The Ultimate Cheat  Sheet to Help You Stop Binge Eating

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So You Really Want to Stop Binge Eating?


When you binge eat you can waste days trying to fathom out what is going on. You are filled with negative emotions, beat yourself up about your inability to lose weight and are filled with hatred and loathing about the way you look.  You think to yourself, if only I could get to some mythical goal weight everything would be ok, but you can never seem to achieve what you want so badly.

The thing is that what you have been doing for all this time is approaching the problem from the wrong angle year after year! The very things you have been doing have actually created the very opposite of what you were hoping to achieve.

Binge eating is scary and frightening and makes you feel out of control but when you understand what you really need to do everything starts to seem so simple. You are amazed that you didn’t think of the solution yourself. 

At Balance Hypnosis we have spent years dealing with clients who have experienced eating problems. Our expertise enables us identify the real problems that need to be addressed by finding out the root causes of issues. This is what makes our binge eating programs using a combination of hypnosis, mindfulness, coaching and NLP so successful in helping our clients to create positive change.

Use the guide below as your starting point on the journey to a new more confident and happier person. This will give you some of the basics so that you can focus on doing what you want to do rather than wasting your energy thinking about food!  

Stopping Binge Eating can Be Easy 

Follow the Steps Below To Get Started:

Step #1: Stop ALL Diets

  • Understand That Dieting For You has Negative Consequences
  • Stop all Calorie Counting  
  • Ditch Your Weighing Scales  
  • Stop Trying to Force Yourself to Eat So Called “Healthy Foods” 
  • End Restrictive Dieting
  • Resolve to End Setting Goal Weights for Yourself

Step #2: Manage Stress and Anxiety   

  • Engage in Self-Care Daily
  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep
  • Limit Drama in Your Life
  • Stop Burning The Candle at Both Ends
  • Find Time to Do the Things You Love
  • Don’t Self-Medicate with Alcohol or Drugs
  • Listen to Self-Hypnosis Downloads to Relax You.
  • Get Therapy for Your Anxiety & Stress 

Step #3: Practice Mindful Eating

  • Learn How to Recognise When You Are Hungry & When You Are Full 
  • Eat Without Distraction 
  • Eat Slowly
  • Link Your Food Cravings With Your Emotions
  • Assess Your Hunger on a Sliding Scale
  • Never Eat When You are Starving
  • Eat What You Fancy Not What You Think is Healthy.
  • Stop When you are Satisfied 

Step #4: Stop Being a Perfectionist

  • Change Your all or Nothing Mindset
  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others  
  • Never Think That You are Not Good Enough
  • Stop Feeling Disappointed in Yourself
  • Don’t be Your Harshest Critic
  • Stop Trying to Achieve Things That are Impacting Your Wellbeing

Step #5: Change Negative Thinking

  • Challenge Your Internal Critic
  • Be Nice to Yourself 
  • Understand how Your Emotional State Impacts Your Food Choices
  • Learn to give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes
  • Remind Yourself of All the Good Things In Your Life
  • Practice Positive Self-Talk

Step #6: Get Therapy 

  • Learn How The Past is Controlling Your Future 
  • Find The Root Cause Of your Problem
  • Identify the Emotions Creating the Problem
  • Understand How to Access The Subconscious To Change Your Thoughts
  • Get Help to Talk Through Your Issues
  • Find out How Support Can Make a Difference to a Problem
  • Research Talking Therapy Such as Hypnotherapy or CBT
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis