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Anxiety Therapy with a Difference

What if I told you that the part of your mind that was making you anxious is probably aged somewhere between 3 and 7 years old? It was created years ago when something happened to you that scared or upset or embarrassed you and now it is ruling your life. You might think I am mad but after working with thousands of clients over 10 years using our anxiety therapy methods I can confirm this is the case in at least 95% of people who come to see us.

Now you might not be able to remember the very first time when you had anxiety. In fact, your adult brain which is searching for solutions to stop anxiety at this moment probably only remembers the big incidents that have occurred relatively recently. Yet when we start using our anxiety therapy with our clients suddenly events stretching back years are remembered allowing us and our clients to put together the pieces of information to create the big picture.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Don’t believe me? Well here are just some scenarios we have seen with clients that might explain how this works.

One of our clients came to see us suffering from anxiety in planes, lifts and even toilets (where she refused to lock the door). Clearly there was a fear of being trapped but why? The mystery was solved using hypnosis for anxiety when she suddenly remembered being trapped under the drawer of a bed. She had been playing with her brother when she was five and he had closed the drawer and she wasn’t able to get out. So all her mind was doing was trying to keep her safe avoiding similar situations where she couldn’t get out of.

Another client had problems driving in their truck which was essential for their job. During our sessions using hypnotherapy, the real problem was revealed which was a fear of heights that he developed as a child climbing up on the roof of a tower block. His mind wasn’t worried about the road or the speed of the other cars but it was worried about the bridges and would make him panic when he knew he was coming close to one.

Hypnosis for anxiety is a great way of getting our clients to remember the real reasons for their problems rather than guessing. This makes a huge difference in the way they think.

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Natural Treatment for Anxiety

When our anxiety therapy enables our clients to understand the real reason for their problems it can change the way they think forever. Suddenly fears that seemed to be there for no reason are revealed to have a very particular cause allowing the brain to rationalize what it has learned with adult insight. This begins rewiring the way the brain thinks. In fact, with many of our clients, no further therapy is really needed after the reveal because the fear just disappears.

For other clients, we can now aim our therapy at a very specific reason for the problem rather than using guesswork. This can be a hugely powerful way of helping to stop anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment at Home

Long gone are the days when it was necessary to trudge to a therapists office to make this happen. Most of our anxiety therapy breakthroughs have actually happened online with our clients. Technology is now so advanced that we see people all over the world for anxiety treatments using Skype, Facetime or Facebook video.

We even have products which are clients can use to help themselves. Our popular stop anxiety self help course and overcome anxiety downloads can be purchased online. Plus we have our anxiety tracker printables to help you discover the real triggers for your fears. Check them out in our store.

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