gifts to uplift a friend

Thoughtful Gifts to Uplift a Friend

Whilst receiving a gift is of course amazing there is sometimes nothing better than choosing the present for a friend who may need help, encouragement or something to brighten up their day after a difficult or trying time. Choosing the right gifts to uplift a friend is important as the right present has the ability to improve their mood and make them feel loved.

Yes of course everyone has slightly different needs or likes but there are certain uplifting gifts that work for most people. When you give one of these thoughtful gifts they are more likely to make a friend or a family member smile and feel more positive. That is why we thought it would be useful to write a list of gifts to uplift a friend or relative that you could use to help you make things easier.

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Gifts to Uplift a Friend

What To Get a Friend to Cheer Them Up?

Finding the perfect gift to cheer someone up isn’t that difficult but you do need to take into account their circumstances and what they might be going through when you are making your decision.

Often the same gifts come up again and again such as flowers or chocolates but sending them something like this doesn’t show that you take the time to come up with something a little different or given your present much thought. Going that extra mile to think of something a little more unique or suited to that special someone is part of the gift itself. It is telling that person that you really care and have taken the time to think about them.

So what ideas do we think would be great to help a friend in need of uplifting, encouragement or a little extra support? Well here are some of our favorites.

A Gift to Lift Spirits – Affirmation Cards

First of all, let’s talk about a perfect gift to help encourage someone to tap into their inner resources to feel better. Positive affirmation cards are a great product to help people change a negative mindset into a more positive one.

There are affirmation cards to help with just about every problem including ones for confidence, self-esteem, mindfulness and motivation to name just a few. The idea behind the cards is that you pick one or two of them a day and practice saying the affirmation to help change the way you think.

Usually, they come in a relatively small box around the size of a set of playing cards which means they are easy to carry around. They also are not that expensive so the price is usually accessible to most people. Affirmators self-help cards are one of our top choices because they are a little bit irreverent.

Gift for a Friend Going Through a Hard Time – Engraved Bracelet

When you know someone who is going through a bit of a difficult time trying to help them stay positive and strong is definitely something that is important. As a friend, you can’t be there all the time to do that for them but there are products that are helpful at giving that message when you are not there.

One really helpful tool is engraved jewellery that comes with an inspirational message on it. Bracelets in particular are a great item to help as the message is on the wrist to look at all day.

Sometimes the messages or words on these bracelets are short and sweet such as “Just Breathe”. Other messages are more complex such as this sterling silver engraved bracelet which reads “She believed she could so she did”.

Thinking of You Present for a Friend – Positivity Journal

There are plenty of ways that you can help someone feel loved and supported and one perfect way to do this is by sending them a positivity journal to use.

The idea behind a journal is that you write down your thoughts and experiences to make sense of your world and thinking. When you combine this journaling with a product that helps you to focus more on your self-care, gratitude and positive thoughts then you can find a way to move forward.

We love this Year of Positive Thinking journal because it is filled with daily prompts and affirmations to help you grow and be inspired.

Supportive Gifts – Weighted Blanket

If there was ever a gift that screamed self-care, warm hugs and relaxation it would have to be a weighted blanket. These blankets are a complete phenomenon and are becoming increasingly popular because of the way in which they can help to reduce stress levels, assist with sleep and of course keep you warm.

The key is finding a great weighted blanket that combines quality with cosiness. These are just the most brilliant thoughtful gift for people who need to be supported with peace and comfort.

You can read our weighted blanket guide to assess the size you need as the heaviness of the blanket is based on the size of the person you are buying for. We particularly love the YnM Weighted Blanket that is a best seller on Amazon.

You Got This Gifts – An Mug for Inspiration

There are lots of reasons why you may know someone who needs uplifting. Sometimes it is because they are going through a hard time but on occasion, it is because they are facing a challenge that they need to overcome. This could be something difficult or something that requires them to have confidence or belief in themselves.

A mug that tells them they can do it or fact whatever it is that is to come is a great present to help them focus on what is to come and remind them that whatever it is they can do it.

We particularly like this Coffee Mug with a Golden Handle which has a message that reads “She believed she could so she did”.

Encouragement Gifts for Her – Self-Help Books

Whilst a friend’s words can be helpful or even inspirational at times sometimes it is good to read about how others may be tackling problems that are related to yours. This is why self-help books are perfect gifts to encourage, uplift and nudge someone in a new direction.

Self-help books are great gifts to uplift a friend as they tend to show alternative ways of doing things from breaking bad habits to taking charge of your life and manifesting what you want.

Think about the person you are buying for and their situation to see if you can find a self-help book that would help. If you are looking for a generalist book that would appeal to most people then Coffee Self-Talk: 5 Minutes a Day to Start Living Your Magical Life is a great product to buy.

Gifts for Hope and Strength – Candles

If you are looking for gifts to uplift a friend that also help with hope and strength then how about buying your loved one a candle with an inspiring message on it.

Candles work on so many levels as they help change the atmosphere in a room because of their light and smell. They are also brilliant products to use when meditating or for creating a sense of peace and calm in the home.

This particular candle from the Malicious Women Candle Co also has a message that is both fun but also inspirational as it reads “May The Bridges I Burn Light The Way”. If this message doesn’t do the job the same company has messages including “Bitches Get Shit Done” and “Adulting”.

Stay Strong Gifts – Keyring

You don’t have to spend a fortune or buy a gift at a high price point when you are purchasing an uplifting gift. Sometimes small gift ideas help provide inspiration, strength and love because they solve a problem or are cute or fun.

As an example, we have seen plenty of keyrings that could be used as gift ideas to give to someone who needs a little positivity in their life. These don’t have to be expensive but they are something that are used virtually every day which means they are not only great value for money but something that will be continually seen.

We love this particular Message Keyring which says “You are stronger than your hardest day”. The message is short, sweet and to the point and great to use as gifts to uplift a friend.

Gifts for Strength and Healing – Crystals

Another set of gifts to uplift a friend are crystals. Crystals are supposed to give off a positive energy that can be helpful for everything from stress to bad vibes. They are also amazing to look at because each one is unique.

Small crystals can be carried around in a bag or in a pocket whilst larger crystals are great for placing in a room to change the energy.

You can also buy products where the crystal has been integrated with something else. We’ve written about using a crystal necklace for anxiety but equally, if you change the stone in the necklace it could also be great for strength and healing.

A great stone for healing and strength is clear quartz which is great for balancing and bringing good energy to whoever you pick it for.

Uplifting Gifts for Her – Self Care & Beauty Presents

Another useful present to get a friend or family member who needs uplifting are products relating to self-care. When we are busy or stressed we tend to ignore the fact that we need to take time out to look after our needs. That can lead to burnout, anxiety and even depression. Finding the space for self-care in our lives is important because that break from our work or everyday life is essential for our health.

There are so many presents that you could choose for self-care but presents relating to beauty or pampering are always likely to go down well. Most people love a pampering present that they can use after a hard time.

Typical presents that would work very well are bath bombs, luxury bath oil or products that could be used for a facial. You could even create a self-care basket or package putting together a number of custom products to make a difference. If you are stuck for ideas this Spa Package gift Set for Women has everything that a friend could need for pampering and relaxation.

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