Self-Hypnosis For Driving Anxiety

Self-Hypnosis mp3 Download to Stop Driving Anxiety

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If you have a fear of driving then we have created a product to help you alter your negative mindset and build your confidence whilst you are in your car. Our audio download self-hypnosis for driving anxiety has been developed using the very latest hypnotherapy techniques to help you lower the anxiety response and help you to feel more comfortable in your vehicle.

Self-Hypnosis For a Fear of Driving

Self-hypnosis is a self-help tool that is used to help create a feeling of relaxation and calm whilst giving positive suggestions for change.

When it comes to driving fears we know that our client’s worries about driving can be significantly reduced if they are taught how to calm themselves whilst they are in a vehicle. The calmer you are the less likely it is that you will trigger your anxiety or stress response leaving you free to drive to your destination without fear.

When the stress reduction techniques on the self-hypnosis for driving anxiety download are combined with positive suggestions the impact is amplified. Positive suggestions when they are delivered repeatedly can help you to alter old thought patterns and replace them with more helpful ways of thinking.

Driving Phobias

Phobias of driving are relatively common especially in people who haven’t driven very much or are new drivers. The reasons for the fear are numerous but can include:

Fear of Being Out of Control – As cars are large and can go at speed many people think they are not capable of controlling the vehicle. The reality is however that when you pass your test you have been judged to be capable of driving safely.

Fear of Crashing – Our minds can catastrophise and think about the very worst things that can happen. Yet if you drive carefully and within the speed limits the chances of anything happening to you are relatively small.

Fear of Bridges – Fear of driving phobias are not always linked to the driving itself but the route. If you have a fear of heights your mind can worry about roads that involve bridges along the way.

Test Nerves– If you haven’t taken your driving test yet then your fears could be related to taking the test and failing. Calming down driving worries is important as you are less likely to pass if you are worried and distracted by your anxiety.

Fear of Being Trapped – Panic about panic is a common issue when it comes to anxiety. Many of our clients feel as if they are going to have a panic attack if they get stuck in traffic as they believe they are trapped in their car. This can be about panic alone or about people staring at them if they did have a panic attack.

Lack of Familiarity With Driving – A lack of familiarity with driving is behind many worries about driving. Practice makes perfect and helps us to build confidence. This is why it is important that when you are learning or have just passed your test you spend as much time driving to get familiar with your car as possible because if you don’t you can lose confidence.

Guided Mediation Driving

Our self-hypnosis to stop driving anxiety download is a form of guided mediation. The hypnosis audio uses deep relaxing hypnotic techniques to help quieten your mind, lower stress and increase relaxation. When you are in a deep hypnotic state suggestions are then delivered to help you think more positively about driving and to build your confidence.

We always recommend that you listen to our hypnosis download every day for a period of at least 21 days. Repeated listening to positive calming suggestions has a cumulative impact which means that the effect of the fear of driving audio increases over time.

Please never listen to your download whilst you are in your car or at any time whilst you need to be alert. The best time to listen to the self-hypnosis download is whilst you are at home doing nothing at all.

Hypnosis to Overcome a Fear of Driving

Hypnosis can be a great way to overcome a fear of driving because it can be deeply relaxing. Why not try our self-hypnosis for driving anxiety audio download at home to see for yourself. It can also be used in combination with our other audios such as relaxation and stress reduction or anxiety management.

Martina McKeough

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