Self-Hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating

Self Hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating Download – mp3 format

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Are you experiencing a problem with binge eating? Do you find yourself eating a large amount of food in a short time? Are you eating in secret and eating food even though you know you are not hungry? Binge eating raises anxiety and stress levels and causes you to put on weight even though you might be trying to do the complete opposite. This is why we have created a self-hypnosis to stop binge eating download to help you take control over your eating.

Does Hypnosis Work for Binge Eating?

If you are binge eating then it is important for you to understand that a number of emotional and psychological problems can be creating the problem. In particular, stress is one of the major causes of excessive eating. If you are under too much stress the mind needs a way to switch off. Comfort eating fatty and sugary foods is a way of distracting yourself from your worries and thoughts. The only problem is that when the binge stops they come right back and often you are more anxious than when you started. Self-Hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating is a great tool to help you calm down your background stress levels.

Guided Meditation for Binge Eating

In this guided meditation for binge eating the hypnosis download helps you in two ways. Firstly whilst you are listening to the binge eating hypnosis suggestions you are given subconscious instructions to alter old negative eating patterns into something more positive. When you are in hypnosis you are more suggestible which means that repeated hypnotic suggestions can help to create change.

Secondly, hypnosis involves a state of deep relaxation. The more you listen to the Self-Hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating download the more relaxed you become. Relaxation is the complete opposite of stress so when the audio is listened to regularly it helps you to feel calmer and more in control. When you are less stressed then you are likely to find that your need to binge eat starts to reduce.

Binge Eating Hypnosis

Binge eating hypnosis can be a powerful tool to help you take control over food rather than it controlling you. Hypnosis is a well-known tool that is used to help all kinds of food issues including eating disorders. Self-hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating is a great way of making this amazing form of mind power accessible to you at home.

If you are in any doubt about using this hypnosis download please talk to your doctor to assess whether it is suitable for your particular problem.

Self-Help Binge Eating

Self-help for binge eating is perfect if you want to try and manage your eating issues in the comfort of your own home. Just listen to this Self-Hypnosis to Stop Binge Eating download at least once a day preferably at the time when you would typically be more likely to binge. The binge eating hypnosis download should be listened to regularly for at least a period of 21 days. Always listen to self-hypnosis downloads safely. You should never listen to this audio whilst driving, operating machinery or anywhere that you need to be alert.

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