Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

Learn to Switch off, Relax and Sleep Deeply With Guided Meditation

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Guided Sleep Meditation 

If you have problems switching off your brain at night or find yourself unable to relax enough to get to sleep then our guided sleep meditation for Insomnia has been specially designed to help you get a good nights rest. Using the very latest self hypnosis techniques this sleep download can help to guide your mind from being awake to asleep by utilising the power of deep hypnotic relaxation.

Insomnia Meditation

Most insomnia is usually caused by one of these problems:

Stress and Anxiety – Too much stress in your day to day life can make it difficult to switch off. Working late, trying to cram too many things into your day, dealing with family issues and so on can take over and create problems with your sleep patterns. If you have too much stress it can lead to anxiety which means that your brain overthinks  situations particularly at night time when you have time to yourself. By using our Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia your mind is guided into a more relaxed state allowing you to relax and rest leaving your problems behind until the following day.

Poor Sleep Hygiene – It is easier than ever before to stay switched on 24/7 because of technology. We constantly look at our phones, stay up late playing computer games, watch programs on our tablets or answer emails late into the evening. In order to increase the success of the insomnia meditation it is important that you learn to turn off your devices at a reasonable time. I recommend to my clients that all their electronic devices are switched off two to three hours before you go to bed.

In addition try and stick with a regular bedtime routine even at weekends. Going to bed really late on some nights, sleeping in late at weekends can create havoc with your sleep patterns so whilst you are using the audio resolve to stick to a set sleeping pattern.

Self Hypnosis for Sleep

Self hypnosis for sleep is a fantastic way to relax your body and mind. Our insomnia hypnosis download makes it easy for you to use the power of hypnotherapy so that you get a good nights rest. All you need to do is play the audio whilst you are in bed and not pay too close attention to what is being said. Let the words and the music wash over you without listening or analysing the words and you should find yourself slowly relaxing and switching off.

The great thing about our sleep meditation is that the effects are cumulative which means that each time your listen your mind switches off more quickly. After a few uses most listeners report that they barely get through the first few minutes before they have fallen asleep.

Guided Meditation for Sleep

As our guided sleep mediation for insomnia can be very powerful at switching off the mind please make sure that you use the audio in a suitable location. This audio should never be used whilst you are driving or operating machinery. Try and use the audio whilst you are in bed or in a setting where you do not need to be alert. For best results listen to the audio for a period of 21 days. This sleep hypnosis download can also be used as and when it is needed especially in times of stress.

Disclaimer – Please note that as our audios are not created for each individual listener we cannot guarantee results may vary from person to person.


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