Hypnosis Script for Fear of Needles

Hypnosis Script for Fear of Needles

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A fear of needles or injections is incredibly common and usually starts in childhood. It can be caused by a fear of the needle itself or by:

  • Another person making a fuss about the needle.
  • Fear of being out of control.
  • Fears of embarrassment.
  • A medical procedure that did not go to plan.
  • Negative associations about needles.
  • Other underlying anxieties.

This hypnosis script for fear of needles has been created to help people to feel more relaxed and calm whilst undergoing minor medical procedures with needles such as vaccinations.

Needle Phobia Hypnosis Script

Needle phobias and fears can be overcome with some simple strategies to change a person’s psychological and physical state.

This hypnosis script for fear of needles helps to dissociate people from their previous experiences so they can reduce any negative emotions associated with a previous worry or anxiety. When we look at our problems from a distance our thoughts and emotions can be more easily controlled.

The hypnosis script for needle and injection fears also uses deep relaxation and feelings of calm in addition to dissociation to help a person to re-examine any negative emotions more easily. As the person relaxes helpful suggestions are made to assist in empowering people to take back control of their thoughts and to take control of any medical procedures so that they become a positive experience.

Visualization is also used to help assist in creating feelings of deep calm when they think of having an injection.

This script can be used in addition to anxiety reduction and relaxation techniques to enhance its impact. We use this needle phobia hypnosis script in conjunction with a self-hypnosis relaxation download with our clients that they can use at home.

When you purchase this script it will come to you as a PDF download which can be stored on your device or printed for use during your sessions.

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