practical gifts for busy moms

40 Practical Gifts for Busy Moms

We’ve created a list of practical gifts for busy moms to help you find the perfect useful presents. Busy moms or working moms need gifts and presents that are going to save them time, help them reduce stress and which they are actually going to use. So this means fewer super fancy items which will just stay in the packaging but gifts that will be regularly used and become much-loved essentials.

Whilst our gift idea list certainly contains a number of everyday gifts we also want to make sure that many of the presents could also double up to support good mental health.  This means we have particularly looked at items that could save time, lower stress levels as well as promote relaxation and self-care, especially for a working mom.

Our gift list for busy working moms hopefully gives you some great ideas of what to buy that will make them happier and improve their well-being. We’ve got working mom gift ideas at all price points so you should be able to find something no matter what your budget. So let’s start by looking at some gifts moms actually want.

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Gifts Moms Actually Want

Let’s start our practical gifts for busy moms list with a great idea if the person you are buying for is a coffee lover. This Smart Coffee Warmer is a great idea for a working mom because all they need to do is plug it in. When you place a coffee cup on it the product automatically starts warming the cup to keep a drink hot. Even better it is waterproof so even if you spill something it is easy to clean. Any busy mom who loves coffee will think this is a great gift idea.

We love talking to our clients about ways that they can help their stress and one of our favourite all-time best products to help are weighted blankets. They are a brilliant gift idea because they help to aid relaxation and improve sleep plus they also keep you warm.

This Quility Weighted Blanket comes in a huge number of sizes and weights so you can find something that is perfect for the person you are buying for. To get more information on what size you should choose read our article about choosing the best weighted blanket.

If you want to think about mother’s day gift ideas for busy moms then definitely consider a really great pair of slippers. Not the kind of slippers you would pick up in the supermarket but a really long-lasting hard-wearing pair that offer support warmth and comfort.

Ugg Women’s Coquette Slippers come in an array of colours and are considered a classic. As with anything you get what you pay for and these are a great pair of slippers that are stylish but also are practical because they will be used every day. This is a luxury gift idea but the cost per use actually means your mom is getting a bargain.

The world of technology is moving on all the time and there are some amazing gadgets out there that can save time, money and can help your working mom to stay organised. One of the most popular is the Apple Watch Series 6.

If you are looking for gifts for working moms this product is huge right now. You can use it to take calls and texts, measure blood oxygen and heart rate and generally use it as a fitness tracker. Why bother carrying around a bulky phone when everything can just be placed on your wrist? This is the future of electronics which is why it has had such amazing reviews.

Gifts for working moms should also include another classic Apple product which is the  Apple Air Pods with Charging Case. Who knew that the world of headphones was going to be transformed by their design. These wireless headphones are fantastic for people who are on the go and have such a great super sleek design.

Gifts for working moms are not always about being on the go. We always encourage our clients to think about self-care and to find time for relaxation and stress reduction. A great way to do this is to meditate but where do you do this in your home?

The perfect solution is to create a meditation space in a room in your home to give you an area where you can just switch off every day. This Rainlin Tufted Meditation Cushion wouldn’t look out of place in the most fashionable of homes and would make a perfect practical wellness gift for any busy mom. It comes in five colours so there should be one that fits in with most home decor.

A mom gift can also be used to help improve mental health you just need to find the right products. If the mom you are buying for lives in the Northern Hemisphere the chances are they are not getting enough sunlight in the winter months and for some people that can create problems with anxiety and depression. Yet a SAD Light is such a simple solution to the problem. Gift ideas for wellness are huge right now!

This Micro Light Therapy Lamp gives off 10,000 lux to mimic sunlight. Just place the item more than 5.5 inches away from you in a place where it doesn’t shine in front of your eyes. With regular use, this can help to improve mood, especially in the colder darker months.

Who said that you had to stress yourself out running around trying to find the perfect gift? Sometimes you need to take the easy route especially if you are under pressure or a working mom yourself. Amazon sells a whole host of gift cards to suit just about anyone. Pick an Amazon gift card or choose from a ton of other retailers and your work is done. They also make a really easy solution for mother’s day.

The best gift ideas for busy moms need to be useful and this particular item is a great example of something that can make a real difference. It is a Two-Tier Jewellery Tray that can be placed by your bed or on your dressing table. When you go to bed slip off your rings, jewellery and glasses and when you wake up they will be there waiting for you the next day. She’ll love this present as it means never having to hunt for her jewellery again.

We love nothing more than hearing that our clients have taken some time out to relax and look after their mental health. Many people feel guilty if they take a few hours out to sit and do nothing but actually, it makes them more productive in the long term. If you want gift ideas for busy moms who need to take it easy then think about buying them a portable speaker they can use outside or move around the house to listen to music, the radio or even a podcast. This JBL Flip 4 is waterproof so perfect for using at a beach or around a pool.

Unique Gifts for Busy Moms

Gift ideas for busy moms can be useful and improve wellness at the same time. Think about buying a Vitruvi essential oil diffuser as a unique gift for a busy mom. Using the right scent can help to change your mood and is often underestimated as either an energy booster or relaxant to help stress.

This particular diffuser is made from ceramic porcelain and is incredibly chic. Just add some drops of essential oil into the reservoir with some water and allow the aroma to fill the space. We love this because it is not only a hugely practical gift but one that can help well-being as well. This is also a great mother’s day gift as it is indulgent.

We have a guide discussing the best desktop diffusers for the working mom if you are looking for something smaller.

Have you ever lost your keys, phone or purse and spent ages going round in circles trying to find it again? You aren’t alone losing things especially when you are busy is a recipe to tip you over the edge. This is why The Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker deserves a place in our practical gifts for busy moms list.

Just attach the tile to your item and you can track where it is via an app or even Alexa. This particular model has a 400ft range meaning your mum will never be hunting for your keys or mobile ever again.

We had to include the next product in our gift ideas for busy moms list. How many of you get frustrated or stressed when you can’t find something? Organising your life takes a little time when you first do it but if you keep to your systems it will save you hours in the long term. There are organising systems for just about everything from your kitchen to your bathroom but we couldn’t resist mentioning this Rose Gold Beauty Box.

This box is the perfect place to put all your make-up and products so that you can find them every single time. Plus not only does it look great it also is portable meaning that if you are on the go travelling all the time you can just shut the case and bring everything with you. This is the ultimate thoughtful gift for a mom who loves their makeup and a great mother’s day present.

Does the mom that you are buying for regularly have to walk a dog in the rain? Do they live a lifestyle where they are out all the time in all weathers? Well who knew but there is an amazing product to help when they get back inside with wet shoes. Mom gift ideas that are practical but also unusual can make a great talking point.

The Peet Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer is an amazing product that helps to dry out your shoes. Just place your shoe or boots on the dyer and over a period of 3 to 8 hours, it will dry your shoes and save them from mould and mildew. This is a really unusual must-have gift that is also highly practical.

The best gift ideas for the working mom in your life should involve items that would be used regularly without even thinking about it. They are daily use items that you never knew you wanted but when you get them they become part of the furniture. This is why we like this Hair Tool Storage Organiser that you can be placed in a dressing room, bedroom or bathroom.

This is the ultimate in organisation products as it has a space for your brushes, hairdryer or curling tongs as well as ample space for styling products. It also looks great. There are other designs in different colours of similar products so simply find something that is most likely to fit in with the decor of the person you are buying for.

This product wouldn’t have made the list if we were writing this a year ago but since the global pandemic, the need for cleanliness has become a life-saving matter. This Travel UV Sanitizing Wand helps to kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Just place the wand over your item for 5 seconds or more and it will have done its job. This is the perfect gift to use on keyboards, phones, toothbrushes, or jewellery.

Thoughtful gifts for the mom in your life don’t have to be expensive to show you care. So many of us don’t drink enough water during the day to stay hydrated yet with this simple gift you can change this easily. She’ll love this One Gallon Motivational Water Bottle which has message markers on the side to remind you of how much you need to drink and the time of day. The motivational messages can push you to drink more and the times remind you how much you need to consume every two hours. Such a genius simple idea and Khloe Kardashian another working mom uses this and raves about it on her Instagram feed.

Gifts for working moms who are into their health make great presents as well. Why not make it easier for the mom that you are buying for eat healthier meals. Gifting them an Adult Bento Box is a great solution to make them choose a fresh selection of food to eat on the go. This particular set comes with a fork and spoon as well.

Classic gifts for moms are sometimes the best. Why not buy a Swiss Army Knife to help a busy mom that you know. This one has 7 functions including scissors, keyring, tweezers, a blade, nail file and screwdriver. As gift ideas go this is a great small item that can be popped in a handbag ready for the moment you are bound to need it.

Help the mom in your life to get the perfect pedicure with minimal fuss or effort by buying her an Electric Callus Remover. She’ll love this particular version because it has a number of different heads to allow her to adjust what is done to her feet. This is a great little gadget that is both practical and helps with self-care.

Best Gifts for Busy Moms

If you have never heard of the Instant Pot Duo Nova Pressure Cooker then where have you been?  Gifts for working moms don’t get more useful than this. This item, which comes in various sizes, is a huge seller and a bit hit with busy moms because it saves time and stress when cooking. This particular version has a cooking capacity for up to six people and can do 7 types of cooking in one including:

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Slow Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Steamer
  • Saute Pan
  • Food Warmer
  • Yoghurt Maker

It can cook food 70% times faster than other methods and is dishwasher safe. This is one of the best gifts for a mom who looks to cook.

Great gifts for moms can help you to transform the lives of the person you are buying for. This Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of those presents. This little device is a super time saver and cleans without you ever needing to lift a finger.

You can use an app or Alexa to give it instructions on when to clean the floors. It is so clever it knows where the dirtier places in your home are and will schedule to clean them more often. It also has a detector that stops it from falling down the stairs. This is such a great device and one of our all-time favourites.

At the more affordable end of the scale, another thoughtful gift for the mom in your life is this Expandable Bathtub Caddy/Tray. This is such a great idea as it has a wine holder, tablet section plus space for a candle or your bath products. It is also expandable meaning that it should fit most baths.

We love this because all moms deserve moments of self-care and anything that encourages them to unwind and relax can only be a good thing.

Some gift ideas for busy moms are gadgets that you initially don’t give a second thought to until you get one and then you wonder how you ever managed without it. One of these is definitely the Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Steamer. This little device is so super simple to use you’ll wonder why you ever bothered using an iron and ironing board.

Just use the steamer to get rid of wrinkles in clothes, stop creases in your bed linen and refresh your upholstery. This device doesn’t just remove the creases it also kills 99.9% of bed bugs and dust mites so it is perfect for people with allergy issues. This is the perfect gift for someone who wants to save time and hates ironing.

There is nothing worse than getting into a cold bed so solve the problem by buying a Vremi Electric Blanket. This is definitely a thoughtful gift that any mom would want especially if they feel the cold or live in an older house where the heating might not be as good as it should be. This is the perfect item for the winter months and for a mom who loves to be cosy.


Gifts for working moms can solve pain points and frustration and this next item certainly does that. How many women do you know who have spent ages rummaging around in their handbag trying to find something? Handbags can be dark and filled with items and if the light isn’t great it can be impossible to find anything.

The Soi Mini Smart Light for Handbags solves this really easily. Just place it in your handbag and it activates when it detects movement. It switches on for 10 seconds allowing you to find what you want and then switches off again. Whoever thought of this is a genius which is why it made our best gifts list!

We are obsessed with wellness gift ideas that work which is why we love the Letrofan White Noise Machine that has thousands of positive reviews. Insomnia is the curse of the busy mom as they often find it hard to switch their minds off but white noise machines can help. This one makes twenty different sounds to help block out noises that could be disturbing your sleep and helps you drift off more easily. This is ideal for working moms who need to relax their mind after a busy day.

The best gifts ideas often involve cooking gadgets that save time. These are great gift ideas for busy moms. This one is a Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker that can boil, scramble or poach eggs with ease. Its two-tier design allows someone to cook breakfast for all the family with ease and you’ll get perfect eggs every time.

Help your busy mom find her make-up with ease with the Lay-n-Go Flat Drawstring Bag. Simply open up the drawstring and the bag unfolds completely flat meaning you can see every item in the bag quickly. When you are done just pull the drawstring and the make-up is safely back in a secure bag. The best gifts don’t have to be complicated and this idea is inexpensive, stylish and incredibly useful.

This Hollywood Mirror is a great gift idea to help your mom look great every day. It comes with 9 bulbs to illuminate the mirror and these can be adjusted to suit your needs. Perfect for placing on a dressing table or chest of drawers and helping you to see what you are doing clearly no matter how dark it might be in the room.

Gifts for Working Moms

If you know a mom who works for home then think about getting her a Huanuo Under Desk Foot Rest. This particular footrest comes with 2 different covers. One has a more textured surface and the other is a breathable cover. The massage beads on the textured cover are great at easing pain, fatigue and helping to improve circulation in the feet. This is a perfect gift that improves well-being and is simple and easy to use. Plus the covers are easily washable so it is super simple to keep clean. The best gifts often solve a problem and this one does a great job of helping foot and leg health.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a perfect gift for working moms as they help eye strain from working in front of a screen all day long. They work by blocking the blue light that comes from devices such as computers or tablets which can create discomfort and cause headaches.

These glasses are also great at assisting your sleep. When you spend long hours in front of a computer that is giving off blue light it can impact your sleep patterns. This is why insomnia is becoming an epidemic for so many working moms. Using these glasses can help you to get a good nights rest again. Read our guide to blue light blocking glasses for more information on how they can help.

The Echo Show with Blank Mini is a great present for busy moms as you get a lot for your money at a great price point. The Alexa device is great for watching movies, tv and news as well as listening to the radio and audiobooks. The blink mini meanwhile is a security camera that you can use to check and monitor your home or your pets. Plus they are hands-free meaning you get to tell them what to do without pressing a button.

If there is one thing that gifts for busy moms should do is make life easier for the recipient. We want our gift suggestions to help our clients feel better, reduce stress, save time or generally be incredibly useful. This is why we love the Clever Fox Premium Planner.

This planner which comes in a number of different colours is a great solution not only for appointments but also to improve your well-being. This particular version allows you to monitor goals, track habits, review your week and plan your day to the hour. It even has stickers to help jazz things up and make appointments stand out. This is a great gift idea for a working mom which needs to keep track of her life.

Gifts for busy moms who work should include presents that will be used time and time again because they are so handy. This is why the Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote Bag had to be on our list.

This bag is an all-time classic gift idea because it can fold up and be carried anywhere effortlessly so that you can pull it out when you need it. Equally some people just use them all the time because the bag is so well made that it can carry files, books, shopping and a whole lot more. Plus you don’t have to compromise on style. It is also the perfect bag for a working mom. Washable, wipeable, foldable and compact.

Remote working is huge at the moment since Coronavirus forced us to step out of the office and embrace online video conferencing however you are probably finding that your webcam alone isn’t doing the job. How many of you stared in horror at your face being shown online in an unflattering light?

The Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit is the perfect clip on light clip that can transform how a working mom looks in calls. it has white light, warm light and natural light and 5 levels of brightness. All you need to do is clamp it to your computer screen and rotate or angle it to what you need. Perfect for our busy mom’s gift guide and at a great price point.

Going back to the theme of organisation, all busy working moms could do with this 5 piece acrylic stationery set on their desk. This set comes with a stapler, pen holder, tape dispenser, memo pad case as well as paper clips. Give this gift to help your busy mom never have to search for a pen again!

Working in front of a computer all day plays havoc with your neck and shoulder muscles as well as your posture which is why we added our next item to the practical gifts for busy moms list. This Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager has thousands of positive reviews because it is an amazing device that gives you a great massage without you having to go to a spa. This particular device has a heating function as well to make the massage even more effective. You don’t have to just use it when your muscles are sore it is also perfect for relaxation or stress reduction at the end of a busy day which means it is perfect to use as part of a self-care routine.

With all the gadgets that we have these days, it can be hard to keep track of where they are and also where to place them to charge. This wireless charging station has a space for a mobile, a smartwatch and even AirPods. Place it on a working moms desk and she will have the perfect zone for keeping all her gadgets topped up.

Get a busy mom organised and reduce their stress by buying them a wall planner to track what they need to be doing and when. This is a particularly useful gift idea if the person you are buying for has a home office so they can see exactly their schedule directly in front of them. This Dry Erase Laminated Wall Planner is a great example of a product that can make a big difference plus it doesn’t cost the earth.

Our final choice is a practical gift idea for a working mom the Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger. Smartphone usage is on the rise however not all batteries have the capability of keeping up with the way we use them. Never let your busy mom be caught out again by buying them this portable charger that can help them charge their devices on the go.

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