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Printable Birth Affirmations PDF for Hypnobirthing

If you are currently pregnant and are worrying about how you can stay calm and relaxed whilst you are in hospital or at home having your baby then our printable birth affirmations PDF can help.

Having a positive birth is something that every potential parent wants and there are plenty of strategies that you use in the labor room such as hypnobirthing to help you feel more at ease and comfortable. Birth affirmations that you can use during childbirth are a great tool to help you take control of your mind and alter your mindset.

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Why Calm Birth Affirmations Can Help With Hypnobirthing

So how can our birth affirmations PDF assist you when you are at a birthing center or at home in labor?

Well, this has everything to do with your thought processes and staying as relaxed and in control as possible whilst you are in labor.

For some women, pregnancy and childbirth is something that gives them anxiety and worry. They may have a fear of the hospital, a worry about whether the delivery will go to plan or panic about having a healthy baby. The more worry they have the more tension there is in the body. The more tension there is the greater potential for muscles to tighten which could cause pain and more difficult labor.

Creating a more positive, relaxed and calm mindset does the opposite. Therefore it makes sense to use all the tools at your disposal such as birth affirmations to help you to feel more confident and at ease so you have a more positive birth.

Printable Birth Affirmations to Carry and Keep

Positive affirmations for birth are a way of helping you to control your conscious and subconscious mind to stay positive and at ease both before and during your delivery.

When you use positive birth affirmations you are giving repeated instructions to your mind to think in a certain way. The more you use our free printable birth affirmations the more likely it is that you will start thinking more positively when you start your labor and prepare to meet your baby.

A positive birth is not all to do with your body but also your mind as well. Being able to control your thoughts is an important part of the process of giving birth. Hypnobirthing for example focuses on this concept. It teaches you ways of relaxing your body as well as your mind so that you experience less pain or worry whilst you are in labor.

Positive birth affirmations can form part of this Hypnobirthing process as they are simple and easy to use whether you are at the hospital or at home.

Our birth affirmations PDF is printable making it easy for you to put in your hospital bag or to hang on a wall so you can be reminded of what to tell yourself during childbirth.

Birth Mantras for Pregnancy and Labor

Think of our free printable birth affirmations PDF as a helpful tool to assist you in pregnancy and labor. You can also combine using the helpful birth affirmations with some of the other tools that we recommend below.

There is no perfect time to start using these birth mantras but in our view the more you practice the more the positive birth affirmations start to become second nature. Using them only during the actual delivery means that you are unlikely to have given your mind enough time to adjust to the new way of thinking. Practising them in the month or so leading up to the birth makes more sense so that you give them time to take effect. Starting them even earlier also won’t do you any harm.

Birth Affirmation Cards

As well as using our labor mantras or helpful birth affirmations there is nothing to stop you from buying different ones online.

There are some great birth affirmation cards on the market and here are some of our favorites.

The Doula Deck is as you might have guessed written by a Doula called Lori Bregman. This pack has 78 cards that help with meditation, breathwork as well as those all-important affirmations to help you through your pregnancy as well as labor and beyond.

Mama Natural Birth Affirmations Deck is also beautifully illustrated. Each of the 50 cards has a scene and a positive labor affirmation to help you experience a more peaceful and relaxed birth.

Hypnobirthing Books To Help You Prepare

Don’t forget that birthing affirmations are just one tool to help. It makes sense to use other Hypnobirthing tools as well which is why these books should be on your reading list for the lead up to the birth.

Practical Way to Make Your Birth Better by Siobhan Miller is a hugely popular book all about Hypnobirthing. This is a great book to read in the lead up to your birth so you start to train your body and mind to work with the natural birth process not against it.

Alternatively, try Marie Mongan’s book on HypnoBirthing to guide you through your pregnancy and labor. Marie is one of the earliest users of the process and has a lot to say on how it can help you to have a better birth.

Hypnobirthing Affirmations PDF

  1. I am confident and calm about this birth.
  2. I am breathing in relaxation and breathing out tension.
  3. My body knows exactly what to do to help me have an easy birth.
  4. I feel waves of energy like gentle ripples on a pond.
  5. I am relaxed and free from stress.
  6. Childbirth can be simple and natural when you feel calm.
  7. My body is strong and capable of bringing a baby into the world.
  8. Bringing this new life into the world is magical.
  9. My baby is healthy and so am I.
  10. I open myself up to a new chapter in my life.
  11. I feel supported and loved by those around me.
  12. I am ready to meet my baby.
  13. I feel safe and calm no matter where I am.
  14. I am focused on my peaceful inner thoughts.
  15. I am filled with joy and love for my baby.
  16. Any sensations I feel are flowing through me and cause no pain.
  17. I am choosing to have my baby my way.
  18. I am letting go of any unhelpful thoughts.
  19. I trust my instincts and am doing what comes naturally.
  20. I feel empowered, strong and in control.
  21. I am ready to welcome my baby.
  22. I can do this.
  23. I am mindful and choose to have a positive childbirth.
  24. My heart is filled with love for my baby.
  25. My mind is focused on positive thoughts.
  26. I love having a positive pregnancy.
  27. I am working in harmony with my baby during this delivery.
  28. This moment is amazing and something I will never forget.
  29. As I breathe slowly I feel calmer and more at ease.
  30. I am filled with enough stamina and energy to make this happen.

Want the PDF? Download our printable birth affirmations PDF in a flashcard style. 30 Birth affirmations plus blank card spaces to write your own mantras.

printable birth affirmations pdf

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