Guided Meditation for Panic Attacks

Guided Meditation to Stop Panic Attacks

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Panic Attacks can be debilitating and frightening especially if you are unable to pinpoint exactly why you are having them. Many people feel out of control during a panic attack and worry about their health or even think they are dying. Yet a panic attack is simply a warning sign that something in your life is not right and providing you have no underlying medical conditions it will not hurt or harm you if you let it pass. This guided meditation for panic attacks has been created to help you learn techniques to calm yourself and reduce the frequency of attacks until they eventually stop.

Panic Attack Self-Help

Even though it feels as if a panic attack is controlling you rather than you controlling it this can be changed. When you learn the right techniques to use the panic attacks start to get milder and less frequent. With regular listening of the guided meditation for panic attacks, they are likely to even eventually stop.

Panic attacks are just another form of anxiety and this is a very treatable problem with self-help downloads. This is because the downloads are designed to create deep relaxation and stress reduction which can have a knock-on impact on how you feel.

Why Does a Self-Hypnosis for Panic Attack audio help? 

This guided meditation for panic attacks uses self-hypnosis to quieten down your anxious mind. The easiest way to practise self-hypnosis is by listening to a self-hypnosis download daily whilst you are in bed or sitting in a comfortable chair. The self-hypnosis download starts to quieten down the part of your mind which is hypervigilant and looking out for danger. When you listen to the audio daily eventually your mind starts to switch off completely and starts to enter a deep state of relaxation.

Panic Disorder Self-Help

Panic and relaxation are at two opposite ends of the spectrum. It is impossible to have a panic attack when your mind is completely relaxed. So when you are listening to your panic-attack self-help download you are teaching yourself to move towards calm and relaxation rather than anxiety and fear. As with anything in life the more you practise it the more effective it becomes. Eventually, the panic attacks should start to disappear because they are unable to begin if you are calm.

Panic Attack Treatment at Home

This guided meditation for panic attacks is bought as an mp3 download which is compatible with your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This means that you can start to work on your anxiety problems straight away in the comfort of your own home.

Start by listening to the self-hypnosis for panic attacks download at least once daily for a period of a month. The audio can be listened to even if you are not experiencing feelings of panic.

You should always try and find a safe space where you won’t be disturbed to listen to the audio. An ideal place would be lying in your bed or sitting in a comfortable chair. You should never listen to the audio whilst you are driving or operating machinery or anywhere else where you need to pay attention.

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Martina McKeough