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If you have been battling with your weight for years then you probably are learning that diets are not the answer. The problem with diets is that you deprive yourself of food making yourself hungry. You can stick to your regime in the short term but it is not sustainable in the long term. This is why we take a different approach and use weight loss therapy and coaching to help our clients change the way they eat.

Sustainable weight loss is much more than just counting calories and eating a restrictive diet. In fact, there is a huge psychological element in our food choices. Many people are able to manage their eating without using food as a tool to comfort themselves but many long term dieters find that food is their go-to comfort mechanism.

Here are just some of the factors that can be behind any battles with food:

  • Stress
  • Problems Sleeping
  • Excessive Dieting
  • Inability to prioritise healthy eating
  • Eating mindlessly
  • Problems dealing with uncomfortable emotions
  • Emotions such as sadness, guilt and anxiety
  • Self-Critical Thoughts

The problem with conventional dieting is that it can only view one piece of the puzzle which is the food you are putting in your mouth. It doesn’t ask you to address the emotional and lifestyle choices that are contributing to your weight problem. Weight loss therapy and coaching takes a more holistic approach and helps you to see the whole picture rather than only a small piece of the puzzle.

Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss therapy and coaching are not designed to give you diet plans or exercise regimes (although gentle exercise is encouraged). Instead, the focus on the therapy is to firstly help you understand what are your eating triggers and then to help you change the way you react to those emotions. Therapy is designed to help you make more informed and positive choices.

Over a series of sessions, you are going on a journey of exploration where you work with a therapist to discover what is causing your problems with food. You will then be given suggestions to help you create new patterns of behaviour to address your behaviour. As with any form of therapy, focus is required. This means that you need to prioritise your sessions instead of considering them as a minor inconvenience. The aim is to create changes for life for not a few weeks or months.

It is always interesting for our clients to discover what has really been creating a problem in their lives. Contrary to what they may have thought about themselves before they are not lazy, a glutton or born overeating. Events that happen to us throughout our lives contribute to our eating problems.

If you have parents arguing around you when you were a child this could create eating problems. If you ever felt that you are not good enough then food problems can be created. Overeating is also linked to divorces, changes in circumstances, bullying at school, fear of failure and so much more. Wouldn’t it be interesting to understand what is making you tick?

I often find that as weight problems are also linked with other feelings and actions resolving one problem can have a big knock on impact on my clients lives. Confidence can grow, relationships change for the better and clients can feel happier and more in control.

Guided Meditation for Weight Loss Emotional Eating

As part of our weight loss therapy and coaching all our clients are given a guided meditation for weight loss and emotional eating. The purpose of the weight loss hypnosis audio is to help my clients firstly manage their stress and secondly to listen to subconscious messages for change. This self-hypnosis for weight loss download should be listened to every day whilst they are on the program.

In our online store, we have a wide range of guided meditation for weight loss downloads. Our biggest sellers are our Ultimate Weight Loss self-hypnosis download program which consists of four audios. These include audio downloads for emotional eating, another for portion control, one for cravings and finally one to build the correct mindset.

This weight loss guided meditation program can be purchased in our online store.

For clients who are looking to participate in one to one therapy with a therapist, the weight loss hypnosis downloads can also prepare you for any hypnosis in therapy. Repeated listening of self-hypnosis audios can help to deepen trance enabling a skilled therapist to work with your subconscious thoughts.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

As part of our weight loss therapy and coaching we use hypnosis to help identify where our clients problems lie. Weight loss hypnosis is used because it enables us to relax our clients sufficiently so that we can try and access information that is contained in the subconscious mind. Most of our clients are usually unaware that their hidden thoughts or childhood traumas are behind the way in which they eat.

It is very rare that we will unveil an incident that you are not aware of it is more likely that we will help you to piece the jigsaw puzzle together. Helping our clients to join the dots can have a profound impact on the way they think, feel and behave.

Mindfulness for Weight Loss

We also use mindful eating techniques to help our clients pay more attention to the food that they are eating. Overeating can occur partly when you are not paying attention to what is going on in your mouth and also when you choose to eat when you are not hungry. Mindful eating helps our clients to build increasing awareness of their real hunger levels as well as their emotional eating triggers.

The weight loss therapy and coaching program also use techniques taken from NLP and CBT. When these are combined it can create a powerful therapy program.

Online Weight Loss Therapy Program

Our Weight loss therapy and coaching is usually conducted as an online program. This enables me to see clients worldwide instead of just a limited location. This creates greater flexibility of timings and cuts the need for travel which can be stressful.

This program consists of five sessions each lasting for one hour. I do not run hourly sessions because it takes time to unravel a lifetime of overeating. It also enables clients to set aside realistic time periods for success. Please note that although this weight loss therapy takes a holistic approach further sessions may be required if you have significant problems with anxiety or depression.

To arrange your weight loss therapy program or to arrange a short discussion with me before booking your program please fill out the contact form below.

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