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Tinnitus Hypnosis – Training Your Brain to Ignore Annoying Sounds

If you have been suffering from Tinnitus it is highly unlikely that therapy would have been your first thought for a treatment for the problem. Yet tinnitus hypnosis can be a great tool to help people deal with the irritating noise especially when that person may also be suffering from anxiety or distress because of their hearing.

Hypnotherapy for tinnitus takes a different approach to traditional treatments for the problem. A hypnotherapist is never attempting to stop the sounds or cure the problem during a session but they are using techniques to help you ignore the problem so that it bothers you less.

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What is Tinnitus?

Before discussing Tinnitus hypnosis is it worth discussing what the condition actually is. Most people with Tinnitus are experiencing noise in their ears/mind that can vary from ringing and humming to buzzing or even whistling sounds. The jury is still out on exactly why some people experience the problem more than others but in most cases, there is a genuine medical reason for the problems with their hearing. These can include:

  • Ear Wax
  • Hearing Loss
  • Damage to the Ears
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Medication
  • Diabetes
  • Ear Infections
  • Age-Related Hearing Issues

Whilst many people may suffer from tinnitus only temporarily such as after a loud concert other have longer terms issues with their hearing that impact their quality of life.

We always advise any client to get their hearing thoroughly checked by their doctor before they seek out hypnosis because in many cases the problem is temporary and with medical attention it can be resolved. However, hypnosis for tinnitus treatment comes into its own in cases of longer-term tinnitus where all other avenues have been explored.

Can You Train Your Brain to Ignore Tinnitus?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to help the mind ignore the sounds from tinnitus and focus elsewhere. This is especially the case with people who suffer from anxiety-related tinnitus. When you have anxiety there is a tendency to focus inwardly and to be hypervigilant listening out for noise. Hypnotherapy or CBT can help the brain to relax and stay calm as well as address and root causes of the problem. Other therapies such as tinnitus retraining therapy can also help to change how you listen to the noise in your ears.

Does Hypnosis Work for Tinnitus?

Tinnitus hypnosis uses deep relaxation techniques to help control the focus of the mind. Deep hypnotic relaxation techniques when used regularly can help to instill feelings of calm and self-control. During hypnotherapy sessions, your therapist will help you to tune out anything that is uncomfortable or unpleasant and instead get you to focus on positive thoughts or visualizations. With practice, hypnotherapy helps you to ignore any sounds in your ears and focus your attention elsewhere. This can positively improve your qualify of life. Hypnotherapy is not however a solution for hearing loss or medical conditions.

How Do You Meditate With Tinnitus?

Guided meditations or self-hypnosis for tinnitus can both be used to relax you and to help give positive suggestions. Instead of forcing your mind to go quiet and still we recommend our clients instead allow themselves to drift off on their daydreams. Over time regular listening to the same positive download helps the mind to tune out and you will drift off into a deep state of relaxation.

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Managing Tinnitus

The key to any tinnitus treatment may involve a number of steps. Remember there is no one solution to the problem that works for everyone but there are a number of key important steps you can take to alleviate the problem.

Step one is of course to speak to your doctor and book an appointment with an audiologist. This is important because it is important to assess whether you have a simple medical problem with your hearing that can be fixed relatively easily. As an example, an ear wax treatment may make a big difference and be a simple fix.

It is also worth noting that many tinnitus sufferers only experience the problem for a short period of time and then it disappears again.

Managing tinnitus in the longer term will depend on what the symptoms are that you are experiencing.

How Hypnosis for Tinnitus Can Help Your Symptoms

The reality is that many people actually have sounds in their ears. Some of those sounds are natural and what you might call background noise whilst others are caused because of a physical problem. The issues with tinnitus start when these background noises become significantly larger and it becomes difficult to ignore the impacting the quality of your life.

The problem is that for some tinnitus sufferers it can be difficult to distinguish whether the noises actually became louder or if you started to pay more attention to the background noises.

Whilst doctors and audiologists can help with the medical issues many people with tinnitus experience psychological symptoms such as:

The links between Tinnitus and psychological disorders cannot be ignored when looking at treatment. This is because it is well known that tinnitus often gets worse when people are experiencing issues such as stress or anxiety. Hypnosis treatment is generally deeply relaxing and calming which makes it one of the perfect techniques to use for stress relief and rewiring the anxious brain.

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Hypnosis and Tinnitus Techniques

So how does hypnosis for tinnitus treatment help to retrain the brain to change unhelpful hearing patterns? Well, there are actually a number of methods used during the therapy that can be helpful in addressing the problem.

Usually, any hypnotherapy session starts with an assessment to discover the extent of your tinnitus problem as well as asking questions about your psychological wellbeing. A hypnotherapist is less interested in your hearing loss or specific illnesses but more interested in how they are impacting you on a day-to-day basis.

A good hypnotherapist will be paying attention to your anxiety levels, general mood, and how well you are sleeping to formulate a therapy plan. Their aim is to support you during sessions and provide psychological interventions to help calm your mind.

In your first session after the assessment is taken you are likely to be guided into hypnosis to assist with stress relief and to help you relax. During the session, positive suggestions may be used to help your mind to think about things a little differently. Visualization techniques can also be used to help you to imagine having control over your hearing and turning the background noises up or down. With practice, many clients find that they are able to adjust their hearing by using the power of their mind.

The way you react to the noise can also be dealt with during a session. Learning to use self-help techniques to train your mind not to become angry or upset or anxious when you hear the sounds can also be extremely helpful at reducing your symptoms.

Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus – Discovering The Root Causes

There is one other important aspect of Tinnitus Hypnosis treatment that can be a significant help to some sufferers of the condition and that is finding root causes. These are not root causes of the condition itself but of the anxiety-related disorders that are associated with the problem.

To give an example of this it is well known that many people who have tinnitus and suffer from ringing in their ears have also experienced anxiety or stress-related issues which may predate the problem with noise. The belief is that for some people it is the anxiety that is causing them to focus on the sounds and impacting their life.

Analytical hypnosis is a tool that can be used to address why the original anxiety is making them hypervigilant and needing to listen so acutely. It is often a side effect of the fight or flight response where the mind is listening out for danger and being aware of surroundings in order to stay safe. This can be a throwback to an incident or problem going back many years. Discover the original problem and offer support with that and the need to be on edge and the need to listen in begins to fade away.

Of course, hypnosis does not stop the noise from the tinnitus because that may still be a physical problem but by offering support for the anxiety disorder the need to tune in to the noise can be reduced or stopped. We have had many clients who have forgotten about the problem when the anxiety-related problem is helped or resolved.

Self-Hypnosis for Tinnitus

Basic self-hypnosis for tinnitus or using guided meditations can be a great place to start if you want to use self-help methods to relax your mind. Whilst self-hypnosis won’t address the root causes of your problem or offer bespoke therapy for your particular circumstances it can still help to calm down the anxiety response when it is used regularly.

Use our self-hypnosis for relaxation audio daily for a period of at least a month to help calm down your background stress levels. Put the audio on at bedtime when you are likely to be tired anyway and allow your mind to drift off. Repeated listening will help your mind to listen to the audio rather than your tinnitus. If you experience any difficulties you could also try using a white noise machine for background noise but that is usually not necessary.

Tinnitus self-hypnosis can help you to make a significant reduction in anxiety and increase relaxation which in turn can impact the noise level you are hearing.

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Tinnitus Treatments

Tinnitus hypnosis is just one of a number of treatments that you can use for your problem. Remember that sometimes a combination of treatments may actually help you to get the result that you want. Whilst hypnosis does not cure tinnitus it can help some people reduce their symptoms significantly.

You can combine hypnosis treatments with other interventions such as medical help, CBT, and Tinnitus retraining therapy if you need to. We also recommend that you try and reduce stress levels where you can as that has been shown to help some people.

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