coronavirus crisis how to manage your mental health

The Coronavirus Crisis – How to Manage Your Mental Health

If you were to look at the newspapers and online media you would think that the world is about to come to an end. The Coronavirus Crisis is the major topic of conversation no matter where you are in the world and the headlines make for scary reading. Some people are able to brush these worries to the back of their mind but if you have health anxiety or mental health issues the current problem can have a severe impact on your well-being. As it is believed that between 4 and 5% of the population have health-related anxiety this means a big group of people are out there at the moment feeling very worried.

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Crisis Management Strategies

If you do have anxiety or depression then it is worth thinking about some of the following Coronavirus crisis management strategies to help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Looking after your mental health is important so prioritise your self-care over the coming months.

Keep Calm and Carry ON

The very first thing to do is to stay calm. The number of people with the virus is still incredibly small so the chances of you contracting it are not great. Put things into perspective rather than amplifying the danger. There is no point in worrying about something that has not happened yet. The great thing about being a human is that we are able to react when we need to. There is no point expending a ton of energy and going into full fight or flight mode when actually you are totally ok.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Next, make sure that you manage your stress levels in other areas of your life so that you don’t feel even more panic or fear. High levels of stress increase anxiety during a crisis so it is important for you to recognise what is problematic and manage it during this period. That may mean not undergoing big projects, leaving work on time, staying away from stressful people and arguments and so on.

Another great way of lowering stress levels is to take positive action such as doing some gentle exercise, meditating or unwinding in front of a film. Any of our clients who have problems with stress are given a guided meditation for stress and relaxation audio to listen to daily. This is a great way of allowing your mind to switch off from everyday worries allowing you some peace and quiet. Regular listening is generally cumulative meaning that with each listen the relaxing feelings should increase making you feel generally calmer and more in control.

You can purchase this self-hypnosis for stress reduction audio in our online store to download and listen to at home.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Newspapers and online news sites are money spinners. They make their profits based on writing things that will get people clicking even if they are not quite true. At the moment many parts of the media are sensationalising what is happening because they know that people will click on the story and they will earn money from the advertising revenue.

Whilst the Coronavirus crisis is around it is important for your mental health to try and stay away from reading lurid headlines. Even if you do catch one try and keep a level head and see through what is being written. Today many of the papers were reporting panic buying as their headline but when I went to the shops only an hour later my local towns shops were full of products. Remember tabloid journalists love to fabricate news stories!

Positive Thinking During a Crisis

We live in a hectic busy world where sometimes it is difficult to find a minute for ourselves. It is likely in the coming weeks the government will start to restrict some of the everyday activities you are used to. My guess is that non-essential work travel will be banned. Some schools will shut as well as after school clubs and societies. More people will work from home and we are likely to have a little more leisure time.

See this as an opportunity to catch up on what you never get a chance to do. Learn a language online, start painting, read some books, get on that dusty treadmill you never use and get fit. Taking time out can be therapeutic and allow us time to breathe instead of feeling stressed out and fed up. It will be interesting to see how this can help to change your priorities when this all Coronavirus crisis blows over.

Combat Loneliness

If you live alone it may be difficult if you are unable to go out or you are forced to self-quarantine. Make sure you find a way to stay connected with others even if it is just online. Arrange regular telephone calls or online chats with friends and family. Find groups online that can help or support you whilst you are stuck indoors. If you have a garden or an area where you can walk make sure you use it so that you get some fresh air and hopefully sunshine. Keeping connected will help you to share any worries but also help move your mind on to other issues.

Practice Self Care for Mental Health

When there is disruption around us it is more important than ever to look after our mental and physical health. There is a definite need to practice self-care for your mental health if you are feeling anxious or worried. Here are some simple self-care ideas for stress:

Journal Your Feelings – Writing down how you feel and getting worries from your mind down on to paper can help put things into perspective. The Six Minute Diary can help you to increase productivity, be more mindful and help your happiness.

Do Some Colouring – Adult colouring books are big business because grown ups love taking time out to reduce stress by drawing as they did as a child. My Lack of Inner Peace is Stressing Me Out is a great snarky colouring book to get you started.

Use Essential oils – Aromatherapy can be a great way of helping you to relax your mind. Tisserand Total De-Stress Diffuser Oil is the perfect one to use when you feel like you need help to calm down during the Coronavirus crisis.

Pamper Yourself – Find time for some indulgence and treat yourself to some me time. Why not light a Neom Organics London Real Luxury Scented Candle and take a hot bath and relax.

The Coronovirus Crisis is Only Temporary

The Coronavirus Crisis will not go on forever and will be a temporary problem. In fact in China where the virus started is already starting to get back to work. Yes, people’s lives were disrupted for a short time but things will slowly get back to normal. This problem will pass in your country as well and the virus will be managed. Eventually, there will be a vaccine as well meaning that it will not feel threatening at all.

Get Mental Health Support During the Coronavirus Outbreak

In the short term, we know that it may be temporarily more difficult to get mental health support as doctors become more involved in helping patients with the virus. In addition, many physically well people may avoid hospitals or doctors surgeries where sick people are more likely to be. This is where anxiety therapists and mental health professionals working privately can help. We are able to take up the slack and help those that don’t need immediate medical care but need help managing their fears, worries, stress and sleep problems.

Online Coronavirus Anxiety Therapy

The great thing about my anxiety therapy is that I can help you without ever needing you to see you face to face. Online anxiety therapy is something that can be conducted via the internet meaning it is the perfect way for you to get help whilst the Coronovirus crisis is around. You have no need to come to a busy clinic filled with people. Instead you can have the sessions linked to your computer in your own home. We work with people all over the world to help them manage their worries and fears so you are in safe hands.

If you would like to arrange anxiety therapy sessions or need help with problems such as OCD, panic attacks, stress or insomnia simply fill in the form below and we will call you to organise your first appointment.

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