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50 Self-Discovery Questions to Help Your Personal Growth

How much do you really know about yourself? You may be shocked to find that most of us have belief systems and thoughts that are either not true or that are at the very least partially incorrect. Self-discovery questions are a way of delving a little deeper into your mind to examine your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Questions for self-discovery are a way of finding out more about ourselves. They give us an insight into how our minds tick and also give us the space to think about that thought processes or behaviors might be useful for us and which ones we can start to disregard.

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Why Asking Self Discovery Questions Can be Useful

Self-discovery questions are a great way of helping you understand where you are now as well as helping you think about your purpose in life and future self.

Good discovery questions help you to understand yourself better, your values, desires, and what you want to achieve. Without self-awareness personal growth is significantly harder.

When you understand yourself better you can start to direct yourself down paths that are better suited for you. Self-reflection enables you to not only see where you are now but helps you to shape your future and gives you power over your life.

How Do You Ask Yourself a Discovery Question?

In order to use the self-discovery questions that we have created, you need to allow yourself a moment to think.

Whilst you can ask yourself questions without any tools it makes more sense to have a pen and paper handy to write down your answers so you can reflect on them later.

This is why self-awareness questions are often linked with journaling.  They act as journal prompts for self-discovery.

A self-discovery journal such as Soul Therapy allows you to take notes as you go along and helps you make sense of the discovery questions.

When you examine the notes at a later date you can start to put in place a plan of action to help your journey to happiness and contentment.

self-discovery questionsOnce you have found time away from your family or friends to concentrate on the questions pick a few that stand out to your first.

Remember you do not have to answer all the questions at once. Even answering just one question is going to help you discover or gain insight into yourself.

Answer honestly and allow yourself to write whatever is on your mind. If you are having difficulty finding an answer use our self-hypnosis for relaxation audio to help clear your mind so that you can tap into subconscious answers as well.

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Don’t forget to review your answers at a later date to help you reflect with a fresh mind. Then you can start to create a plan of action for change.

Questions for Self Awareness

Use our self-discovery questions to understand more about yourself and what you want out of life.

Understanding more about yourself and the world you currently live in helps you to reflect on things that are working for you right now and what you might want to change.

Self-discovery questions are a process that you should use regularly to enable you to continually assess how you are doing.

Continued self-awareness and self-discovery is a great way to help you to take charge of your health, happiness, career, relationships and so much more.

So let’s get started with our top questions to ask yourself to gain insight into your life.

What Makes You Happy?

A simple self-discovery question to start off with is working out what makes you happy. Doing more things that make your content is a great recipe for future success.

Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years’ Time?

It is always good to have a plan about where you want to be a number of years down the line. Knowing what you would like helps you to put in place plans to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

What is Working Well In Your Life Right Now?

This is a great question to help you look at your present and assess what you like about things right now. Knowing what is working well enables you to do more of the same.

What Things in Your Life Need to Be Changed?

Assessing things that aren’t working helps you to make plans for positive change. You may not be able to stop certain things immediately but you can prepare yourself to do things differently.

What Are Your Strengths?

Knowing what you are good at in life helps to boost your self-worth and enables you to plot a path where you play to your strengths rather than overlook them. This makes should make your life significantly easier.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Equally knowing that you aren’t good at something doesn’t mean you are a failure but it does mean you should stop doing them. We can’t all be good at everything which is why it makes sense to find ways of avoiding or paying someone else to do what you can’t.

What Excites You About Your Future?

Feeling an inner excitement about what it is to come acts as a motivator and helps you to stay positive. Tap into that excitement so that you follow your dreams and do what you love.

What Values Do You Feel You Have to Uphold?

There are some elements or values in our lives that are non-negotiable. Write down exactly what you are or are not prepared to do in your life. Knowing what your values are and sticking with them are important for your health and happiness.

What Thoughts Are Holding You Back?

Do you have inner belief systems or thoughts that give you fear? If so what are they? Remember that just because you think or feel something doesn’t mean it is true. Therapy for example is a great way of setting you free from stuck beliefs.

How Healthy Do You Feel?

Think of a scale of 1-10 and try and see how healthy you feel on that scale. Always prioritize your health in life as without it your life will be significantly harder.

What Could You do To Help Your Health and Wellbeing?

Write down exactly what you can do to help your health and wellbeing. That could be eating better, taking more holidays or doing more exercise. Remember that you always need a balance in your life.

How High Are Your Stress Levels?

To stay healthy and to protect your mental health it is always good to try and keep your stress levels as low as you can. Where do you believe your stress levels are and what can you do to lower them if they are too high?

How Much Self-Care Time Do You Have?

Self-care is the act of taking time out purely for ourselves to do nothing apart from things that make us happy or content. How much personal time do you give yourself each week to take care of yourself?

How High is Your Self-Worth?

How much do you think you are worth? Do you sometimes believe that you are not worthy or good enough? Self-worth is hugely important as without it you will not value yourself properly and nor will others.

How High is Your Confidence?

Confidence matters and if you don’t have it then it stops you from doing things that you want to do. Ask yourself where your confidence is at this present moment and if it is low start to think about what you might be able to do to increase it.

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Do You Love Yourself?

Too many of our clients don’t like themselves or believe that they are not good enough. If this question makes you think negatively then think about what you can do to help yourself change unhelpful belief systems.

What is a Good Relationship?

Do you know what a good relationship is? Write down what you think a great relationship should look like.

Which Family Members Support You The Most?

Pick the person from your family who you feel gets you and your emotions better than anyone else?

What Past Upsets Are You Still Holding On To?

On reflection, we all have moments from our past that could be bothering us years later. Think about the negative thoughts or beliefs you may still be holding on to and think of ways that you can start to let them go.

What Does the Voice In Your Mind Say to You?

We all have a negative self-critical voice in our minds that tells us things that are not true. Use self-discovery questions to tap into your subconscious to think about what yours is saying. Use our positive thinking self-hypnosis download to change the inner unhelpful chatter.

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What Do You Feel is Missing From My Life?

Self-discovery questions are designed to make you think about where you are now and what you want from your life. Think about whether there are any glaring holes in your current life and what you could do to fill them.

What Is Your Biggest Motivator?

Learning what motivates you will help you to get more done and achieve more success. Hone into the thing that motivates you to help you to more easily reach your goals.

Where Do You Want to Live Long Term?

In your life’s journey where do want to live for the longer term? Having a base in a location that gives you a feeling of peace or contentment will make your life so much easier and much more enjoyable.

What Skills Do You Want to Learn?

We believe that we all should be learning new skills throughout our life. What skills would be useful to you not only in your career but in general?

How Long Do You Want to Stay In Your Current Job?

Many people don’t plan their careers and instead allow themselves to just see where their job takes them. Planning your career however means that you are more likely to reach more goals, earn more money and do more interesting roles.

What Is Your Most Important Relationship?

Who in your life is the person that is most important to you. Are they a mentor, friend or family member?

Who Is The Person You Most Enjoy Spending Time With?

Do you have a family member or a friend that makes you smile or helps you feel good about yourself? Think about who they are and how you are going to spend more time with them.

How Often Do You Take Time For Reflection?

Questions to ask yourself also need to involve reflection. When you take the time to reflect it allows you to make adjustments and to see what is working and what isn’t.

What Is Your Vision For Your Life?

Have you ever sat down and thought about creating a vision board for your life. Having a vision of where you want to be and how you want that to look is helpful for planning and goal setting.

If You Had No Restrictions In Your Life What Would You Do?

Questions to ask yourself don’t have to be rooted in the here and now. This is the ultimate fantasy question. What could and would you do if you had the ability to. This is a great way of tapping into your deepest desires.

What Is Your Personality Type?

Myers-Briggs came up with 16 different personality types. Find out what yours is so that you can get a better insight into your personality. Type Talk is a great book to help you to delve a little deeper into the person you are.

self-discovery questions. What is your personality type?

How Much Money Do You Want to Make?

In order to get success, you need to have a clear idea of where you are heading in life and that includes the salary you want to make. The way you value yourself and your self-worth feed into this self-discovery question.

What Is Your Biggest Priority In Life Right Now?

We may have a long to-do list in life but clearly, we can’t do everything at once. Think about what is most important to you right now and why.

What Is Your Biggest Anxiety or Worry Right Now?

Many of our clients have worries or fears that stop them from being free. Think about the thoughts that are holding you back and why. Use our Anxiety Tracker templates to help you identify them if you are having problems.

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If You Had to Change One Thing Today What Would It Be?

What would your life look like if you could change one thing that is annoying you?

What Events Have Helped You Learn the Most?

On your journey, you will have experienced moments that will have helped you grow and learn. Which of these has helped the most?

Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration?

Is there anyone that you admire or aspire to be? Think of the people who inspire you to do better.

How Often Do You Go Outside Your Comfort Zone?

In your self-discovery journey make sure you check where your comfort zone is. Learning to step out of it can bring new opportunities and relationships.

What Is On Your Bucket List?

Discover more about the world by creating bucket list ideas. These are things you want to achieve that are fun and will help you to expand your horizons.

What Makes You Smile?

Of all the emotions laughter is a great one to aspire to. What makes you laugh or smile?

What Is The Worst Relationship In Your Life?

Is there a person or family member that you don’t have a great relationship with? Who are they and what can you do about it?

self-discovery questions

What Is The Best Relationship In Your Life?

Who is the person or family member that you love and get on with the most?

Are You a Loner or Sociable?

What is your personality type when it comes to people? If you are a loner is that because of a preference or because of a fear of being judged or looking stupid?

Do You Have Any Fears or Phobias?

Don’t let fears and phobias hold power over you. Identify them and get help to change your emotional response.

What Do You Need to Do To Improve Yourself?

Think emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Self-improvement is a good thing when it doesn’t become an obsession.

Where In The World do You Want to Visit the Most?

Self-discovery isn’t only about you but about your environment as well. Think about where you would like to visit.

When Do You Feel Stuck?

Are there certain moments that make you feel stuck or paralyzed into inaction? When do they happen and what can you do about them?

When Are You At Your Most Creative?

When are the best times for you to tap into your creative mind?

What Is Your Biggest Failure?

Always learn from your failures? What is yours and what would you do differently now?

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Is there one thing you have done that makes you feel more emotional or happier than others?

Self-Exploration Questions

If you want to learn about yourself self-discovery questions are a great tool to help. Use ours regularly to learn more about yourself so that you can adapt and thrive.

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