stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women With Anxiety

The holiday season is rapidly approaching which means it’s time to start preparing for this year’s gift-giving season. Choosing the right present can sometimes feel hard to do but that is especially the case if you are trying to buy for someone who has anxiety. This is why we can come up with a simple list of stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety that you can use to give you inspiration this Christmas.

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What is a Stocking Stuffer?

A stocking stuffer gift is usually a small present that doesn’t cost the earth that can be placed into a Christmas stocking.  If you are buying for your close family then you would usually expect to buy that person at least one larger main present and the stocking fillers are smaller useful items that are considered an added bonus.

In the case of our stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety, we have some suggestions of calming gifts that can be used to help mental wellness and a person’s emotional health. Most of our present ideas are relatively inexpensive but they can make a big impact on stress and anxiety reduction.

So what are our favourite ideas for this coming holiday season?

christmas stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety

Stocking Fillers to Improve Well-Being – Subscriptions

Stocking stuffer gift ideas don’t have to actually involve a physical item especially when it comes to subscriptions. There are so many subscription gifts out there now that are perfect for people who want to reduce their anxiety.

What about a magazine subscription to a wellness magazine or a book delivery? Alternatively, think about a gift subscription to a wellness gift box or what about plant therapy from gardening subscriptions? Choose something that appeals to your loved ones to help them relax and unwind.

Self-Care Stocking Stuffers – Lavender Gifts for Anxiety

Essential oils and aromatherapy products can be great at helping anxiety especially if they are using lavender. Lavender essential oil is one of the great relaxing scents that can be used in everything from bath products to tea.

Most of the lavender products on the market are not only great for anxiety and stress but also work brilliantly as stocking stuffers.

Victoria’s Lavender Pillow and Linen Spray Sleep Better Tonight uses 100% pure lavender oil and is great for a stocking stuffer gift.


Women’s Stocking Stuffer – Aromatherapy Candles

Whilst we are on the subject of the power of scent then another great aromatherapy stocking filler is a candle.

Candles are the ultimate winter hygge item. Candles with a great smell fill a house with relaxing aromas and create a cosy vibe. There are literally hundreds of possible candles you could choose for friends and family although we love the Enscence Massage Oil candle.

Stocking Stuffers for Her – Essential Oils

Essential oils can help with everything from stress relief to deep relaxation. You can purchase a pure oil to place in a stocking or you can buy a product containing a helpful essential oil.

A great idea is this Breathe Essential Oil Blends Set with three aromatherapy oil rollers for relaxing, focus and happiness. 

Cute Stocking Ideas – Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness cards are such a brilliant gift for people with anxiety and are just the right size to use as a stocking stuffer.

There are tons of great mindfulness products out there on the market but the cards are a simple solution to help train the brain to relax.

This particular Mindfulness Cards pack has 50 practices or exercises for you to try. The categories include rest & balance, insight & awareness, curiosity & joy, and kindness making them perfect for anxiety reduction.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Good Mental Health – Self-Care Journals

Anxiety is a problem that responds well to self-care. When we take the time to look after ourselves and our needs it helps with stress relief and allows us to feel positive and calmer. Yet many people simply don’t schedule enough time in their schedules to do what they need to do which is why a journal can be helpful.

Self-care journals make great anxiety gifts as they help friends and family to prioritize their needs. This Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal is a 90-day diary to help with focus and committing to new habits.

This journal can help someone with committing to exercise, sleep and even the amount of water that they drink every day. A journal is also the perfect size to use in a larger stocking.

Anti-Anxiety Christmas Stocking – Aromatherapy Bath Salts

We have already mentioned essential oils and how great they are at relieving anxiety but we haven’t talked about how they are great to use in baths.

When we take a bath and use salts the water and the smell combine to create a great relaxation therapy. We love Kneipp Dream Away Mineral Bath Salts with valerian and hops that are great for calming a racing mind and helping sleep.

Having a bath also is great at soothing sore muscles which can become tense when we are stressed and anxious. Using bath salts kills two birds with one stone.

Small Gift Ideas for Self-Care -Chamomile Tea

If you have a friend or family member who loves a cup of tea then our next idea for a stocking filler should help.

There are hundreds of different teas and blends that are on the market at the moment and plenty of those have been specially created to help stress and anxiety. We love Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile and Lavender Tea Bags which are brilliant at helping to settle the nervous system to help create calm feelings. There are of course plenty of other tea blends and flavours that can help. Just find ones that you know your loved ones will like.

Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Help With Stress – Adult Coloring Books

Most of our stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety are at a reasonable price point but if you are looking for cheap gift ideas then what about an adult coloring book.

An adult coloring book is a perfect gift to help keep an anxious mind occupied with a creative task to help create focus and calm. Our favourite coloring book for adults with anxiety has mandalas, animals, patterns and plants to color in and is incredibly inexpensive.

We’ll talk about art therapy later but a coloring book is a simple and easy solution that even a child can use to feel less anxious.

Stocking Fillers for Women with Anxiety – Stress Balls

Stress balls for women are another great tool to help relax the body and calm the mind. They are inexpensive, fun,  plus they are the perfect size to fit into a Christmas stocking.

We love these Teacher Peach Motivation Stress Ball 3 Pack. They come in a range of colors and have motivational messages on them to help reduce stress and assist with calming thoughts.

Xmas Stocking Ideas for Relaxation – Fidget Toys for Adults

Fidget toys are another relatively recent innovation for anxiety and tend to make fun presents for adults and children.

The ONO Roller Sapphire is a perfect example of a fidget toy that has been created for adults. The idea is that it can help to reduce stress when the follers are rotated in your hand making it a great anti-anxiety toy.  It can also help to reduce bad habits such as nail-biting or skin picking by keeping the hands occupied. All we know is that it is a perfect mini stocking stuffer.

Expensive Gifts for Anxiety – Yoga Cards

If you are looking for small stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety then our next solution might make a great present. Whilst yoga equipment is too large to use as a stocking filler yoga cards aren’t.

If you have a loved one who loves to flex their body then small yoga-related presents are always going to be appreciated. These Workout Labs Yoga Cards are the perfect gift to help calm the body and improve health. This particular pack has cards with 47 asanas, 3 pranayama breathing exercises and a meditation card which are all perfect anti-anxiety solutions.

Mini Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Relaxation Music

The mind and the body don’t just respond to smell they also respond to sounds as well. Relaxing and soothing music can help to soothe the nerves and make us feel calmer. Heavy rock will have the opposite effect.

To reduce anxiety it makes sense to spend time listening to the calmer tunes or sounds like a form of therapy. Stocking filler gifts for anxiety can help by promoting these relaxing sounds. A great way to do this is to add a CD into the stocking such as the Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind.

Alternatively, if your friends and loved ones like streaming then buy them a voucher for one of their favourite stores to use so they can pick some themselves.

Luxury Stocking Stuffers – Sleep Products

Anxiety has a terrible habit of messing with your sleep and causing insomnia. When our brains are overthinking especially at night it can be hugely difficult to switch the mind off enough to fall asleep.

There are plenty of products out there that can help to reduce anxiety and help your loved ones get the well-deserved rest they need.

Thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow spray is a great natural sleep aid that uses lavender, vetiver and chamomile essential oils to help anyone relax and switch off. This can be sprayed on bed linen or a pillow to help reduce stress and comes in a handy size that is perfect for any stocking.

Creative Stocking Ideas for Positive Mental Health – Art and Craft Gifts

It has been said that some anxiety can be triggered when the creative part of the mind is being fully used. Presents related to arts, crafts or even hobbies for anxiety that engages that part of the mind make great gifts for people with anxiety.

Think about the friend or loved one you are buying for and their hobbies and interests then try and find a creative arts or craft present that might fit the bill. This book on Essential Art Therapy Exercises can also be useful at it is filled with creative suggestions to help people positively manage their mental health.

Stocking Fillers for Good Mental Health

Meditation is a way of relaxing the mind and helping to switch off stress which is why it is so popular. There are hundreds of possible presents that you could choose to help with meditation but we particularly love the Flō Stress Relief Mindful Breathing Necklace.

This clever device is a way of slowing down breathing to help calm down the body and mind which of course helps to reduce anxiety. This is a great size for any Christmas Stocking but it is one of the pricier gifts on our list.

The Ultimate Gifts for People With Anxiety

We hope you like our list of stocking stuffer ideas for women with anxiety and can use our choices as inspiration for your loved ones gifts this year.

Whilst stocking stuffers are great small gifts we couldn’t forget to mention a slightly larger present that is great for anxious people and that is a weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are all the rage because they are brilliant at helping to calm people down plus they are warm cosy and comforting.

We have a guide to weighted blankets for anxiety that you can read to get more information on choosing the right size for the person you are buying for. We love the YnM blanket which comes in a lovely neutral grey color and has loads of rave reviews.

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