Hypnosis Script for Panic Attacks

Hypnosis Script For Panic Attacks

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Panic attacks can be frightening and debilitating and in some cases, they can take over your client’s life. Teaching your clients to stay relaxed and calm is important as it can help them to stop triggering the fight or flight response which releases adrenaline into the body and creates feelings of fear. Our hypnosis script for panic attacks is designed to be used in a clinical setting to help your clients take back control of their fears so they stay composed and relaxed.

Stop Panic Attacks Hypnosis Script

This hypnosis script for panic attacks utilizes a number of techniques that can be useful for calming down worries and fears.

Firstly the script includes suggestions and visualization techniques for grounding your client. Grounding methods can help your clients to prevent fears from overwhelming your clients.

The script also includes suggestions for deep relaxation and stress reduction. Teaching your clients the importance of stress management is central to controlling their panic responses in the future.

We also include a simple breathing technique in the script to help your clients learn to calm down their breathing if they do have a panic attack.

Finally, the script can also help to train the mind into understanding that panic attacks do not necessarily have to trigger again provided the person rationalizes their triggers and takes control over how they feel.

Hypnosis Scripts For Professionals to Help Manage Anxiety and Panic

This hypnosis script for panic attacks is designed for any qualified hypnotherapist to use with their clients in a therapeutic environment.

This script includes a hypnotic induction and deepener and comes to you as an instant downloadable PDF document that you can print off and use again and again in your practice.

Please note that the script is not to take the place of any medical treatment that your client may need. Always refer your clients to a doctor to ascertain what they are experiencing is in fact panic disorder before proceeding with hypnotherapy for panic attacks.

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