Alcohol Worksheets and Printables

Alcohol Worksheets PDF Printables

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Are you looking to reduce your alcohol intake or stop drinking altogether? If so we have created our alcohol worksheets and printables to help you on your drink less journey.

Our 14 alcohol reduction printable templates have been designed for you to print off and use as a tool to help you change bad drinking habits. We want you to increase awareness of why you are drinking and when and then help you on the road to reducing the amount you consume for your health and wellbeing.

Alcohol Worksheets for Adults

We have worked with many clients over the years to help reduce bad drinking habits. Our drink less alcohol therapy program is designed to change classic conditioning, help increase motivation and willpower as well as look at the root causes of why our clients are drinking. This knowledge has enabled us to create these 14 alcohol worksheets for adults as a self-help tool for you to work on yourself.

These printables help you to assess your cravings, track your drinking and challenge unhelpful thoughts or behaviours. In addition, we have included tips, strategies and affirmations to help you as you curb your drinking and alcohol intake.

alcohol reduction worksheets


Alcohol Worksheets PDF

You will receive your alcohol worksheets as a PDF file. This file is not editable but you can use it to print out as many times as you want. The tracker portions of the file have room for you to write your thoughts, feelings and how much you have been drinking each day.

Start to examine exactly what is driving you to drink. Learn about the people, places and situations that trigger alcohol cravings. Begin to examine your cravings and learn ways of controlling them by thinking about alternative actions.

Plus start to build healthier new habits. We have included affirmations, tips for improving your wellbeing as well as a mindful drinking exercise. Over time your alcohol worksheets should enable you to make changes to the way that you drink leading to a steady reduction of your alcohol intake.

Tools to Reduce Drinking

If you want to increase the effectiveness of the alcohol worksheets you can combine it with our self-hypnosis to drink less download. Our hypnosis download is designed to help reduce stress levels (the number one cause for drinking too much) as well as deliver suggestions for drinking less. Use our audio daily in order to boost your willpower and motivation and change subconscious thought patterns around alcohol.

So what exactly do you receive in our alcohol worksheets? You will get a 14-page pdf document (1 page is the cover). This will include

  • An Alcohol Tracker Worksheet
  • Trigger Tracker
  • List of Potential Triggers
  • Basic Alcohol Units Sheet
  • Alternatives to Drinking List
  • Cravings Control Worksheet
  • Tips to Manage Cravings
  • Positive Thoughts Sheet
  • How to Build Health Habits Tips
  • Journal Your Thoughts Diary Sheet
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Mindful Drinking Exercise
  • Change Plan Worksheets

***Please note that our drink less worksheets are designed for personal use only and are subject to copyright. Therapists who would like to use these sheets in their practice should contact us regarding prices for a licence.


Martina McKeough

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