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50 Positive Trading Affirmations To Create a Success Mindset

As a former trader with experience working on a trading floor for years I know just how important it is for a person to have the right mindset in order to create success. Successful traders don’t just need a good trading strategy but also a positive and resilient mindset to reach their full potential. This is why I’ve created a list of positive trading affirmations for traders to use to help them develop a successful trading frame of mind.

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Creating a Positive Trading Mindset

Positive trading affirmations are designed to help you to be consistently profitable by helping you to remove negative thoughts and replace them with a more useful way of thinking. Developing trading skills isn’t all about knowing your market it is also about how you react when things are not going your way. By developing a trading process that uses trading strategies, reflection and mindset changes you are more likely to be a trading success.

In layperson terms imagine you are a goalkeeper in a football team and the opposition gets a winning goal at the end of a huge match. A good goalkeeper will be able to come out for their next game and brush off the defeat as if it never happened. A less resilient goalkeeper will lose their confidence, fall apart in their next matches and eventually will be substituted because of the lack of ability. A positive mindset together with a trading plan can enable you to go back to basics and carry on.

This example is not very different to professional trading. Whilst you should be able to place trades that are profitable it is almost inevitable that you are not going to make the right calls every time and make some bad trades. Being consistently profitable as a professional trader means being able to make trading decisions that create a profit even when a previous strategy hasn’t gone to plan.

A trading plan, proper risk management procedures, a trading journal and reflection coupled with good trading strategies can make a difference however successful traders need to have the right mindset as well to be able to create success in the financial markets.

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Trading Psychology

Trading psychology is a whole branch of mindset and confidence strategies to help traders manage their unhelpful thoughts so that they make profitable trades no matter what may have happened with their previous positions. This approach recognizes that trading strategy is important but also pays attention to the fact that the way you think can play a role in your success in the financial markets as well.

Positive affirmations are just one area of trading psychology that can help you to make better trading decisions by helping you to stay focused on the end game rather than being buffeted or sabotaged by your emotions.

Keeping your emotions in check is important if you are to be a world-class trader. This is because when we follow our emotions we can end up procrastinating, making the wrong calls or forgetting about the business and trading because of hurt pride or because we are hoping to recoup our losses.

A consistently profitable trader is only a success when they keep a cool calm head and  keep your emotions away from the decision-making process so that each trade made is backed by proper technical analysis, risk analysis, investment advice and market knowledge rather than feelings.

When you use tools such as positive trading affirmations in addition to a trading plan to help you become a successful trader in the financial markets you are helping to remind yourself of the fundamentals so you make great trading decisions.

How Can Trading Psychology Be Improved?

Positive affirmations are just one tool that you can use to help you to succeed but remember they should not be your only way of developing your skills. Here are some other ways you can start attracting abundance and making money.

Confidence Building For Traders

Building confidence and self-esteem are important if you are going to be successful when trading financial markets. They are a way of helping you to be more sure of yourself and can help with positive thinking. Do not mistake confidence building for arrogance and swagger. Those are old traits that are best left to the traders from the greed is good years.

Stress Reduction For Traders

Learning to manage stress and staying calm whilst you are dealing with a trading day is hugely important. We help our clients with feeling completely relaxed by giving them a self-hypnosis download for stress reduction. When it is used regularly it can help you sleep better and stay feeling calmer and more in control when you are looking at the markets even if you are experiencing losing trades. This guided mediation for traders can make a difference as it helps you to think more clearly and rationally when it is used regularly.


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Use Trade Set-Ups For Stop Losses As Well As Gains

A good trader knows when to get out of losing trades and doesn’t continue to throw good money after bad. They take the hit and move on rather than wallow in negative feelings. You need to do the same and set stop losses for your trades and stick rigidly to them.

Similarly, you need to know when to get out of a winning trade. Profit and success can make you greedy but everyone knows if you stay in a trade for too long it’s going to reverse. This is a basic trading system but one that many traders forget about.

Create strong trading rules for yourself and it can help you to develop into a more successful trader.

Use Self-Hypnosis For Trading

We know that self-hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you to get a winning mindset and improve your life. Self-hypnosis downloads get help with everything from confidence to positive thinking and can help to foster positive thinking.

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Having A Get Out Plan

When you have a trading plan you don’t just have a plan a but a plan b and c as well especially in more volatile markets. Successful traders learn to create risk management strategies to protect their profits and minimize their losses. There is no problem thinking about the worst-case scenario when you are distancing yourself from your emotions.

Learning To Be Objective

Profitable traders are objective and try and make trading decisions based on rational sensible strategies rather than allowing themselves to be caught up by bias and emotions. When you do this you will be able to trade in the market more effectively.

Knowing When to Step Away

Have you ever had in life a sheer moment of frustration where you kept on plowing on doing something that was going wrong and felt yourself feeling more and more out of control as you persisted? We have all had moments when we have allowed our emotions to get the better of us when we should have walked away. Learn to know when to remove yourself from a market or trade when this is happening to you.

Avoiding Listening to What Others Are Doing

No, I am not talking about ignoring your peers on a trading desk who are working in your best interests. I am talking about paying too much attention to how you hear other traders are doing and how successful they are. Don’t believe the hype! Be your own person and stick to your own objectives.

Being Reflective

When you have finished a particular trading position or day trade be reflective afterwards. New trading skills such as reflection allow you to do more of what you are good at as well as determine areas of weakness that may need attention.

Keep a Trading Journal

Finally keep a trading journal to review your trades, profits, losses and strategies. Over time this can be a hugely valuable document to help you develop your investing skills and trading plans.

Trading Mindfully

Using positive trading affirmations can be a great way of getting your mindset into the right zone to create a successful career. Our trading affirmations can help you with setting yourself up on the right path so that you feel more positive and relaxed when you trade.

You can also think about using mindfulness to help as well. Mindfulness is a great tool that is primarily used for mental health issues but is easily adapted for better trading.

It is a way of keeping your focus on the moment you are in rather than thinking about your past mistakes or worrying about what the future will hold.

There are plenty of mindfulness exercises that you can learn to train yourself to think in the present. This can help you to leave some of your unhelpful emotions behind so you can focus on what is happening right now. To learn more about this tool to help you stay on track take a look at the book Mindfulness which has an eight-week plan to help you learn the process.


Daily Affirmations To Help You With Trading

Ready to give our trading affirmations a go? Use our positive affirmations daily to help change the way you think. Pick two or three to use each day and repeat regularly as a mantra to help you change unhelpful subconscious thinking.

Remember that consistency is key. Affirmations need to be used regularly over a period of time to have an impact. You also need to be present whilst you are saying them to create that belief system. There are 50 powerful trading affirmations that you can use below which can help you to succeed.

I am confident about the profits I am going to make over the next year.

I have the ability to be a successful trader.

I have taken the time to understand my markets allowing me to trade profitably.

I am an expert at money management and generating profits.

I am able to manage my risks and run a profitable account with my trading system.

My trading account is consistently in profit.

Success comes from knowing my market and trading from knowledge, not emotions.

Every day I practice managing my stress so I am relaxed and calm.

I can keep a cool calm head even when I am under pressure.

I have a good risk management plan to keep my trading safe.

I know the right moment to get out of trades at the right time.

I am capable of noticing market signals before anyone else.

I am on course to significantly increase my profits this year with my trading plan.

I am able to sell at the top of the market.

My trade setups are successful because I take time to plan my strategies.

I focus on one trade at a time.

I have the ability to increase my profits each year with my trading plan.

Every day I gain more and more insight into the markets.

I never rush my trades but instead have a consistent systematic strategy.

I refuse to pay attention to outside opinions or gossip.

I am a confident and successful trader.

I keep my emotions in check whether my trades or profitable or not.

I only listen to people who are successful and know what they are talking about.

I do my homework before setting up my trades.

I am always willing to spend time educating myself to trade better.

My life is significantly better with my current career.

I set stop losses and I stick to them without fail.

I know the right point to close a trade and take my profit.

I am a patient trader and never invest in a market when the risk is too great.

I constantly monitor my performance to increase my success rate.

I am always learning even when things are not going my way.

I refuse to compare myself to other traders.

Money flows easily to me.

I am able to relax and sleep well when I am away from the market.

I enjoy seeing what each new day brings to the market.

I have the right mindset and temperament to be a highly successful trader.

Whatever I choose to invest in always increases in value.

I am able to hold my own in a fast-moving market.

I am filled with gratitude for the life trading gives me.

I understand risk and this helps me to be more successful.

I am able to work well even when there is volatility in the market.

I manage my risks effectively with my trading strategy.

I am in the business of knowing how to make money.

I am an expert at putting on winning trades.

I have a unique ability to determine the way the markets are moving.

I am on course to have my best trading year ever.

As I trader I am extremely grateful for the opportunities my work gives me.

I enjoy my life working as a trader.

I will end each quarter this year substantially in profit.

Trading gives me huge opportunities for a better life.

Do you want to improve your trading performance? Contact me to talk about my trading mindset program which can help you with creating the right trading psychology. Just fill out the form below to arrange a discussion.

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