughts won’t dominate their lives and prevent them from taking action. For others, however thoughts negative thoughts and feelings can create anxiety, reduce confidence and even cause depression. Getting help to think differently can make all the difference and prevent these feelings from spiralling out of control.

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Can Hypnotherapy Change Your Mindset?

The fact is that for the vast majority of people positive thinking hypnosis can help to change your mindset and reduce negative thoughts. Believe it or not, you weren’t born with these negative thought patterns. Instead, people, situations and problems came along that made you question your beliefs. Whatever these events were in your life they are likely to have impacted your emotions and made you struggle to look on the bright side or believe good things could happen.

Positive thinking hypnotherapy aims to help you understand and rationalise why those feelings might be there and can help you find ways to control thought negative thought patterns so they are less likely to hold you back.

positive thinking hypnosis

Other Methods to Change Unhelpful Thought Patterns

Before we talk about the power of hypnosis and its ability to alter unhelpful thinking habits there are other methods that you can also use to accomplish your goals and think differently. There is never any harm in doing some of the following in your everyday life to get even better results.

Use Positive Affirmations  

Positive affirmations used regularly can change your mindset. Use positive affirmation cards to help prompt you to think differently.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Negative people bring you down. Surround yourself with people who are your cheerleader and encourage you to succeed.

Express Gratitude

Practice gratitude and think about what you already have in your life that is great. Use a gratitude journal to make this a regular practice.

Reframe Your Thoughts

Sometimes the way we think about things makes us believe that we have failed. As an example just because something has gone wrong doesn’t mean everything is a disaster. Failures teach us what not to do and allow us to do things differently next time to create success.

Push Your Boundaries

Negative thoughts can be fueled by anxiety which is a way of stopping us from failing or doing the wrong thing. Push through the uncomfortable feeling however and succeed and the negative thoughts and feelings start to subside.

Relive Your Positive Experiences

We all have positive memories and experiences. Get used to remembering the positives and thinking about how good you felt when those things occurred.

Use The Law Of Attraction

The law of attraction involves taking action towards meeting your goals which can be emotional or financial. Use our law of attraction worksheets to help move in the right direction.

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Does Hypnosis Work for Positive Thinking

Positive thinking hypnosis works on a number of different levels to help feelings of confidence, calm and happiness.

Firstly during an initial hypnosis session assessment, a clinical hypnotherapist will listen to the extent of your problem to understand your particular problems and needs. Negative feelings can manifest themselves in different ways which is why a good hypnotherapist will tailor their techniques to your unique needs.

One of the first things a hypnotherapist is likely to do with you is general suggestion hypnosis work whilst you are in a trance like state. Positive suggestions which are given in hypnosis allow the subconscious brain to open up to the possibility that there is another way of thinking. When these suggestions are repeated frequently enough they can help to control negative thinking and instil a more positive outlook.

To reinforce that positive mindset we tend to give our clients a self-hypnosis download to listen to daily that will repeat those powerful suggestions. For some people, this alone may be enough to create new emotional responses.

Stopping Negative Thought Processes

Creating a positive mindset with hypnosis doesn’t just involve suggestions. It can also be used in conjunction with positive practised visualisation techniques. When you imagine different outcomes in the safety of hypnosis it can allow you to develop different responses to life situations.

Hypnotherapy for example can help you to imagine going to a job interview and seeing yourself answering the questions calmly and confidently. It can assist you with giving you positive thoughts about exams or tests so that instead of thinking you will fail you can create a belief that you will pass. It can help you to practice public speaking with the removal of self-doubt and nerves making you feel more confident and in control.

This mental rehearsal of positive thoughts gives you the ability to think about success and allows you to focus on more helpful feelings instead.

Using Hypnotherapy for Positive Thinking To Discover The Root Causes of Your Problem

Finally, positive thinking hypnosis can also involve more complex therapy to address the root causes of a problem. This means training the mind to relax sufficiently so that the origins of a behaviour can be found.

This form of therapy typically involves regression hypnosis however there are other methods that can also work. A trained hypnotherapist can help you to go back through your memories by following your unhelpful feelings to find out the initial events that created those negative thoughts.

The brain has an amazing capability to remember these learned experiences under hypnosis which allows the real heart of the matter to be discovered. Once this is known therapy can be aimed at the actual problems rather than guessing. Also, your mind is able to look at those life events with a fresh view which often allows you to rationalise things differently giving you the ability to think differently or as we say rewiring your mind.

Self-Hypnosis for Positive Thinking

Positive suggestions and mental rehearsal are methods that you can work on at home using self-hypnosis. Regular practice of self-hypnosis techniques allows you to develop and hone your mind to think more positively as you focus on creating different habits.

In order to make this easy for our clients, we give them a self-hypnosis audio for positive thinking to listen to every day. This helps them not only find a calm space in their mind to reflect without distraction but also gives suggestions for positivity, confidence and self-esteem building.

We recommend that our self-hypnosis download is used at a time when our clients are doing nothing else as this helps to deepen the trance over time. We also recommend that when they listen to the audio they make sure they are not tempted to drive or do something that means their attention is disrupted for safety reasons. One of the easiest places for our clients to listen to the hypnosis audio is in bed where they can hear the suggestions in peace and quiet.

If you would like to practice our self-hypnosis for positive thinking you can purchase a copy to try at home from our online store.

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Therapy for a More Positive Outlook

Positive thinking hypnosis is a great form of therapy for creating a better mindset especially if you are unaware of why you have negative thought patterns. It can help you discover the answers as well as altering your thinking on a subconscious level. This can make all the difference in helping you to achieve better outcomes and in living a happier life.

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