Stop anxiety treatments & therapy

Have you been experiencing anxiety and tried every conventional method to resolve the problem? Are you taking anti-anxiety medication but and finding that if anything your anxiety is worse than ever? At Rewire the Mind we have successfully treated hundreds of clients with the problem by helping them understand their anxiety and then getting them to change the way they think. Our anxiety treatments and therapy can not only help you manage your condition but also in many cases eradicate it.

Anxiety Help and Support

Our anxiety treatments and therapy use a multi-faceted approach to help solve the problem. Managing anxiety doesn’t have to be hard when you understand how the mind works.

Most of our clients will have attempted to solve their problem by either taking medication or trying CBT or counselling. This can be helpful for some but in a good percentage of cases the anxiety persists. This is because medication generally masks the problem rather than resolving it. Meanwhile conventional therapies give you coping mechanisms but because these are often aimed at what you tell them the root cause is never resolved as this can be hidden in the subconscious. 

As an illustration a fear of flying is generally nothing to do with planes. My clients may have a fear of being trapped, a worry about embarrassing themselves in public, a worry about the movement and so on. Conventional therapy will discuss the plane, our therapy helps you to understand the root cause and aim the therapy at the precise problem rather than guessing.

Resolving the root cause together with anxiety and stress reduction, exposure therapy (when needed), NLP, hypnosis and coaching can make a huge difference to how our clients feel.

Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

One of the main tools that we use in our sessions is hypnotherapy. Why? Because hypnosis can help our clients in one of two ways. Firstly self-hypnosis for anxiety is incredibly relaxing. Practice it regularly and it can make a big difference to background levels of stress. We give our clients a guided meditation anxiety download to listen to daily to encourage more frequent feelings of calm and relaxation.

Secondly when our clients are in hypnosis it is possible to ask them questions to find out more about their problem. This form of anxiety treatment is not magic. Our clients are simply much more relaxed in this natural state allowing us to get to what is going on at the back of the mind.

This entirely natural process can help you to understand what is going on in your mind. Knowledge is power! Once our clients understand what their minds are up to some of that fear may instantly fade away. For any remaining issue we can now aim our anxiety therapy at the exact problem instead of guesswork.

Anxiety Self Help

If you have been suffering from anxiety and want to try some alternative methods to resolve the problem then you can claim access to our Free Five Step Formula to Manage Anxiety and Panic

Stop Anxiety Online Course

We also have an online course which takes you through a series of videos, worksheets, self-hypnosis downloads and practical exercises to help you lower your anxiety levels.

This stop anxiety self help course helps you to:

  • Understand why your mind uses anxiety to help you.
  • Learn how to use self-hypnosis for anxiety to lower your stress levels.
  • Helps you get your mind working on identifying your exact problem.
  • Use the same techniques & tips we have used on hundreds of clients to change old thinking patterns.
  • Gives you exercises to manage your fears and worries.
  • Manage conditions such as panic disorder, fears & phobias as well as GAD
  • Utilise self hypnosis downloads to change your subconscious thinking.
stop anxiety online course program

As part of the course you will be given access to our Ultimate Stop Anxiety Hypnosis Download package. This audio file contains five powerful self-hypnosis downloads including: Stop Anxiety, Manage Worry and Negative Thinking, Stop Panic Attacks, Sleep Deeply and Deep Relaxation.

Please consult a medical doctor before embarking on this online course if you suffer from severe depression, suicidal thoughts or if you have a psychiatric condition such as schizophrenia. 

*Disclaimer – Please note that we are unable to guarantee results. Although many of our clients will achieve successful outcomes we are unable to make guarantees and results may vary from person to person.