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Why Talking To Your Subconscious Mind Before Bed Can Change Your Life

Working as a clinical hypnotherapist has given me a unique insight into how powerful your subconscious mind can be at either helping you to succeed or dragging you down with negative thoughts. Did you know however that talking to your subconscious mind before bed has the potential to change your life?

Learning to make your subconscious mind work for and not against you is a form of mental programming. Anyone can do this with a little effort and the proven techniques I am going to talk about have the ability to positively change your future.

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What Is The Subconscious Mind?

So what exactly is the subconscious mind and how is it affecting the way that you live your life?

Well, the subconscious is a part of our mind that is hidden from our general awareness most of the time but it has a huge influence over our actions and feelings.

The subconscious mind is a part of our brain that holds our memories, skills, previous experiences and belief systems. These run automatically in the background without us being aware they are there.

A perfect example of this would be tying a shoelace.

When you first learned to do this at a young age it would have taken you considerable time and effort to master. When eventually you mastered this skill your brain created a shortcut in your mind so that now all you have to do is place your shoes on your feet and you automatically you know how to tie the laces without getting your conscious mind involved.

Whilst the subconscious mind can be great at helping us to succeed it can also cause us problems.

We often hear our clients say “my subconscious is working against me”.

This means that even though their conscious mind wants to eat less, drink less, be less anxious and so on another part of their mind still makes them do the opposite of what they want.

This is because the subconscious mind takes lessons from your past and stores them away and continues to run them even though things may have changed.

A perfect example of its influence might be in making someone comfort eat when they are sad because it made them feel better when they were a child and were being bullied.

The bullying may have stopped but the subconscious has learned to continue the behaviour every time a person feels sad. Clearly, the old thought pattern could do with some subconscious reprogramming.

You can find out more about The Power of the Subconscious Mind in the book by Joseph Murray which tells you how to tap into it to reach your goals.

What Does It Mean To Reprogram the Subconscious?

Mental reprogramming of subconscious minds is something that we do every day in our hypnosis clinics. We help our clients to gain awareness of their old limiting beliefs and thought patterns and then assist them with updating their subconscious automated programming.

Regression hypnosis is a great example of how going through memories whilst in trance can help our clients remember the incidents that shaped their subconscious minds all those years ago. Roy Hunter and Bruce Eimer have written a great book on the topic called The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy if you want to read more about this method.

By rationalising and understanding where their beliefs and behaviours came from we can help create change in the present.

One example of this might be a client who fears flying. When they are on a plane their emotions overwhelm them and they feel anxiety, stress and panic.

Under hypnosis, they remember that as a child they were playing in a cupboard and got accidentally locked in. This client now understands that their anxiety is not related to planes but to a fear of being trapped somewhere they can’t get out of.

Having this awareness of memories changes old thinking patterns and takes a considerable amount of fear away from the situation as they realise they were never in any danger and that planes are not the same as being in a locked cupboard. Further therapy can now be aimed at the actual problem.

Regression hypnosis is usually only useful when working with a hypnotherapist but there are plenty of other methods that also have the power to change old beliefs.

How Can I Use My Subconscious Before Sleeping?

Bedtime is the perfect time to access the subconscious mind to learn more about your hidden thoughts and behaviours as you are more relaxed in the period just before you fall asleep. You also have fewer daytime distractions which may prevent you from determining how big a role the subconscious mind plays in your life.

At night is the perfect time for you to focus on learning what is going on underneath the surface so that it comes into your conscious awareness.

Once you have the information in your conscious mind you can then start to plan ways to alter any negative emotions, thoughts or feelings so you can alter your present.

Those moments before sleep can prove to be incredibly productive in helping you feel good and can assist you with achieving your desire for a better way of life.

So how can you gain access to your subconscious mind and change negative self-talk or behaviours without a hypnotherapist? Well, a great place to start is by using self-hypnosis and positive suggestions to make things happen.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Reach the Hidden Area of The Mind

Self-hypnosis doesn’t require a hypnotherapist to work and is used by many successful people to send messages to the subconscious to create change.

Self-Hypnosis downloads, audios and guided meditations are filled with suggestions, positive visualisations and affirmations to help deal with specific problems. They are aimed at changing what the subconscious mind believes by giving the listener alternative ways of reacting or thinking.

Using self-hypnosis is a way of using repeated suggestions to change what your subconscious mind may be thinking which in turn alters your conscious mind.

We have self-hypnosis downloads for everything from weight loss to anxiety reduction in our online store. We ask our clients to listen to them at night just before they go to sleep. With repeated practice and listening they can help our clients to imagine a different life. Over time many of these suggestions begin to stick and cause them to consciously act differently in the day to day lives.

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Talking To Your Subconscious Mind Before Bed By Using Affirmations

Positive affirmations are another way of instructing your subconscious mind to do something without the need to enter into a trance.

Positive affirmations are statements made consciously that you can use for positive self-talk. On our website, we have affirmations to help you with everything from confidence to anxiety reduction. Alternatively, you can buy a book full of them such as 10,000+ Positive Affirmations.

In order for a positive affirmation to work you need to say it with belief and create a desire for that idea or suggestion to work. With repeated practice, those instructions and ideas start to permeate into the subconscious enabling you to make positive changes more easily.

Subconscious Problem Solving By Journaling

Talking to your subconscious mind before bed can also be done by the process of journaling your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling at bedtime is a great way of helping you focus on your conscious mind’s behaviours, thoughts and feelings as it makes you slow down your thought processes. When you start to examine your emotions and actions you can start to look for answers as to why you react in certain ways which allow you to change.

Journaling to access those subconscious thoughts means allowing yourself to write whatever thoughts may come into your mind. By doing this you can examine what your subconscious mind has presented you with and rationalise its relevance in your life.

We usually get our clients to examine connections between thoughts as there is usually a common thought or feeling that links them together. When you get the answer it allows you to work on any underlying problems to create success.

A Shadow Work Journal with prompts can be super helpful if you are not sure where to get started.

Using Meditation to Access Deeper Parts of The Mind

Talking to your subconscious mind before bed can also be done by using meditation. Meditation before going to sleep can help you to examine thoughts that enter your imagination. These thoughts can give you an insight into how your mind is working.

The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness is a great book to use to help you get started if you have never used this method before.

We suggest that with meditation you try and stay impartial from these thoughts and instead write them down before you fall asleep. These thoughts can act as clues to give you an insight into your subconscious reality.

When the thoughts are parked on paper you can hopefully sleep more easily when you go to bed. Plus meditation tends to be very relaxing allowing your mind to become quieter and more still making it easier for you to sleep.

The following morning you look for negative thought patterns or beliefs in what you have written and make conscious decisions to create positive change in your life.

Visualisation as a Way of Altering Subliminal Thoughts

Finally talking to your subconscious mind before bed doesn’t have to involve words at all. Instead, use the power of your imagination before you sleep to direct your mind to do things differently.

When you imagine more positive outcomes and look for answers instead of problems you create better mental programming.

Visualisation allows you to see yourself doing things differently and directs your subconscious mind to do the same. Repeated positive visualisation can make a difference and change your life.

If you don’t believe me or are sceptical about how this can help think about some of the most famous sports stars on the planet and their methods for success. Whilst practice is obviously important the elite athletes and sports icons all practice positive visualisation to imagine success.

Sportsmen and women don’t do this for no reason but because they know that mentally rehearsing positive outcomes in their imagination can change results in reality.

You can do the same. Imagine how you are going to go about making more money or how you are going to get that job interview. Mentally rehearse and plan what you are going to do next in your life and then turn those thoughts into a reality.

Finally Remember That Being Consistent Matters

Talking to your subconscious mind before bed is something that you should be doing consistently. This is because you are going to come across different stumbling blocks in your life over time. Using that precious time before you go to sleep can help you to overcome these more easily and help you to stay on track.

Remember we are all a work in progress. Taking the effort to help yourself find better ways of doing things is always something that you may need to work at but by being consistent as well as assessing your life and changing course where necessary can make a big difference to your mental health and happiness.

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