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The Best Panic Attack Treatment at Home

Panic attacks can be frightening, debilitating and impact your life. Understanding how to manage them or stop them completely can make a huge difference in how you feel. Medication works for many but not for everyone so what is the best panic attack treatment at home that you can use?

Learning how to manage panic attacks naturally is important otherwise they can start to take over your life. In order to do this, you need to understand a little bit more about why panic attacks happen and what lifestyle changes you can make to change things. Sometimes just one of these recommendations will help whilst at other times you may need to use a combination to get the best results.

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The first step in your panic attack treatment at home journey is understanding why you may be experiencing a problem in the first place. Panic attacks are just another form of anxiety. They are a message from your brain telling you to either run away from something that is bothering you or fight your attacker. The only problem is that this fight or flight mechanism is an evolutionary throwback. It is highly unlikely that your trigger is something that you actually need to run from or fight but your brain acts as if it does.

As an example, your boss asks you to conduct a presentation to an important group of people at work. You have never told that boss that you have a hatred of public speaking and are worried about embarrassing yourself in front of others. In fact, you hate it so much that for the past ten years you have avoided any situation that requires you to speak in front of others. The night before the presentation your heart starts pounding and you find it difficult to breathe. A panic attack starts and waves of fear spread through your body.

The reality is that the presentation is not dangerous and you certainly don’t need to fight the people attending yet your mind acts as if it does. The panic message, in this case, is to get away from what you have been asked to do as fast as you can. In fact, for many, the mind will achieve its goal as you may ring and call your boss to say you have been taken ill overnight and can’t come into work.

Now, in this case, the reason for the panic attack is relatively clear but in some instances, it can be hard to understand the message your brain is telling you. Getting help in understanding the message and then changing the way you think is the first step in your recovery journey. You can read about more why anxiety or panic sometimes appears out of nowhere in this post.

Use our anxiety tracker printables to help you note down your triggers so that you can understand why your panic is firing. This set of 8 worksheets also has some tips to help you challenge distorted thinking and assist you in making positive changes to your mindset.

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Online Therapy for Panic Attacks

So online therapy for panic attacks is one of the first solutions to consider. This is a panic attack treatment at home that can be conducted by online video sessions with a therapist. All you need to do is log in to your chosen teletherapy system and your therapist can work with you to resolve whatever is going on in the back of your mind.

Online therapy for panic attacks is becoming increasingly popular because it is so easy to arrange sessions with experts in anxiety-related issues. You don’t have to spend hours travelling to therapy clinics and worrying about parking. You are also more naturally comfortable in your own home which means it is usually easier to get the answers that you need to resolve your problem.

online therapy for panic attacks

As this form of teletherapy for panic attacks is tailored to your particular problem is it going to be the most effective solution to reducing your problem. If you would like to try this panic attack treatment at home then simply fill in the contact form below to get details of our four-session online program.

Panic Attack Remedy Natural

There are a number of other options that can help here are some of the other natural panic attack remedies that you can try.


Exercise has been shown to significantly help reduce feelings of anxiety and panic attacks. There is no need for you to do any extreme exercise instead you can use some basic forms to help make you feel better. Walking is a great way of helping you to get out in nature and it is totally free. Alternatively what about getting on your bike or heading down to your local swimming pool.

The key to making this work is that the exercise should be done regularly. In fact, daily is best if you are going to really resolve problems with current panic attacks. Try and do something for at least half an hour a day. If you find that the weather isn’t great buy an exercise bike or a treadmill and start using them indoors.

This Reebok Exercise Bike is perfect to use at home and will keep you fit as well as helping your mental health.


Another totally free way of helping to manage panic attacks. When you have a good nights sleep it can make a world of difference to how you feel. The only problem is that when you have anxiety or panic it can be difficult to switch off and relax sufficiently to get a good nights rest. Helping your brain to relax so that you are calm enough to sleep for 7 to 8 hours a night is important.

All our clients use this Guided Meditation for Sleep audio at bedtime to help them switch off their mind. It lasts roughly for half an hour but most of my clients have fallen asleep well before the end. It can also help to create a deeper nights sleep so you feel more refreshed and energetic the following day.

Breathing and Panic Attacks

When you have a panic attack some people experience problems catching their breath because of hyperventilation. This can feel incredibly frightening yet the problem can be overcome with some simple breathing techniques.

7/11 breathing is one example where you breathe in deeply for the count of 7 and then exhale slowly for the count of 11. Keep on repeating this until your breathing calms down. Any form of breathing technique which helps to slow down your breathing can be helpful not just whilst you are having the panic attack but to calm down general anxiety as well.

Panic Attack Remedies at Home

In addition to getting better sleep and exercise and slowing down your breathing, what else can you do? The next panic attack treatment at home that I recommend is Mindfulness. This is a great tool to help you focus your mind on the present rather than allowing it to run away on thoughts of future problems.

Mindfulness should be used daily and regular practice has been shown to decrease feelings of anxiety and panic. There are so many books on the market that can show you how to use this tool. Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World is one of the most popular on the market and comes with a free cd of guided meditations.

Many people are also using CBD and Hemp oil as a way of managing feelings of anxiety and panic. People using this oil say that it makes them feel calmer and more relaxed. This particular oil from Amazon has plenty of positive reviews from people using this natural product to help their anxiety-related issues. Just be aware that this oil may not be suitable for everyone especially if you are pregnant.

Self-Hypnosis for Panic Attacks

Finally, a great panic attack treatment at home is self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis for panic attacks can be learned from a professional or you listen to a hypnosis download. Our clients with panic attacks are given this audio to listen to daily for a minimum of 21 days. The panic attack guided meditation helps to switch off your anxious brain so that you can become relaxed. With regular listening, this relaxation increases so that eventually your panic attacks start to lessen and eventually stop.

As the self-hypnosis for panic attack audio is available as an mp3 file it is compatible with your computer, mobile phone and tablet. The only thing that you need to remember is that you shouldn’t be doing anything else whilst you are listening to the audio. That means no driving or using machinery. The best place to listen to it is in the comfort of your own home where you won’t be disturbed.

Self-Help for Panic Attacks

Online panic attack therapy is obviously going to be more suitable for some people who need that little extra help to resolve anxiety issues. There are however plenty of free or cheap ways of using self-help for panic attacks at home as demonstrated above.

The key to resolving any anxiety-related issue is making sustained changes to help. This means all of the recommendations about should be practised regularly for the very best results. If they don’t help then reach out to us and ask about our four-session program to help anxiety and panic. Just fill out the form below to get more details or download our 5 step formula to help anxiety and panic.

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