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Why is it that some people seem to be able to go to bed, switch off their mind and go into a deep sleep in seconds? Meanwhile others lie awake for hours desperate for a good night’s sleep but can’t switch their brains off. Our sleep therapy and insomnia support treatments can give you the answers.

There is no great mystery where sleep is concerned even though many people would like to complicate matters. People experience sleep problems for some very simple reasons:

  • They are in pain or have a medical problem
  • They have take a drug (recreational or prescribed)
  • They have drunk too much
  • They are experiencing anxiety or stress
  • They have poor sleep hygiene
  • They are pregnant
  • They have jet lag

It is of course possible to suffer from two or more of these at the same time. As an example a person is in pain and uses alcohol to try and sleep. Yet even though the answers to the problem are usually very simple it can be hard to the person with the sleep disorder to see why. This is where sleep therapy comes in to help discover exactly why someone is experiencing a problem and to help them make changes so that they can switch off their mind and relax.

Therapy for Insomnia

Therapy for insomnia helps by examining why a person may be experiencing a problem with sleep. This is where all sleep therapy starts. You need to identify what your problem is so that you can go about making changes to help you switch off, relax and fall asleep.

This means the start of your sleep therapy session is likely to involve significant questioning to determine where the problem areas relating to sleep may exist. When working with insomnia we never ask questions just about bedtime routines as this never gives the whole picture. Instead we look at lifestyle, medical problems, worries, anxieties, home and work life and so much more.

Once we have the clues about where the problems may be lying we start to make suggestions for change. As with any therapy it requires the person with the problem to take some active steps to alter routines, sleep times and lifestyle in order to get result. For example nobody can expect to get a great nights sleep if they choose to tackle their work emails at 11pm at night!

Our clients are usually required to make some changes and do some homework for around one week before we have a second session to review how things have gone. Each subsequent session either tweaks the new routines until we get a result or examines the psychological reasons why our clients may be resisting sleep.

Guided Meditation for Insomnia

As part of our sleep therapy all our clients are given a guided meditation for insomnia download. This plays an important part in the therapy as it is a great tool for helping to switch off the mind. Our clients are asked to play this self-hypnosis for sleep audio nightly and follow their new bedtime routine. The audio lasts for around half an hour and usually within a few sessions the vast majority of our clients find that they have fallen asleep before the end of it.

This guided meditation for insomnia can be purchase in our online store and you are always welcome to try it for yourself. For a considerable number of clients there is never any need to do anything else.

The great thing about our self-hypnosis for sleep download is that it plays a secondary part in our therapy sessions even if sleep is not achieved initially. It bores the brain! The more you listen to the audio the more your brain starts to tune portions of the audio out. This means you may remember certain parts but not others. It is relaxing your mind.

This relaxation is perfect for sleep hypnosis to take place as it allows us to ask questions to our clients whilst they are in this chilled zone. This helps us to find out what is going on in the subconscious mind.

Sleep Hypnosis

When our clients are in hypnosis it is so much easier to access what is going on in the back of their minds. There are often patterns of behaviour that are happening automatically that our clients are not even aware of consciously that are keeping them awake. Perfect examples of this are:

One client who years previously had the shock of a car driving into her living room window. As the accident was happening she was able to leap up from her chair and rescue her children from the upstairs bedrooms. Her fear was that the car would ignite and set the house on fire. After that incident her subconscious brain wanted her to stay awake in case something similar were to occur. It worried that if she was asleep she wouldn’t be able to help

Or there is the client who as a child had been allowed to stay up late to watch a scary film about aliens invading the earth. When they went to bed that night they were petrified about going to sleep in case they were taken by these aliens. Years later as an adult the aliens had long been forgotten but part of the mind was always alert just in case.

In both of these cases once the clients were aware of the underlying thought process and sleep therapy was used to change the thought pattern the problem vanished.

Each client that we see has their own unique reasons for staying awake. The key to successful sleep therapy is to address the underlying thought pattern if the simple insomnia protocol is not enough.

Mindfulness for Sleep

Even though hypnosis for sleep plays a part in our program we also use other therapies as part of our insomnia program. Mindfulness for sleep can be particularly useful at helping our clients to examine their thoughts without worrying about things from the past or possible future scenarios.

We also use coaching techniques, NLP and basic sleep hygiene practices. Every client is different so it is important to choose the right therapy to suit your particular needs.

Online Sleep Therapy Program

Our sleep therapy program is conducted as an online program. This means that we can serve clients no matter where they are in the world. The program consists of three initial one hour sessions. This is usually suitable for most clients unless they have long standing problems with anxiety or depression. If you suffer from either of these conditions then individual one hour sessions can be added to the program to address these problems.

If you would like to arrange sleep therapy sessions or find out more about the online insomnia program then simply fill out the contact form below.

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